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Dublin: 16 °C Saturday 28 May, 2016


# fuel - Today’s News


# fuel - Saturday 21 May, 2016

Passengers jump from hot air balloon onto boats in dramatic Melbourne rescue Out Of Fuel This post contains videos

Passengers jump from hot air balloon onto boats in dramatic Melbourne rescue

Nine people were rescued in unusual circumstances as their balloon ran out of fuel this morning.

# fuel - Tuesday 27 October, 2015

Green activists win out in legal battle over Offaly peat-burning power plant

Enironmentalists are over the moon, unions not so much.

# fuel - Monday 28 September, 2015

The ban that stopped scenes like this is going nationwide

Smoky coal is being banned across the country from the end of 2018.

# fuel - Monday 18 May, 2015

134 filling stations have been closed for fuel laundering, how many were in your county?

Thirty-one oil laundries were detected and closed down.

# fuel - Monday 23 February, 2015

Gardaí ‘hold no intelligence’ of Provo involvement in fuel smuggling

Minister Charlie Flanagan says criminals are being pursued.

# fuel - Monday 12 January, 2015

From Business ETC Oil prices tumbled AGAIN today – to the lowest level in six years Going Down

Oil prices tumbled AGAIN today – to the lowest level in six years

Are you seeing the benefit at the petrol stations?

# fuel - Wednesday 7 January, 2015

Explainer: Oil prices have dipped below $50 a barrel. But Ireland could be a winner…

Here’s why falling oil prices matter.

# fuel - Thursday 4 December, 2014

Investigation after thousands of litres of fuel-laundering ‘sludge’ found on motorway

The ‘sludge’ material is believed to be the bv-product of illegal diesel laundering.

# fuel - Thursday 27 November, 2014

The 9 at 9: Thursday

Catch up as you wake up

# fuel - Tuesday 4 November, 2014

Revenue busts oil laundering plant that could have cost State €10m a year

A 42-year-old man was arrested in connection with the find, which included a large among of laundered fuel and toxic waste.

# fuel - Monday 15 September, 2014

Watch out for dangerous carbon monoxide in your home Warning This post contains a poll

Watch out for dangerous carbon monoxide in your home

The deadly gas can build up in the home, and can’t be detected by our senses.

# fuel - Monday 1 September, 2014

Your television may be running on turf. Really

Around 6% of the nations power is still drawn from peat burning power stations.

# fuel - Tuesday 5 August, 2014

Amnesty to USA: Stop sending jet fuel to Israeli military

The last US jet fuel delivery arrived in Israel on 14 July.

# fuel - Friday 1 August, 2014

From Business ETC Calor gas isn’t happy with another company using its bottles Gas

Calor gas isn’t happy with another company using its bottles

They’ve taken them to court.

# fuel - Monday 16 June, 2014

Opinion: Why is community renewable energy important?

We are at a crossroads in Ireland in terms of energy; check out this 5 point plan about why community-owned renewables could be the answer.

# fuel - Tuesday 3 June, 2014

Poor people in Europe forced to choose between heating and eating

Oxfam is calling on G7 leaders who are meting tomorrow to reassess Europe’s energy strategy to move towards more sustainable and affordable fuels.

# fuel - Tuesday 27 May, 2014

China plans to take a lot of old bangers off the road this year

Up to six million, in fact. It’s in a bid to tackle the country’s “extremely grim” environmental situation.

# fuel - Wednesday 30 April, 2014

Do you use solid fuels? It’s going to get more expensive tomorrow

The carbon tax increase will add around €1.20 to a 40kg bag of coal and 26 cent to a bale of briquettes.

# fuel - Wednesday 16 April, 2014

Column: Here’s where we can make cuts – and savings! – that won’t hurt services, jobs or salaries

Cutting costly emissions from thousands of public buildings would help the environment and save Ireland €200m a year – without requiring a single job loss.

# fuel - Saturday 29 March, 2014

Column: Will fracking be added to our energy mix? Ireland has questions to answer first

Until we have an honest discussion about the limited number of energy choices available – and the risks and rewards of each – we will remain entirely at the mercy of global forces, writes Alice Whittaker.

