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#Bond Auction

# bond-auction - Monday 28 July, 2014

NTMA meets Irish 'debt repayment milestone'

Agency’s latest figures show that it has repaid 43% of its senior debt liabilities ahead of schedule.

# bond-auction - Thursday 18 April, 2013

Ireland sells €500m of Treasury Bills at auction

The T-Bills were sold at a yield of 0.19 per cent.

# bond-auction - Wednesday 20 March, 2013

Ireland buys back €500 million of its own bonds

The NTMA cancels €500 million of debts due to mature next month, after buying the bonds on the second-hand market.

# bond-auction - Wednesday 13 March, 2013

Ireland sells first 10-year government bonds since before bailout

The NTMA planned to raise about €3bn in an auction – but got bids for over four times as much, leading to the sale of €5bn.

# bond-auction - Tuesday 8 January, 2013

The 5 at 5: Tuesday

5 minutes, 5 stories, 5 o’clock…

Ireland raises another €2.5bn at the bond markets

The short-notice auction is the biggest since we were bailed out – and helps build up a cash buffer ahead of fiscal independence.

# bond-auction - Wednesday 28 November, 2012

AIB raises €500 million in auction of three-year bond AIB

AIB raises €500 million in auction of three-year bond

The almost entirely State-owned bank raises €500 million by selling a bond which is not guaranteed by the government.

# bond-auction - Wednesday 14 November, 2012

Bank of Ireland becomes first bank to borrow without State support

The bank has become the first bailed-out lender to raise money on the open markets, raising €1 billion in a bond auction.

# bond-auction - Saturday 15 September, 2012

Teeth, taxes and Junior Certs: the week in numbers

Just HOW well did Ireland do at the Paralympics? And which country’s population has the most smokers?

# bond-auction - Thursday 13 September, 2012

Bond auction sees Ireland’s cost of borrowing fall dramatically

The NTMA successfully raises €500 million at a cost far lower than two months ago.

# bond-auction - Tuesday 11 September, 2012

NTMA to raise another €500m on bond markets this week

The treasury agency will auction €500 million of three-month bills on Thursday.

# bond-auction - Sunday 9 September, 2012

Bond auction: Your Roadster has arrived 007 This post contains images

Bond auction: Your Roadster has arrived

Classic cars, M’s letter opener, first-edition Fleming books and Daniel Craig’s sunglasses: all up for grabs in charity 50 Years of James Bond auction.

# bond-auction - Saturday 4 August, 2012

From The Daily Edge Medals, marathons and urine tests: London 2012 in numbers Prime Numbers

Medals, marathons and urine tests: London 2012 in numbers

How much gold is in an Olympic Gold medal? And just how bad IS that South Korean archer’s vision?

# bond-auction - Tuesday 3 July, 2012

Back to the markets: Ireland to offer €500 million of three-month bills

The first auction will be held on Thursday.

# bond-auction - Thursday 7 June, 2012

Downgraded: Spain's credit rating slashed by Fitch with negative outlook

The cost of bailing out Spain’s banks could be as high as €100 billion, the ratings agency warned as it forecast a recession for the rest of this year and next.

# bond-auction - Thursday 19 April, 2012

Spain set for second debt auction of the week

Government plans to auction up to €2.5bn in bonds today in a key test of investor confidence.

# bond-auction - Tuesday 21 February, 2012

Borrowing costs for eurozone bailout fund fall after Greek deal

The EFSF issues a new round of 6-month bills – with interest rates significantly lower than at the same time last month.

# bond-auction - Tuesday 14 February, 2012

Interest rates plunge as Italy raises €6 billion in new auction

What downgrade? Italy flogs billions in 12-year bonds with interest rates falling dramatically on a similar bond last month.

# bond-auction - Tuesday 17 January, 2012

EU bailout fund overcomes downgrade with successful bond auction

The EFSF sells six-month bills with an average interest rate of 0.2664 per cent – despite being downgraded yesterday.

Spain raises nearly €5bn in successful short-term bond auction

Spain sees the interest rate for 12-month bonds fall significantly, while Belgium has mixed results in an auction of its own.

# bond-auction - Monday 9 January, 2012

The bond markets are now paying Germany to borrow money

Germany this morning issued a new batch of 6-month bills – and demand was so intense that the yield is negative.

# bond-auction - Tuesday 13 December, 2011

Belgium, Spain and bailout fund perform better in bond auctions

There’s little respite for Greece, though, which is asked to pay a higher yield on an experimental auction of short-term bonds.

# bond-auction - Tuesday 29 November, 2011

Italy pays nearly 8 per cent for three-year bonds

Italy faces its highest cost of borrowing ever, raising €3.5bn through the sale of three-year bonds at rates of 7.9 per cent.

# bond-auction - Monday 28 November, 2011

Belgium follows Italy, Germany in seeing borrowing costs surge

Belgium successfully raises €450m in a bond auction, but pays its highest yield since 2000 – up by 1.3 per cent from last month.

# bond-auction - Thursday 24 November, 2011

Merkel and Sarkozy to meet new Italian PM for reform talks

Mario Monti will hold a ‘mini-summit’ with the French and German leaders amid jitters over yesterday’s bond auction fiasco.

# bond-auction - Wednesday 23 November, 2011

"Disaster" German bond auction sends European markets down

Germany issues €6bn in 10-year bonds – but only €3.8bn were sold, leaving the central bank to step in and buy the rest.

# bond-auction - Thursday 16 June, 2011

Iceland’s finance minister: 'Ireland shouldn’t copy our formula for default'

Ireland and Greece can’t follow the recovery mode as Iceland did, finance minister Steingrimur Sigfusson insists.

# bond-auction - Thursday 23 September, 2010

NTMA sells off another €400m of government debt

The National Treasury Management Agency raises some more short-term cash – but sells off less than the maximum.

# bond-auction - Thursday 9 September, 2010

Yields on short-term bills head downward after Anglo announcement

The NTMA sells off 5- and 7-month bonds at smaller yields than two weeks ago, despite the spike in 10-year bond rates.

# bond-auction - Tuesday 20 July, 2010

THE NATIONAL TREASURY MANAGEMENT AGENCY has successfully raised €1.5bn in its latest bond auction – but has been forced into offering higher interest rates than it was two months ago.

Although the successful auction has resulted in nearly 90% of Ireland’s borrowing targets for 2010 being met already, just over halfway through the year, the auction was hit by Moody’s decision to downgrade Ireland’s rating yesterday.

The decision – which relabelled Irish debt from Aa1 to Aa2, meaning it was considered slightly riskier than previously – forced interest rates on ten-year bonds up to 5.537% – a significant increase on 4.72% rate offered only two months ago.

The rates offered on six-year bonds was slightly down on last month’s price, however. Bonds sold for 4.496%, down from 4.521% last month.

The NTMA has tried to portray the auction in a good light, however, saying it has guaranteed that the exchequer will be “fully funded” into the second quarter of 2011.