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#Chemical Weapons

# chemical-weapons - Sunday 23 October, 2016

'It will not be tolerated': Syrian army blamed for third chemical weapons attack on own people

Investigators say the substance may have been chlorine gas, based on the symptoms the victims displayed.

# chemical-weapons - Saturday 3 September, 2016

The US is going to start destroying about 780,000 chemical-filled artillery shells

A US army plant is about to start destroying the nation’s largest remaining stockpile of mustard agent.

# chemical-weapons - Wednesday 6 July, 2016

MI6 report may have contained plot from a Nicolas Cage film, Chilcot Report says

1996 Michael Bay thriller The Rock showed chemical weapons being stored in glass containers.

# chemical-weapons - Tuesday 13 May, 2014

There is “strong evidence” that the Syrian government used chlorine gas in attacks on rebels

Human Rights Watch say that barrel bombs embedded with cylinders of chlorine gas were dropped on three towns.

# chemical-weapons - Wednesday 30 April, 2014

Two crucified, 60 killed, as chemical weapons watchdog launches fresh probe in Syria

Up to 60 people were killed in attacks on Damascus and Homs yesterday.

# chemical-weapons - Thursday 27 March, 2014

Column: ‘With a few surviving classmates, I stepped carefully over the dead and dying’

As a 13-year old schoolgirl, Setsuko Thurlow became a survivor of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. Her harrowing testimony is a continuing reminder of the importance of nuclear disarmament, writes Jamie Walsh.

# chemical-weapons - Tuesday 7 January, 2014

First shipment of chemical weapons leaves Syria

Syria agreed last year to a US-Russian deal to hand over its chemical weapons.

# chemical-weapons - Monday 16 December, 2013

Syrian ‘barrel bombs’ kill 76 people including 28 children

The “unprecedented” bombardment came as the UN estimated that the number of Syrian refugees would touch 4.1 million by the end of 2014.

# chemical-weapons - Friday 13 December, 2013

‘Clear and convincing evidence’ that chemical weapons used in Syria

The United Nations report concluded that there have been at least five deadly attacks.

# chemical-weapons - Friday 1 November, 2013

Israeli warplanes carry out Syrian airstrike

The attack targeted the delivery of Russian missiles with Israel worried repeatedly declaring it would intervene to stop Hezbollah receiving “game-changing” weapons.

# chemical-weapons - Thursday 31 October, 2013

Column: Making chemical weapons a defining issue in Syria sends entirely the wrong message

If the international community is serious about helping the people of Syria, it should set about creating the conditions for a massive humanitarian intervention, which of course would mean concentrating everything that is killing people.

Syria has destroyed all of its chemical weapons equipment: watchdog

Syria had been given a deadline of tomorrow to get rid of all of its production and assembly facilities for chemical weapons.

# chemical-weapons - Monday 28 October, 2013

How chemical weapons inspectors learn to do their jobs

A new batch of chemical weapons inspectors are learning how to tell if an attack has taken place or not.

# chemical-weapons - Sunday 27 October, 2013

Syria hands over detailed plan to destroy chemical weapons on time

Damascus was required to submit the destruction plan under a US-Russian deal agreed last month.

# chemical-weapons - Monday 7 October, 2013

‘A credit to the Assad regime’: US welcomes Syria’s chemical weapons disposal

Syria’s quick compliance with the destroying of chemical weapons stockpile has earned praise from US Secretary of State John Kerry.

# chemical-weapons - Sunday 6 October, 2013

Process of destroying Syria’s chemical weapons now under way

The team charged with the destruction of the weapons began the process this morning, a source in the international mission has said.

# chemical-weapons - Monday 30 September, 2013

Explainer: What are Irish troops doing in Syria?

115 Irish Defence Forces personnel have now arrived at their new base. Why were they sent there? How long is the mission? How will they spend their downtime? Your questions, answered.

Syria: Inspectors prepare to destroy chemical weapons

UN chemical weapons experts leave country as separate disarmament group moves in to take next step against banned arsenal.

# chemical-weapons - Saturday 28 September, 2013

Gilmore to meet UN Secretary General for Syria talks

The Tánaiste will also address the United Nations General Assembly later today.

