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Dublin: 3 °C Sunday 7 February, 2016

International - Sunday 24 January, 2016

Baby Zoe Ireland Drake has made it home to the US after successful crowdfunding campaign

Zoe Ireland was born in Dublin after her US bound flight was diverted here when her mother’s waters broke prematurely

Four huge sperm whales have washed up dead on an English beach

The dead whales are believed to come from a pod of six. Similar deaths have been reported over the last week.

From The42 As it happened: Arsenal v Chelsea, Premier League Liveblog

As it happened: Arsenal v Chelsea, Premier League

Arsenal took on Chelsea, as Arsene Wenger’s side sought to enhance their title chances.

This former fascist concentration camp is being turned into a luxury holiday resort Ghosts Of The Past This post contains videos

This former fascist concentration camp is being turned into a luxury holiday resort

Mamula island is situated in Kotor Bay in Montenegro.

Furniture from JFK’s ‘Winter White House’ has just been sold off in Florida

The various furnishings, including a massage table and several beds, were sold for $400,000 (€370,000).

Man who cut off businessman’s penis among three to escape maximum-security prison

The men escaped during a disturbance in the prison.

When stigma and ‘loss of honour’ destroy hope for child sex abuse victims

At least 20 girls and boys were filmed being abused in one Pakistani village, but victims’ families say police turned a blind eye.

Women and children killed in suspected Russian bombings on Islamic State

The bombings come ahead of talks aimed at finding a peace settlement.

Bill Gates is betting on a test that could change cancer treatment

“We must diagnose cancer earlier.”

A new guideline on sugar could be bad news for Coca Cola and Pepsi

Americans drink a lot of the stuff and are being told to stop.

Calais port closed after migrants board ferry in bid to reach Britain

It estimated that between 30 and 40 migrants had boarded the Spirit of Britain ferry, operated by P&O.

Waiting on a runway to take off could be a thing of the past

No more waiting. Hooray!

Snow has ground the east of the US to a halt

16 people are reported dead.

Just what is going on with Trump’s hair? We ask the experts…

It’s just over a week before the process to select the Republican nomination begins in earnest.

Elderly hermit living in mud hut inherits fortune, gives it all away

“Where I am going soon I do not need money,” the 86-year-old woman said.

Thousands march for LGBT rights in Rome

Italy is the only major Western European country not to have enacted civil union legislation allowing same-sex couples to have their relationships acknowledged by law.

International - Saturday 23 January, 2016

Here’s What Happened Today: Saturday

Water protests, the Fine Gael Ard Fheis, and the death of an Irish tourist in Australia had people talking today – it’s the evening fix.

‘I’m an Irishman in the West Bank helping kids get to school through checkpoints’

Alex Dunne has been in the West Bank for over 40 days now, collecting stories of stories of military incursions, night raids, and settler attacks.

Man who was acquitted of rape ordered to inform the authorities if he plans to have sex

The man is required to give police 24 hours notice should he be planning to have sex.

From The42 As it happened: Man United v Southampton, Premier League Liveblog

As it happened: Man United v Southampton, Premier League

Man United took on Southampton, as both sides looked to boost their top-four hopes.

Police appeal for answers – 40 years after the mysterious death of a boy found under a bridge

On a Sunday in 1976, Peter Watts left his home in Wales to do homework with a friend. He was found dead in London hours later.

Sydney’s St Patrick’s Day parade has been cancelled

Funding and street closures mean the event is off this year.

Woman claims that she put €43 million lotto ticket in the wash

She says it was in her jeans.

The strange tale of the spy who came in from the cold and drank some tea

The second that green tea touched his lips, the ex-Russian spy was dead – killed from the inside out.

Gang members, DNA evidence and Making a Murderer: The burden of proving innocence in the US

An expert lawyer spoke to us about how hard it is to be a defendant.

Your dog can tell if you’re sad

That ability has never been seen outside of humans.

From The42 Stephen Ward on homesickness, beating Germany & the frustration of not playing Interview

Stephen Ward on homesickness, beating Germany & the frustration of not playing

The Irish international also discusses Burnley’s upcoming FA Cup tie with Arsenal and his grounding in the League of Ireland.

Eight people have died as “Snowzilla” hits the US

There is expected to be two feet of snow in Washington DC.

Inside America’s first Muslim-majority city

Hamtramck voted in favour of a Muslim call to prayer in 2004.

After 70 years apart, D-Day veteran and wartime sweetheart to reunite

10,000 miles and seven decades are not enough to keep them away from each other, apparently.

‘No means no’: Norway sends migrants on anti-rape courses

“If a girl kisses me, I figure she wants to sleep with me”.

Four killed in Canadian school shooting

The shooting occurred at La Loche Community school in Saskatchewan.

International - Friday 22 January, 2016

Father shot dead by his 14-year-old son was training him for a “zombie apocalypse”

Idaho teenager Eldon Samuel III had been taught how to “shoot them in the head.”

Zika virus: Travel warning issued for pregnant Irish women

A total of 19 countries are covered by the warning.

What did God do before the world was made? The Pope has given an answer

It’s part of a children’s book the Pontiff has written.