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# jerusalem - Tuesday 9 January, 2018

Coveney to meet Benjamin Netanyahu for first time since objection to Jerusalem as Israeli capital

Coveney’s last meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister last year was not overly successful.

# jerusalem - Thursday 21 December, 2017

Ireland one of 128 nations to reject US decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital

US Ambassador Nikki Haley warned the General Assembly that the United States “will remember this day.”

# jerusalem - Sunday 10 December, 2017

Arab leaders 'denounce and condemn' Trump's stance on Jerusalem amid violent protests

Ministers are demanding the US reverses its decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

# jerusalem - Thursday 7 December, 2017

Protests erupt in Palestine in response to Trump's Jerusalem decision

The Israeli military has deployed hundreds more troops to the occupied West Bank, stoking fears of bloodshed in the region.

'Deplorable and unacceptable': Trump's Jerusalem declaration sparks anger amongst global leaders

US President Donald Trump has recognised Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

# jerusalem - Wednesday 6 December, 2017

Trump announces he recognises Jerusalem as Israeli capital

The status of Jerusalem is a central issue in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with both sides claiming the city as their capital.

# jerusalem - Tuesday 5 December, 2017

Explainer: Why Ireland and many others are against Trump recognising Jerusalem as Israel's capital

Simon Coveney said he shares Emmanuel Macron’s concerns about Trump’s proposals, which could be destabilising in the region.

# jerusalem - Friday 21 July, 2017

Six dead as tensions over Jerusalem holy site rise

The unrest came after Israeli ministers decided not to order the removal of metal detectors erected at entrances to the Haram al-Sharif compound.

Men under 50 banned from entering Jerusalem's Old City for Muslim prayers as tensions rise

Tensions have risen following an attack nearby that killed two policemen.

# jerusalem - Friday 14 July, 2017

Two Israeli police killed in Jerusalem shooting

The three attackers, Arab Israelis aged between 19 and 29, were shot dead by police.

# jerusalem - Monday 22 May, 2017

Donald Trump is the first sitting US president to visit the Western Wall

Trump vowed to make ‘the ultimate deal’ with Israel and Palestine during his presidential campaign last year.

# jerusalem - Sunday 16 April, 2017

Nails used in crucifixions among recently discovered artefacts from the time of Jesus

Artefacts such as vases, cooking utensils and jewellery were also found recently.

# jerusalem - Friday 14 April, 2017

Here's What Happened Today: Good Friday

The Tallaght hit-and-run, redundancies in Roscommon and a fatal stabbing in Jerusalem – it’s the Fix.

British tourist stabbed to death while travelling on train in Jerusalem RIP

British tourist stabbed to death while travelling on train in Jerusalem

The victim was rushed to hospital in a critical condition but later died from her injuries.

# jerusalem - Thursday 23 March, 2017

'The colour of hope': Tomb of Jesus restored to former glory in time for Easter visitors Jerusalem This post contains videos

'The colour of hope': Tomb of Jesus restored to former glory in time for Easter visitors

Religious leaders in traditional robes addressed a ceremony at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre yesterday.

# jerusalem - Tuesday 21 March, 2017

Tomb of Jesus Christ completes €3.7 million renovation

The church contains the area where Jesus is believed to have been crucified.

# jerusalem - Wednesday 28 December, 2016

John Kerry tells Israel it 'can either be Jewish or democratic - it cannot be both'

The US Secretary of State also urged Israel and Palestinians to agree land swaps on 1967 lines in today’s speech.

# jerusalem - Sunday 1 November, 2015

# jerusalem - Thursday 22 October, 2015

Merkel tells Netanyahu: Germany was responsible for the Holocaust

The Israeli leader stirred controversy by claiming a Palestinian leader gave Hitler the idea of exterminating Jews.

# jerusalem - Tuesday 13 October, 2015

Three killed as Jerusalem sees its bloodiest day yet in rising violence

The rising tide of unrest has raised fears that a full-scale third Palestinian uprising, or intifada, could erupt.

