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# korea - Thursday 5 March, 2015

American ambassador has face slashed by knife-wielding protester

The assailant was arrested immediately.

# korea - Thursday 26 February, 2015

South Korea legalises adultery, condom shares soar

“Even if adultery should be condemned as immoral, state power should not intervene in individuals’ private lives.”

# korea - Monday 29 December, 2014

South Korean plastic surgeons ‘partied in operating theatre’

The incidents are being investigated, authorities say.

# korea - Wednesday 3 December, 2014

Here’s how Gangnam Style changed YouTube forever

*does the riding a horse dance*

# korea - Thursday 20 November, 2014

From The42 Taylor sets up re-match with Ochigava in World Championships quarter-final Unstoppable

Taylor sets up re-match with Ochigava in World Championships quarter-final

The Olympic champion claimed a victory over Mira Potkonen in South Korea this morning.

# korea - Saturday 8 November, 2014

Released from years of ‘hard labour’: Two Americans imprisoned by North Korea are being allowed home

Kenneth Bae and Matthew Todd Miller have been held for for two years and seven months, respectively.

# korea - Friday 7 November, 2014

Opinion: Soju think the Irish are all drunks?

News of an Irish teacher being discriminated against in South Korea has annoyed a lot of people – but it shouldn’t put you off this beautiful and welcoming country.

# korea - Thursday 6 November, 2014

From The Daily Edge That ‘Irish alcoholism’ job rejection? There’s now a Craigslist response from Seoul… Korea Choices

# korea - Wednesday 5 November, 2014

Kim Jong-Un mystery latest: Now he’s been seen walking without a stick

He briefly disappeared from public view in September.

# korea - Monday 20 October, 2014

North Korea warns of ‘unpredictable retaliatory strikes’ against South

The two sides exchanged fire yesterday.

# korea - Thursday 16 October, 2014

From The Daily Edge Shoppers freak out as floor disappears beneath them in brilliant viral ad The North Face

Shoppers freak out as floor disappears beneath them in brilliant viral ad

The internet is going wild for this excellent ad by The North Face in Korea.

# korea - Saturday 4 October, 2014

Talks to resume between North and South Korea after surprise visit

Three top-ranking North Korean officials attended the closing ceremony of the Asian Games.

# korea - Monday 18 August, 2014

Opinion: We see the happier side of expat life splashed across Facebook – there’s darkness too

The Irish like to save face a lot of the time, and especially when it comes to emigration.

# korea - Saturday 28 June, 2014

From Business ETC These jellyfish-killing robots could save the fishing industry billions per year JEROS

These jellyfish-killing robots could save the fishing industry billions per year

It’s a system called JEROS, or “jellyfish elimination robotic swarm”.

# korea - Monday 23 June, 2014

Killer soldier who shot dead five colleagues captured after tense standoff

The 22-year-old soldier, who was a conscript to the army, was captured after a 24-hour standoff.

# korea - Wednesday 28 May, 2014

Patient with dementia questioned after 21 die in fire at hospital for the elderly

Most of the victims died from asphyxiation as they could not escape the smoke-filled corridors.

# korea - Friday 18 April, 2014

“I feel ashamed”: Captain wasn’t at the helm of capsized Korean ferry

Anger is said to be spreading over the stalled rescue efforts as hundreds of passengers remain missing.

# korea - Monday 31 March, 2014

Tensions rise after North Korea fires across maritime border with South Korea

South Korea says that it will make a “resolute retaliation” to the firing of over 200 rounds into their waters.

# korea - Monday 17 March, 2014

1953 St Patrick’s Day photo shows US soldiers preparing Irish-decorated bomb

The US Army soldiers – originally from Sligo and Dublin – were fighting communists in Korea.

# korea - Thursday 20 February, 2014

Here’s What Happened Today: Thursday

Everyone’s talking about why Alan Shatter sacked the confidential recipient, a car chase in Ranelagh and what happens next for Ukraine.

Sad scenes as families are reunited for first time since Korean War

A group of elderly and frail South Koreans met with family members in North Korea more than 60 years after they were separated.