# chemical-weapons - Friday 27 September, 2013

The 9 at 9: Friday

Happy Friday all. Here’s nine things to know this morning…

# chemical-weapons - Wednesday 25 September, 2013

Ireland to give €200k towards destroying chemical weapons in Syria

Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs Eamon Gilmore said it reflects Ireland’s “long-standing opposition to the use of weapons of mass destruction”.

# chemical-weapons - Saturday 21 September, 2013

Syria meets watchdog deadlines

Inspectors are reviewing the latest chemical weapons disclosure by Syrian officials.

# chemical-weapons - Friday 20 September, 2013

Meeting of chemical weapons watchdog on Syria postponed again

Syria has handed over details of its chemical weapons arsenal.

# chemical-weapons - Thursday 19 September, 2013

Assad will destroy chemical arms – but it’ll take a year and cost $1 billion

The Syrian President made his remarks in an interview with Fox News, telling the network that Syria is not gripped by a civil war.

# chemical-weapons - Thursday 12 September, 2013

UN receives Syrian chemical treaty accession documents

Syria is planning on joining the UN’s chemical weapons convention ahead of a planned disarmament of its chemical weapons.

# chemical-weapons - Tuesday 10 September, 2013

UN Security Council to hold urgent meeting on Syria

Russia has asked for the meeting on the back of multiple developments in the past 24 hours.

Syria: Obama prepares to address Americans during crucial week

Barack Obama is due to address the nation today, while he awaits the outcome of a Congress vote on Syria strikes.

# chemical-weapons - Monday 9 September, 2013

Russia urges Syria: Give up your chemical weapons

The Russian plan for the Assad regime to surrender its weapons has been given a cautious reception in the White House.

‘It’s not a new photo’: Sinn Féin on picture of Chris Andrews with Bashar al-Assad

The photo of the party’s newest member was taken when the former Fianna Fáil TD visited Syria in 2009 and has re-emerged online in recent days.

# chemical-weapons - Sunday 8 September, 2013

US senators release graphic videos of Syrian chemical weapons victims

The videos were released overnight as the Obama administration embarks on a media blitz to press the case for intervention in the coming days.

# chemical-weapons - Friday 6 September, 2013

G20 fails to heal rift on Syria at Russia talks

Putin has emerged as one of the most implacable critics of military intervention against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

# chemical-weapons - Wednesday 4 September, 2013

‘The world set a red line on Syria, not me’ – Obama

The US president said that he believed he would get Congressional backing for strikes on Syria.

# chemical-weapons - Sunday 1 September, 2013

John Kerry: US has evidence sarin nerve gas was used in Syria

Obama says America is ready for strike action following the chemical weapons attack that killed more than 1,400 people.

# chemical-weapons - Saturday 31 August, 2013

Obama asks Congress to authorise military action against Syria

The decision represents a significant gamble for Obama, who has an estranged relationship with lawmakers.

UN chemical weapons inspectors leave Syria

The team will head to The Hague to assess the evidence gathered during their probe.

# chemical-weapons - Friday 30 August, 2013

President Obama says no decision has been made on Syria but insists world must act

The US Secretary of State John Kerry said earlier that “the question is no longer what do we know, the question is what we in the international community do now.”

Poll: Should international military forces intervene in Syria? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: Should international military forces intervene in Syria?

The British House of Commons has rejected a call for military strikes but do you think international forces should intervene in Syria?

British ‘no’ hits US plans for coalition against Syria

Chuck Hagel has insisted Washington is still seeking an “international coalition” to take action against the regime.

# chemical-weapons - Thursday 29 August, 2013

French armed forces ‘ready’ to intervene in Syria if called upon

Meanwhile, UN weapons inspectors left their hotels, but it is not known what their destination is at this point.

# chemical-weapons - Wednesday 28 August, 2013

Column: ‘Chemical weapons’ are in the news for dreadful reasons – but what are they?

The images coming from Syria of small bodies wrapped in shrouds do not indicate the horrors of the moments before death – and the fact that humans are willing to inflict this on others must not be shied away from, writes Ann Cronin.

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