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# 1916 - Today’s News


# 1916 - Yesterday’s News

40 children were killed in the 1916 Rising but they are barely mentioned in our history

Joe Duffy says there was “little if any mention” of the children who died in the history books.

# 1916 - Tuesday 10 November, 2015

The 2016 ministers look surprisingly happy about their visit to a graffiti-filled room

Work is finally under way at the 1916 Moore Street centre – but it won’t be ready in time for next Easter.

# 1916 - Tuesday 3 November, 2015

There’s a 1916 chocolate bar and some people aren’t happy about it Choclomation This post contains a poll

There’s a 1916 chocolate bar and some people aren’t happy about it

The bar wrapper shows that heads of the 1916 leaders as well as the Proclamation.

# 1916 - Saturday 31 October, 2015

Did you help restore Kilmainham Gaol? Ireland wants to thank you

The restoration work done in the 1960s saved the building from ruins.

# 1916 - Monday 26 October, 2015

This amazing Irish rebel wounded in the Easter Rising is finally getting some recognition

Margaret Skinnider was the only woman wounded in action during the rebellion.

# 1916 - Tuesday 6 October, 2015

Sinn Féin wants a new public holiday – but the government isn’t keen

What if 24 April was a national public holiday every year?

# 1916 - Friday 18 September, 2015

A solemn and poignant State funeral as Thomas Kent returns home after 99 years

“Today Ireland comes to reflect on his courage, his dignity, his defiance, his sacrifice.”

What you need to know about the ‘forgotten patriot’ who is getting a state funeral today

Thomas Kent is among the least recognisable of the men executed in 1916, but today he will take centre-stage in the centenary commemorative narrative, writes Brian Hughes.

Poll: Should we remember British state forces in 1916 commemorations? Easter Rising This post contains a poll

Poll: Should we remember British state forces in 1916 commemorations?

Debate continues over the various events.

# 1916 - Saturday 12 September, 2015

Are you a child of the 1916 Rising? This musical project wants you

It has some gigs lined up for next year.

# 1916 - Saturday 22 August, 2015

There’s a new musical about the 1916 Rising – and it’s pretty slick

The folks in the US will get to see it before us though.

# 1916 - Wednesday 12 August, 2015

Pictures: Incredible photos of a ruined Dublin after the 1916 Easter Rising

The photos show the city’s many famous buildings as photographed in the weeks following the end of hostilities.

# 1916 - Saturday 1 August, 2015

Funeral of ‘iconic’ O’Donovan Rossa’s remembered 100 years on Easter Rising This post contains images

Funeral of ‘iconic’ O’Donovan Rossa’s remembered 100 years on

There was a re-enactment of Pádraig Pearse’s graveside oration.

The government, Sinn Féin and the battle for 2016 … It starts today

Sinn Féin are insisting their massive O’Donovan Rossa event today is not a ‘rival’ to the official one. But it sure looks like they’re competing.

# 1916 - Wednesday 29 July, 2015

Incredible photographs show devastating impact of the Rising Changed Utterly This post contains images

Incredible photographs show devastating impact of the Rising

Trinity College Dublin is giving the public a glimpse at rare photographs and items from the 1916 Rising.

# 1916 - Tuesday 30 June, 2015

‘I’m not trying to un-Sinn Féin myself’: New Lord Mayor reacts to criticism

Críona Ní Dhálaigh said 1916 centenary commemorations will be inclusive.

# 1916 - Monday 15 June, 2015

Not everyone’s pleased about Dublin’s mayor being a Sinn Féin-er in 2016

The party will hold the position of Lord Mayor of Dublin during the 1916 commemorations.

# 1916 - Friday 22 May, 2015

RTÉ’s making a drama on the ‘violent birth of modern Ireland’ – by the guy who wrote Charlie

Brian Gleeson and Love/Hate’s Charlie Murphy (Siobhán) are set to star in the new five-part drama.

# 1916 - Wednesday 22 April, 2015

War of words: Gerry Adams had a massive go at Micheál Martin tonight Arrogance And Delusion This post contains videos

War of words: Gerry Adams had a massive go at Micheál Martin tonight

The Sinn Féin president has responded to recent comments from the Fianna Fáil leader.

# 1916 - Monday 20 April, 2015

Gerry Adams and Micheál Martin had a big row on Morning Ireland

A sign of things to come…

# 1916 - Sunday 19 April, 2015

“A dangerous lie”: Micheál Martin rubbishes Sinn Féin’s connection with 1916

Gerry Adams dismissed Martin’s comments as a “hysterical rant”.

# 1916 - Monday 6 April, 2015

Pictures: Thousands pack O’Connell Street for Rising event

The main thoroughfare of Dublin was pedestrianised for the event.

# 1916 - Sunday 5 April, 2015

Gerry Adams thinks Ireland needs “another Rising”

A peaceful one this time.

Military ceremony commemorates those who died in 1916 Rising GPO

Military ceremony commemorates those who died in 1916 Rising

It concluded with an Air Corps fly past.

QUIZ: How well do you remember your school Easter Rising lessons?

Time to root out your history text books.

# 1916 - Wednesday 1 April, 2015

Liam Neeson to use his very particular set of skills to narrate 1916 doc

The series will be aired on RTÉ as well as the BBC.

# 1916 - Tuesday 31 March, 2015

The government is going to buy the historic Moore Street site

Numbers 14-17 Moore Street have been designated as a site for a Commemorative Centre.

The government insists it’s not rewriting the proclamation

Enda Kenny put the cat among the pigeons today.

Today’s top stories in 6 seconds

All of the news, none of the waiting.

‘A major distraction’: It looks like there’ll be no Royals at the 1916 centenary

A junior minister pretty much confirmed it won’t be happening last night.

# 1916 - Tuesday 24 March, 2015

The Defence Forces will deliver an Irish flag to every school in the country for 2016

That’s around 4,000 schools, altogether.

# 1916 - Friday 20 March, 2015

Micheál Martin: The IRA hijacked the Easter Rising, it’s time to take it back

‘They have attempted to tarnish events of 1916 in the most appalling way.’

# 1916 - Thursday 12 March, 2015

Over half of those killed in 1916 Rising were civilians

An online 1916 Easter Rising Necrology has been compiled by Glasnevin Trust.

# 1916 - Friday 6 March, 2015

The Arts Council has €1 million to give to projects about 1916

Is your project ambitious? You could get €500,000.

# 1916 - Wednesday 11 February, 2015

Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin are battling to lead the 1916 celebrations

The Government’s efforts to mark the Centenary have been met with widespread criticism.

# 1916 - Saturday 7 February, 2015

# 1916 - Wednesday 4 February, 2015

# 1916 - Saturday 31 January, 2015

‘The most memorable thing about jail? Helping IRA members escape on a helicopter’

Dublin’s Lord Mayor recalls his time in prison, and shares his thoughts on the Queen.

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