# korea - Tuesday 18 February, 2014

Here are just some of North Korea’s human rights abuses

The UN has released this infographic that outlines the scale of torture in North Korean camps.

# korea - Wednesday 5 February, 2014

The 9 at 9: Wednesday

Good morning. Here are the nine things you need to know as you battle the elements on your way out today…

# korea - Saturday 25 January, 2014

Whoops… Media outlets duped by North Korea ‘rocket to the sun’ story

A raft of sites have been taken by the ‘Waterford Whispers’ report on North Korea’s out-of-this-world claims — including our own Sunday World.

# korea - Friday 13 December, 2013

North Korea confirms execution of ‘traitor’ uncle of Kim Jong-Un

Jang Song-Thaek was described as “despicable human scum” during his trial, in which he reportedly admitted to plotting a coup.

# korea - Sunday 24 November, 2013

From The42 The man who’s helping Taekwon-Do to thrive in Ireland Interview

The man who’s helping Taekwon-Do to thrive in Ireland

We interview Stephen Ryan about the Irish team’s unprecedented success at the recent World Championships.

# korea - Wednesday 16 October, 2013

Meet South Korea’s new ‘Gangnam Style’ tourist police

The new force was “formed to protect tourists from being ripped off during their stay in Seoul”.

# korea - Tuesday 27 August, 2013

From The Daily Edge Little girl loses it when she sees dad on Skype Daddy Dearest

Little girl loses it when she sees dad on Skype

She’s 20 months old, and she’s adorable.

# korea - Monday 8 July, 2013

From The42 One of the weirdest first pitches you’re ever likely to see Bendy

One of the weirdest first pitches you’re ever likely to see

We’re going to try this at the next office sports day.

# korea - Sunday 7 July, 2013

Two teenage girls confirmed dead in San Francisco plane crash

Two teenage girls, aged 16 and 17, on their way to summer camp in the US were killed after a passenger jet crashed at San Francisco airport yesterday.

# korea - Monday 1 July, 2013

From The Daily Edge Meet the woman representing Ireland in a Korean game show Quiz On Korea

Meet the woman representing Ireland in a Korean game show

Alana O’Brien will be flying the tricolour in a week-long reality show and quiz.

# korea - Sunday 16 June, 2013

North Korea to US: ‘Let’s talk, but only if you dump your nukes’

North Korea says it will only talk without preconditions, or unless both sides give up their nuclear arsenal in advance.

# korea - Tuesday 11 June, 2013

Now you’ll see them, now you won’t: North Korea scraps talks with South

Northern officials complained that Southern delegates ranked too low within the Southern government, and have abandoned talks.

# korea - Sunday 9 June, 2013

Rival Koreas hold first talks in two years

The talks were to set up a high-level meeting in Seoul after months of tensions.

# korea - Friday 31 May, 2013

China and Laos criticised for sending refugees back to North Korea

The United Nations says China and Laos have disregarded their international duty to care for the orphaned refugees.

# korea - Sunday 19 May, 2013

North Korea fires another short-range missile from east coast

The test is the fourth launch in just two days, at a time when tensions with South Korea and Japan remain high.

# korea - Wednesday 15 May, 2013

Victims demand apology from Japanese mayor over wartime sex slaves remark

Up to 200,000 women from Korea, China, the Philippines and elsewhere were forcibly drafted into brothels catering to the Japanese military in territories occupied by Japan during WWII.

# korea - Tuesday 14 May, 2013

Japanese mayor: Wartime sex slaves were ‘necessary’

The controversial mayor claimed that the forced prostitution of approximately 200,000 women during World War II was necessary to “maintain discipline” in the ranks.

# korea - Thursday 25 April, 2013

Memorial for Irish war heroes erected in South Korea

The monument honours “all those of Irish birth and heritage who fought and died in the service of the United Nations and those civilians of Irish birth and heritage who died side by side with the Korean people 1950-1953″.

# korea - Tuesday 23 April, 2013

North Korea demands recognition of ‘nuclear state’ status before US talks

Pyongyang says talks must be held on the basis that nuclear states are equals – but the US says it won’t ever acknowledge it.

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