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The 5 at 5: Thursday

Five minutes, five stories, five o’clock…

EVERY WEEKDAY EVENING, brings you the five biggest stories of the day.

1. #EU: Donald Tusk has said that every EU leader is dedicated to protecting the peace process in Northern Ireland and avoiding a hard border with the Republic.

2. #HOMELESSNESS: Dublin City Council is proposing that homeless families will no longer be prioritised on the social housing waiting list.

3. #RUGBY TRIAL: An Ireland rugby player said today at the rugby rape trial that he was “embarrassed” about messages he posted in a WhatsApp group.

4. #EIGHTH AMENDMENT: Cabinet has agreed on the wording of what will replace the Eighth Amendment in the event that a vote to repeal it is passed.

5. #DISCLOSURES: Nóirin O’Sullivan remained responsible for the actions of her legal team at the O’Higgins Commission of Inquiry, the Disclosures Tribunal has heard.