# fuel - Thursday 6 March, 2014

Column: Ireland can’t replicate the US shale gas boom – and it shouldn’t try

Ireland would like to replicate the US shale gas boom but geography, history, and lack of energy infrastructure will prevent this – and the risks to the economy might not be worth the benefit from any gas produced, writes John O’Donnell.

# fuel - Friday 21 February, 2014

Man allegedly ‘raped with gun’ after arrest in Venezuela protests

The death toll has risen to eight with 137 wounded and more than 100 people detained in the protests.

# fuel - Tuesday 28 January, 2014

From Business ETC Robotic petrol pumps could be arriving sooner than you think Self-service

Robotic petrol pumps could be arriving sooner than you think

Combine this with self-driving cars and there’ll be no reason to do anything while you’re on the road.

# fuel - Friday 17 January, 2014

An Taisce granted leave to appeal peat burning at Edenderry power station

An Taisce say that their case focuses on the extraction of the peat burned at the station.

# fuel - Tuesday 7 January, 2014

Column: The EU’s Eastern Partnership in tatters – is a fresh energy strategy the answer?

The creation of a vibrant renewable energy sector would not only give the EaP countries energy independence, it would also reduce Russian political interference in their affairs, writes David Moloney.

# fuel - Tuesday 10 December, 2013

Plant with capacity to launder 3 million litres of fuel a year uncovered in Meath

Two men, aged 19 and 20, have been arrested.

# fuel - Saturday 9 November, 2013

Tips on how to stay warm, protect the environment and heat your home this winter

The Environmental Protection Agency said that householders can save money and be environmentally friendly this winter.

# fuel - Sunday 13 October, 2013

Debunked: Does switching off your engine when stuck in traffic save fuel?

It’s time to settle the argument you always have with that back-seat driver.

# fuel - Monday 9 September, 2013

Irish Rail to use shorter DART trains off-peak to save on fuel

One serivce- the 16:40 from Bray to Malahide – will see an increase in carriage capacity from six to eight.

# fuel - Thursday 22 August, 2013

From Business ETC Alcohol sales are up, but clothing sales are down Money Money Money

Alcohol sales are up, but clothing sales are down

Spending on alcoholic beverages accounted for 7.7 per cent of all spending in Ireland last year.

# fuel - Monday 19 August, 2013

Ryanair drops legal action after newspaper apologises Soz

Ryanair drops legal action after newspaper apologises

However the airline is still taking defamation cases against Channel 4 and two other newspapers over its claims about Ryanair’s fuel and safety policy.

# fuel - Sunday 28 July, 2013

Russian cargo ship docks successfully at International Space Station

The ship has delivered about 2.4 metric tons of supplies to the space outpost,

# fuel - Monday 22 July, 2013

Last year’s poor peat harvest cost Bord Na Móna over €23m

However the company still managed to make a profit of €9.2 million last year.

# fuel - Thursday 18 July, 2013

Column: Burning our bogs is like setting fire to our future

There is an economic and social value in preserving our bogs. We need to forget our romantic ideas turf fires and preserve our heritage, writes Kieran McNally.

# fuel - Monday 17 June, 2013

‘Modest’ fall means petrol prices are down 7 per cent in ten months

Data from AA Ireland says the average litre of petrol now costs 157.4 cent – down from a peak of €1.70 last year.

# fuel - Wednesday 22 May, 2013

Fuel laundering plant with 7 tonnes of toxic waste uncovered in Monaghan

The facility has the capacity to launder 15 million litres of fuel every year.

# fuel - Monday 20 May, 2013

€569 million – Ryanair’s profit for last year up 13%

The airline reported the profits despite higher fuel costs, which represents 45 per cent of the companies total costs.

# fuel - Monday 22 April, 2013

Average driver to spend €243 on petrol this month, paying €138.50 in tax

The latest price survey by the AA Roadwatch has shown that petrol now costs an average of 162 cent per litre, while diesel costs an average of 153.8 cent.

# fuel - Friday 5 April, 2013

Poll: Should motor tax be scrapped and included in the cost of fuel? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: Should motor tax be scrapped and included in the cost of fuel?

New changes to the arrears system once again raise the question of whether tax should instead be included in fuel.

# fuel - Wednesday 27 March, 2013

Winter fuel allowance to be extended following cold snap

The 410,000 people in receipt of the weekly €20 allowance will be given the allowance for an extra week.

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