# jerusalem - Friday 9 October, 2015

Israel kills six Palestinians as Hamas leader declares new war

The deaths come after several Israelis were stabbed earlier this week.

# jerusalem - Monday 24 August, 2015

Israeli man charged with Gay Pride murder uses court appearance to attack homosexuality

Yishai Shlissel was released from prison just three weeks before the 30 July murder

# jerusalem - Sunday 9 August, 2015

'Deciding when or on which street I can hold my girlfriend's hand - it's a struggle'

The recent stabbing of six people at a Gay Pride march in Jerusalem shows the dangerous risks faced by the city’s LBGT community.

# jerusalem - Thursday 30 July, 2015

This man has stabbed six people at a gay pride event in Jerusalem

The incident happened earlier today.

# jerusalem - Monday 20 July, 2015

What I've learned from volunteering in Palestine

A member of Tipperary’s 2010 hurling All-Ireland winning squad writes about volunteering with Palestinian youth as part of the Palestine Summer Encounter Project.

# jerusalem - Friday 6 March, 2015

Four police injured as car ploughs into crowd in Jerusalem

Police say the suspect has been shot.

# jerusalem - Wednesday 5 November, 2014

Hit and run rampage in Jerusalem leaves two dead in religious violence Holy Land This post contains videos

Hit and run rampage in Jerusalem leaves two dead in religious violence

A Palestinian man driving the van was shot dead by police.

# jerusalem - Tuesday 28 October, 2014

Amid tensions in Jerusalem, Israel announces 1,000 new settler homes in the city

Ireland has joined the US and others in condemning the move.

# jerusalem - Wednesday 1 October, 2014

Israel to press ahead with 2,600 settler homes in Jerusalem

The housing units, which have been slated for construction since 2012, were given final approval this week.

# jerusalem - Sunday 20 July, 2014

Brief Gaza truce ends as fresh Israeli bombing campaign pushes death toll over 400

About 40 people have been killed today as Israel intensifies campaign.

# jerusalem - Monday 26 May, 2014

Pope Francis made an unexpected stop at the Western Wall to pray and leave a note

The Pope’s note was different to that left by Pope John Paul II over a decade ago.

# jerusalem - Wednesday 5 March, 2014

'I nearly fell out of my chair': Irish scientists uncover Einstein's lost theory

The unpublished document shows that the Nobel Prize winner once considered a model of the universe very different to the Big Bang Theory.

# jerusalem - Tuesday 31 December, 2013

Israel frees 26 Palestinian prisoners under peace talks

The 26 inmates had served 19 to 28 years for killing Israeli civilians or soldiers.

# jerusalem - Friday 29 November, 2013

Irish troops 'fully committed to Golan Heights task' - Shatter

An estimated 36 Irish troops were on patrol yesterday when their convoy was hit by an unknown blast.

# jerusalem - Saturday 26 October, 2013

Dublin MEP forbidden from travelling to Gaza

“We were absolutely dumbfounded,” Labour MEP Emer Costello said.

# jerusalem - Monday 3 December, 2012

UN 'concerned and disappointed' over Israel's settlement plans

Any construction would be an “almost-fatal” blow to the two-state solution, according to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

# jerusalem - Monday 11 June, 2012

Pro-Hitler graffiti found at Israel's Holocaust museum

Suspicion has fallen on a small fringe of ultra-Orthodox Jews, who are virulently opposed to the state of Israel.

# jerusalem - Sunday 20 May, 2012

Jerusalem must be partitioned, says former Israeli PM

Ehud Olmert says it’s time to relinquish a unified Jerusalem in the interest of peace.

# jerusalem - Tuesday 17 April, 2012

Palestinian PM pulls out planned meeting with Netanyahu

Salam Fayyad was due to hold what would have been the highest-level talks between the sides in two years.

# jerusalem - Monday 2 January, 2012

Holocaust survivors criticise Nazi camp inmate garb at protest

Ultra-Orthodox Jews used the outfits to protest criticism of their strict lifestyle is a new form of ‘incitement’ and is ‘reminiscient of the German media before WWII’.

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