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# obama - Yesterday’s News


# obama - Tuesday 18 October, 2016

"Stop whining" - Obama tells Trump to stop talking and focus on getting votes instead

“If, whenever things are going badly for you and you lose, you start blaming somebody else? Then you don’t have what it takes to be in this job,” the US president said.

"Tough time to start over for a man": Obama grilled over job prospects on late-night TV

Stephen Colbert wasn’t impressed at Obama’s lack of promotions.


# obama - Friday 14 October, 2016

'Civility is on the ballot': Obama warns US about what might happen if Trump is elected

Obama labelled Trump as a “dictator-in-the-making”.

Trump's defence to sex assault claims is to attack US media for "outright lies"

Less than four weeks out from the vote, The Republican candidate is scrambling.

# obama - Wednesday 12 October, 2016

Obama is the latest to publicly criticise Trump over sexist comments

The current president of the US said the businessman is not fit to work in a local corner shop.

# obama - Friday 7 October, 2016

Ireland to provide humanitarian aid after storm kills 300 in Haiti

The US is now bracing itself for Hurricane Matthew, with states of emergencies declared in a number of places.

# obama - Thursday 22 September, 2016

Obama: Syria "haunts me constantly"

The outgoing US president has cited the Syrian Civil War as one of his most difficult challenges in government.

US kid writes to five-year-old Syrian refugee offering him a place in his family

Alex, from New York, wrote after seeing a photograph of bloodied and dazed Omran Daqneesh.

# obama - Saturday 17 September, 2016

Despite incomes increasing, Americans still believe the country is heading in the wrong direction

All the signs suggest the US economy is improving steadily. So why do the majority of Americans think the country is on the wrong track?

# obama - Friday 16 September, 2016

Trump finally admits President Obama was born in the US

Trump has said repeatedly during the campaign that he no longer talks about the “birther” issue, but has nevertheless refused to retract his previous comments.

# obama - Thursday 8 September, 2016

Trump says Putin is "far more" of a leader than Barack Obama

According to the Republican presidential nominee, Putin “has very strong control over a country”.

# obama - Tuesday 6 September, 2016

Obama cancels meeting after Philippines' president calls him 'son of a whore'

Rodrigo Duterte has since apologised, sort of.

# obama - Monday 5 September, 2016

President of Philippines calls Obama a 'son of a whore'

Rodrigo Duterte is not impressed with the US president’s criticism of his war on drugs.

# obama - Monday 22 August, 2016

A federal judge has struck down Obama's rules on transgender bathroom use

Judge Reed O’Connor has ruled in favour of Texas and 12 other states, which challenged new regulations allowing youths to use bathrooms matching their gender identity.

# obama - Friday 12 August, 2016

I really meant it when I said Obama was the founder of Isis, Trump insists

He’s not apologising – and he’s not explaining very much either.

# obama - Thursday 11 August, 2016

Hillary accuses Trump of "crossing the line", so Trump accuses Obama of "founding Isis" It's Escalating This post contains videos

Hillary accuses Trump of "crossing the line", so Trump accuses Obama of "founding Isis"

The belligerent Republican presidential nominee shows no signs of toning down his rhetoric after a difficult week.

# obama - Wednesday 3 August, 2016

Obama makes history by pardoning the sentences of 214 prisoners

US president has now commuted 562 sentences, more than the previous nine presidents combined.

# obama - Tuesday 2 August, 2016

Obama says Trump is 'unfit' and 'woefully unprepared' to be president

This isn’t the first time Obama has criticised the Republican candidate.

# obama - Thursday 28 July, 2016

"The Democratic Party is in good hands" - Obama gives rousing endorsement of Clinton

The US president was speaking at the Democratic National Convention.

# obama - Wednesday 27 July, 2016

Listen as Donald Trump challenges Russia to hack into Hillary Clinton's emails Cold Cyber Wars This post contains videos

Listen as Donald Trump challenges Russia to hack into Hillary Clinton's emails

And yes, you read that correctly.

