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# esri - Today’s News


# esri - Thursday 14 May, 2015

You’re LESS likely to get injured in work now the Celtic Tiger is over

And less likely during the recession.

# esri - Thursday 7 May, 2015

People who play sport at school are FAR more likely to go to college…

Especially in their final years. It seems future success and drive can be directly related to an active and competitive school lifestyle.

# esri - Wednesday 6 May, 2015

It’s not easy getting work in Ireland if your skin is the wrong colour…

Non-nationals and certain ethnicities are reporting worrying (and varying) levels of employer bias, and apparently the recession has nothing to do with it.

# esri - Thursday 9 April, 2015

City kids are worse at reading (and their maths skills don’t quite add up either)

Pupils in urban DEIS schools score worse in tests, but they are missing classes less.

# esri - Wednesday 25 March, 2015

The economy is growing fast, but things look bleak for renters

The Central Bank’s lending rules could have some bad side effects.

# esri - Tuesday 10 March, 2015

From Business ETC Your electricity bills are going to get more expensive in a couple of years Power Surge

Your electricity bills are going to get more expensive in a couple of years

That’s if action isn’t taken, the ESRI has warned.

# esri - Wednesday 11 February, 2015

From Business ETC We made a ‘bad mistake’ not predicting the banking crisis – but so did everyone else Sorry Y'all

We made a ‘bad mistake’ not predicting the banking crisis – but so did everyone else

This ESRI professor says regulators could still have stopped the financial catastrophe.

# esri - Thursday 5 February, 2015

The Great Recession had a HUGE impact on Ireland’s young people

A new ESRI study has looked at how many young people were unemployed in recent years – and it’s grim reading.

# esri - Wednesday 24 December, 2014

Fine Gael doesn’t just stand for the wealthy, it robs from the poor and gives to the rich

I’m one of those mischievous opposition politicians doing down a government trying it’s best but listen instead to the ESRI, writes Eoin Ó Broin.

# esri - Wednesday 17 December, 2014

The budget will take a big hit next year because of Irish Water: ESRI

But at least things are looking good for jobs and the economy.

# esri - Friday 12 December, 2014

Budget 2015 made rich people richer and poor people poorer

An ESRI report also found that contrary to popular belief the ‘squeezed middle’ has not been hardest hit in recent years.

# esri - Wednesday 3 December, 2014

From Business ETC The number of homeowners who are years behind on their loans is still going up Going Under

The number of homeowners who are years behind on their loans is still going up

Banks have been accused of only helping the ‘low-hanging fruit’ of people who are a few months overdue.

# esri - Tuesday 25 November, 2014

Lung cancer deaths have increased in Ireland

Colorectal cancer rates have stayed the same, while breast cancer death rates have very slightly decreased.

How some teenagers are forced from foster care into direct provision once they turn 18

The ESRI has published a report into the care given to unaccompanied minors.

# esri - Wednesday 5 November, 2014

Returned Irish emigrants more likely to have problems with alcohol

8,000 older Irish people are being studied over a ten year period, in order to chart their health, economic and other circumstances.

# esri - Tuesday 4 November, 2014

There’s been a sharp dip in consumer confidence and water charges might be to blame

The 8-year high in consumer sentiment recorded in September didn’t last long.

# esri - Friday 17 October, 2014

EU decisions could mean higher electricity prices for all of us

The ESRI looks at Ireland’s energy supply in a new report.

# esri - Thursday 9 October, 2014

Poll: Do you feel positive about the Irish economy? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: Do you feel positive about the Irish economy?

The ESRI does, what about you?

# esri - Wednesday 8 October, 2014

Should €400m in cash from water charges be spent on more social housing?

The government should invest the money in homes, not hand it back in tax cuts, ESRI says.

Nearly everyone in Ireland will have a job again by 2020*

*Assuming ESRI’s latest predictions are right.

# esri - Friday 3 October, 2014

The 9 at 9: Friday

You’ve made it to Friday. Good work. Here are the nine stories you need to know.

# esri - Thursday 18 September, 2014

One in three Irish primary students share a class with another grade. Does it matter?

Not much according to new research, but a bit more for girls than boys.

# esri - Tuesday 16 September, 2014

From Business ETC Irish consumers not so happy, but thanks for asking Mixed Feelings

Irish consumers not so happy, but thanks for asking

Latest customer sentiment survey down last month after hitting a seven-year high in July.

# esri - Monday 15 September, 2014

Ireland could free up 24,000 hospital beds by letting stroke patients out early

A study published today found extra resourcing to help people get back on their feet in their own homes could also save the health system millions.

# esri - Friday 12 September, 2014

NAMA is set to build 4,500 new residential units in the nation’s capital

The action by the State owned bad bank could see a potential 25,000 units developed into residential properties.

# esri - Sunday 24 August, 2014

Opinion: Why are so many victims of child sexual abuse reluctant to report it?

Lenient sentencing in sexual assault cases has negative consequences – not just for individuals, but for all victims.

# esri - Friday 15 August, 2014

Child sex abuse survivors far more likely to be disabled, poor and live alone in later life

Even when you take into account mental illness.

# esri - Wednesday 13 August, 2014

We’re saving more – but say the government isn’t encouraging us

The proportion of people saving regularly increased to 41% from 35% last month, says the Savings Index.

# esri - Tuesday 12 August, 2014

From Business ETC Here’s how many Irish people get the minimum wage… The Grind

Here’s how many Irish people get the minimum wage…

… It is less than you would think.

# esri - Saturday 9 August, 2014

Guinness, Facebook, and drink driving: The week in numbers

Plus: How many flights went in and out of Ireland’s airports last year?

# esri - Friday 8 August, 2014

From Business ETC The Briefcase: Russia freezes us out, house prices and drinking on the job Inbox Me

# esri - Thursday 7 August, 2014

Good news: Unemployment rate predicted to fall to 9.8% in 2015

The ESRI predict that unemployment will fall to 9.8% next year.

House prices in the Irish market are still undervalued, says ESRI

The research finds that there is no sign of a ‘bubble’ in the domestic market.

# esri - Wednesday 6 August, 2014

The 9 at 9: Wednesday

It’s Wednesday – and here’s everything you need to know as you start your day.

# esri - Friday 1 August, 2014

Good news: Fewer homes are in negative equity

The author of the report David Duffy says it is expected house prices will continue to increase in 2014.

# esri - Wednesday 30 July, 2014

Poll: How old is too old to still live with your parents? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: How old is too old to still live with your parents?

Research today said rising rents could force people to stay living at home longer. At what age should a person fly the nest?

# esri - Thursday 17 July, 2014

‘No evidence’ that disproportionately high number of migrants receive social welfare

A new study has found that the number in receipt of these payments are just a little or below the number in the work force.

# esri - Monday 14 July, 2014

The next Government will have to hike water charges – ESRI

The light at the end of the tunnel is still “some way off”, Professor John Fitzgerald said this morning.

# esri - Saturday 12 July, 2014

Whose recovery is it anyway? Many left behind as the economy accelerates

Saddled with debt and facing little prospect of wage growth, many Irish people aren’t feeling the benefit of the economic turnaround.

# esri - Wednesday 9 July, 2014

‘Continued effort needed’ to tackle stigma towards mental health issues

A new ESRI report also recommends integrated services for ‘physical and mental disabilities’.

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