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Yesterday’s News


Thursday 29 December, 2016

Amazon's 'Alexa' device could have evidence on the death of a man found in a hot tub

Prosecutors want Amazon to see if there are potential clues on the device.

Wednesday 28 December, 2016

German police arrest man 'who may have been involved' in Berlin attack

The 40-year-old is accused of planning the attack at the Christmas market in Berlin with Anis Amri.

Japanese PM offers 'everlasting condolences' but holds back from full apology at Pearl Harbor

He and President Obama laid wreathes at the site of the attack.

Tuesday 27 December, 2016

Chaos in US shopping centres: Skirmishes send shoppers scrambling for the doors

There were incidents across America, and numerous false reports of gunfire.

Monday 26 December, 2016

Parts of crashed Russian plane found in Black Sea

The 84 passengers included dozens of singers in Russia’s world-famous military choir.

Saturday 24 December, 2016

Tens of thousands to be evacuated from German city on Christmas morning to defuse WWII bomb

Around 54,000 people will have to leave their homes in Augsburg while the bomb is defused tomorrow.

Carrie Fisher in intensive care after 'heart attack on flight'

Her brother Todd Fisher said she is receiving excellent care, but that he could not classify her condition.

Friday 23 December, 2016

Man who killed toddler in road rage incident in US said 'car was driving too close'

He fired his gun into a car, shooting and killing a three-year-old boy.

Russian man who drove his car into an airport says he did it for love

“I had to get on the platform. I was fighting for love!”

A Syrian refugee goes from child bride to sole provider

Now, in a slum in Beirut, Lebanon, Kalawi is the breadwinner for the family’s four children.

Thursday 22 December, 2016

Boy (9) kills himself when playing with gun in US

The boy’s 11-year-old brother said the two were home alone when the nine-year-old began playing with a gun and it accidentally fired.

Body of reality show contestant found buried in shallow grave in Los Angeles

Nurse Lisa Marie Naegle had competed on a show called Bridalplasty in 2010.

Convicted criminal released 90 years early pleads to be allowed stay free

Rene Lima-Marin started a family and got a steady job after he was released from prison.

Wednesday 21 December, 2016

Trump will have tough decisions to make about his somewhat decrepit nuclear arsenal

Many are now asking how vulnerable US nuclear weapons are to cyber threats.

Tuesday 20 December, 2016

Two-time Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova injured in knife attack

The tennis player was attacked during a burglary at her home.

Monday 19 December, 2016

It's official: Donald Trump surpasses 270 votes to formally win US presidency

Today’s vote ensures that the billionaire will become America’s 45th president.

Hollywood legend Zsa Zsa Gabor dies aged 99 RIP

Hollywood legend Zsa Zsa Gabor dies aged 99

The Hungarian-born actress had a storied career lasting 50 years.

Saturday 17 December, 2016

There's been a surge in the number of US babies born with heroin withdrawal symptoms

The problem is particularly bad in rural areas.

Thursday 15 December, 2016

Cuba has offered to pay its €265 million debt to the Czech Republic - in rum

That would give the Czechs enough rum for 100 years.

Dylann Roof faces death penalty after being found guilty of killing nine people

The 22-year-old shot nine black people dead in a racially-motivated attack in South Carolina last year.

This is how Facebook plans to crack down on fake news

The company said it will be focusing on the “worst of the worst” offenders and partnering with outside fact-checkers to sort honest news reports from made up stories.

A Colorado school district will allow teachers carry guns

The latest Colorado vote came on the fourth anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre.

Prolific 86-year-old jewel thief nabbed again after her latest robbery

Doris Payne stole a diamond necklace worth $2,000 at a shop in Atlanta.

Wednesday 14 December, 2016

Prosecutor says 13 women should be allowed to testify against Bill Cosby

His lawyers have accused the women of trying to ‘bring down an American icon’.

The man who forgot the US Energy Department existed will be the head of it

Trump’s choice has close ties to the Texas oil industry and has corporate roles in two petroleum companies.

Tuesday 13 December, 2016

British man jailed over plan to shoot Donald Trump

Michael Steven Sandford attempted to grab a police officer’s gun at a rally in June.

Monday 12 December, 2016

Market value of US military contractor drops by €1.8bn after Trump tweet

The President-elect said he will cut “billions” in costs for military purchases.

Clinton campaign presses for intelligence briefing on Russian hacking

Ten members of the Electoral College have called for a briefing before they officially vote in the next US President.

Sunday 11 December, 2016

Bombing at Egypt's main Coptic Christian cathedral kills 25

The attack came two days after a bomb elsewhere in Cairo killed six policemen.

160 killed after church roof collapsed onto worshippers

The church was still under construction when metal girders crashed and the corrugated iron roof caved in.

From drummers drumming to a partridge in a pear tree - just how much would 12 Days of Christmas cost?

PNC Wealth Management Christmas Price Index measures the cost each year.

Saturday 10 December, 2016

Venezuelan government says it will give children four million toys it seized

Authorities said local supply committees will be in charge of distributing the toys “fairly” to children.

Trump accuses CNN of 'rediculous fake news' over Apprentice news

He later corrected his spelling mistake.

'A gift from heaven' - Colombian President receives Nobel Peace Prize

A revised FARC deal was approved by Colombia’s Congress last week.

Five dead and children buried under rubble of house that collapsed after train derailed

Two tank cars derailed, hit electricity lines and exploded.

Friday 9 December, 2016

Wedding guests sue groom after being 'hit by drone' at reception

The women say they have suffered permanent physical and emotional injury as a result of the incident.

Obama orders review of hacking during US election campaign

The White House said the review is not intended to question the legitimacy of Donald Trump’s victory.

Thursday 8 December, 2016

Plans for human community on Mars pushed back by five years

Mars One said its first manned mission to the red planet would now not happen until 2031, having previously targeted 2026.

American hero and pioneering astronaut John Glenn dies aged 95 Godspeed This post contains videos

American hero and pioneering astronaut John Glenn dies aged 95

Glenn was the first US astronaut to orbit the earth.

This Mexican family issued an 'open invitation' to a birthday party - now millions want to go

The party went viral online, with one Mexican airline publishing a 30% off promotion asking “Are you going to Rubi’s party?”