# obama - Wednesday 6 July, 2016

Obama announces 8,400 troops to remain in Afghanistan after he leaves office

The number is significantly more than the president had previously announced.

# obama - Tuesday 5 July, 2016

Watch Obama sing Happy Birthday to his daughter Happy Birthday To Youuuu This post contains videos

Watch Obama sing Happy Birthday to his daughter

Kendrick Lamar and Janelle Monáe helped him out.

# obama - Thursday 30 June, 2016

Obama raises concerns about global growth in the wake of Brexit vote

At a time when global growth rates are already weak, “this doesn’t help”, the US president says.

# obama - Wednesday 15 June, 2016

"Where does this stop?": Obama intervenes to slam 'loose talk' about Muslims

“Are we going to start discriminating them because of their faith?”

# obama - Tuesday 14 June, 2016

Trump says Obama might 'get the Orlando shooting better than anybody knows'

The US President has said the massacre appears to be “homegrown extremism”.

# obama - Thursday 9 June, 2016

Obama formally endorses Hillary Clinton for US presidency

In a video, Obama called for unity among Democrats and vowed to be an active force on the campaign trail.

# obama - Saturday 21 May, 2016

Obama is not impressed that he hasn't been given €1 billion to fight Zika

The House and Senate have advanced bills to fight the virus.

# obama - Tuesday 17 May, 2016

St Patrick's Day flights for Taoiseach's entourage cost €37,334

Delays and uncertainty in the formation of a new government meant the tickets were booked just four days in advance – costing €9,257 for Enda Kenny alone.

# obama - Friday 13 May, 2016

The White House has intervened in America's raging transgender bathroom debate

One Texas official called transgender bathroom access “the biggest issue facing families and schools in America”.

Donald Trump's former butler says Obama should be "hung for treason"

Anthony Senecal has made a number of veiled and not-so-veiled threats against Barack Obama on Facebook in recent times.

# obama - Friday 22 April, 2016

Obama tells Britain it would be "back of the queue" if it leaves the EU

Obama said Britain was “at its best when it is helping to lead a strong Europe”.

# obama - Saturday 2 April, 2016

Obama calls for more to be done to prevent nuclear attack by Islamic State “madmen”

The American President said, “Just the smallest amount of plutonium – about the size of an apple – would kill and injure hundreds of thousands of innocent people.”

# obama - Tuesday 29 March, 2016

From The Daily Edge Beyoncé and Blue Ivy went to an Easter egg hunt at the White House and it was adorable Barack My Heart

# obama - Tuesday 22 March, 2016

‘What did you say about political prisoners?’ Castro fields questions at Obama press conference

A joint-appearance by the leaders of both states didn’t always go smoothly.

# obama - Sunday 20 March, 2016

Obama aims to end decades of hostility with historic visit to Cuba

It’s the first time a US president has visited the Communist country in almost 90 years.

# obama - Sunday 6 March, 2016

These are the childhood homes of some of the most powerful leaders in history

Some came from very humble beginnings.

# obama - Monday 22 February, 2016

Take a break and watch this 106-year-old dance with the Obamas Lifelong Dream This post contains videos

Take a break and watch this 106-year-old dance with the Obamas

Virginia McLaurin fulfilled a dream of visiting the White House.

# obama - Sunday 21 February, 2016

From The Daily Edge #ObamaAndKids is the cutest hashtag you’ll see today Potus

#ObamaAndKids is the cutest hashtag you’ll see today

It will nourish your weary soul.

# obama - Thursday 18 February, 2016

Barack Obama has confirmed he’ll visit Cuba next month

Obama’s visit to Cuba will be the first by a sitting US president since the island’s 1959 revolution.

# obama - Wednesday 17 February, 2016

Obama asks Republicans to ‘rise above the venom’ after judge’s unexpected death

Since Antonin Scalia’s death, White House lawyers and advisers have been scrambling to refine and vet a list of potential replacements.

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