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# oxfam - Thursday 7 September, 2017

Charities warn that donations left outside shops 'could be stolen or deliberately destroyed'

Some charities have experienced an increase in people leaving items outside their shops.

# oxfam - Friday 21 July, 2017

The world's largest ever outbreak of cholera looks like it's about to get even worse

Yemen’s rainy season could accelerate the outbreak, agencies have warned.

# oxfam - Saturday 25 February, 2017

Explainer: Why tens of thousands face starvation in war-torn South Sudan

Famine was declared in the new African country on Monday, which has been embroiled in civil conflict for years.

# oxfam - Monday 16 January, 2017

The 9 at 9: Monday

Here’s everything you need to know as you start your day.

Eight men hold as much wealth as half the planet combined

Some of the world’s richest people are meeting in Davos this week.

# oxfam - Monday 12 December, 2016

Ireland named world's 6th worst corporate tax haven

Oxfam said Ireland’s score was based on its lack of effective rules to prevent corporate tax dodging and because it facilitates large-scale corporate tax avoidance.

# oxfam - Monday 18 July, 2016

The world's six richest countries take in just 9% of the world's refugees

Over 65 million people have fled their homes because of conflict, persecution and violence.

# oxfam - Thursday 24 March, 2016

From The Daily Edge A charity shop received so many Fifty Shades of Grey donations, they built a fort Fifty Shades

# oxfam - Monday 18 January, 2016

A few dozen people now own as much wealth as half of the world’s population

New research by Oxfam shows women are also disproportionately affected by global inequality.

# oxfam - Wednesday 13 May, 2015

"We were sitting in the car when it started to was sheer pandemonium"

Speaking to, an Oxfam aid worker on the ground described the consequences of yesterday’s earthquake.

# oxfam - Monday 13 April, 2015

"Empty words": Despite promises of help, 100,000 are still homeless in Gaza

A new report by 46 agencies lays bare the current situation.

# oxfam - Thursday 5 March, 2015

Refugee camps could soon be powered by… PEE

And it’s all thanks to a urinal.

# oxfam - Monday 19 January, 2015

The top 1% could soon own more than HALF of global wealth

But how can this be reversed?

# oxfam - Thursday 27 November, 2014

The simple guide to getting rid of your old furniture

De-cluttering your house can be more difficult than it seems.

# oxfam - Wednesday 29 October, 2014

The number of billionaires in the world doubled during the global crisis

If the richest three people spent $1 million every day, it would take 220 years to run out of money.

# oxfam - Tuesday 19 August, 2014

28 million people in the Middle East need humanitarian aid

Today is World Humanitarian Day and Oxfam Ireland are calling for help.

# oxfam - Saturday 26 July, 2014

Oxfam in Canada was told that it isn't allowed prevent poverty anymore

The Canadian revenue authority say that doing so would benefit people who are not already poor.

# oxfam - Monday 14 July, 2014

Women in G20 countries will have to wait 75 years to earn as much as men

Oxfam said that the Eurozone’s GDP would increase by 13% if women’s paid employment rates were the same.

# oxfam - Wednesday 9 July, 2014

Knightley: 'What I saw and heard was worse than I could have ever imagined'

If the aid effort does not increase in South Sudan – 50,000 children could die from malnutrition.

# oxfam - Tuesday 3 June, 2014

Poor people in Europe forced to choose between heating and eating

Oxfam is calling on G7 leaders who are meting tomorrow to reassess Europe’s energy strategy to move towards more sustainable and affordable fuels.

# oxfam - Sunday 25 May, 2014

Sales aren’t a problem for charity shops… it’s a lack of donations

Oxfam has recorded an increase in sales this year. However, many are struggling to get stock in the door.

# oxfam - Thursday 20 February, 2014

Column: I'm supporting a boycott of Israeli academic institutions – here's why

The boycott is aimed at institutions and does not mean Irish academics can’t work with Israeli individuals, writes Harry Browne.

# oxfam - Monday 3 February, 2014

Column: We've been given an opportunity to re-think our values as a nation... so what are they?

Where do we stand as a nation on issues like neutrality, aid and inequality? Ireland’s Foreign Policy Review allows us to have our say, writes Hans Zomer.

# oxfam - Thursday 23 January, 2014

Column: Don't be fooled, values are inescapable – in life and in economics

With the World Economic Forum under way, let’s remember that economists have powerful mathematical tools at their disposal which, like all tools, are means to ends. What those ends are depends on our values, writes Robert Grant.

# oxfam - Tuesday 21 January, 2014

Oxfam, Focus and Garda Trust all benefit from €2m 'Poor Box' fund

The ‘Poor Box’ option can be used by judges for a variety of reasons, including cases where a conviction might be inappropriate or adversely affect employment.

# oxfam - Monday 20 January, 2014

World's wealthiest 85 people own same amount as half the global population

A report by Oxfam finds that Europe’s 10 richest people exceeds the total cost of stimulus measures implemented across the EU between 2008 and 2010.

# oxfam - Wednesday 15 January, 2014

Ireland is providing another €12 million in Syrian aid

This brings the total contribution by Ireland since 2011 to over €26 million.

# oxfam - Thursday 12 September, 2013

Austerity 'resembles sub-Saharan policies' of 1980s

A report from Oxfam on the impact of austerity in Europe makes for sobering reading.

# oxfam - Thursday 20 June, 2013

Ireland pledges another €1.65 million to help refugee crisis in Syria

Ireland has now given over €10 million to the crisis in Syria.

# oxfam - Friday 24 May, 2013

Oxfam urges EU foreign ministers to extend the arms embargo on Syria War

Oxfam urges EU foreign ministers to extend the arms embargo on Syria

Transferring more weapons to Syria can only “exacerbate a hellish scenario for civilians” says Oxfam, who say extending the embargo would avoid fuelling an arms race.

# oxfam - Wednesday 22 May, 2013

The world's wealthy 'could be hiding €707 billion in Ireland'

Oxfam says we shouldn’t just focus on companies: the world’s wealthy could have billions stashed away here.

# oxfam - Tuesday 30 April, 2013

Syrian refugees 'now make up 10 per cent of population of Lebanon'

Oxfam said the figure is comparable to the entire population of Belfast, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Waterford and Derry all moving to Dublin.

# oxfam - Sunday 31 March, 2013

Column: This Easter, think of those who made your chocolate eggs and bunnies

Irish people are now spending more on chocolate per head of population than any other country in the world, but what do we know about where the chocolate we eat comes from, asks Jim Clarken.

# oxfam - Friday 22 March, 2013

The 9 at 9: Friday

Good morning. Here are the nine stories you need to know as you start your wet and windy Friday.

# oxfam - Tuesday 26 February, 2013

World's biggest food companies 'failing millions of people'

Research by Oxfam shows ten of the world’s largest companies are ranking low in terms of ethical standards.

# oxfam - Tuesday 29 January, 2013

Cold weather makes life more difficult for Syrian refugees Syria This post contains images

Cold weather makes life more difficult for Syrian refugees

Oxfam Ireland is warning that living conditions in refugee camps are worsening as a result of the cold weather.

# oxfam - Wednesday 24 October, 2012

Women pushed further into poverty as food prices continue to rise - Oxfam

The effects of climate change and rising food prices are having a disproportionate impact on women – who represent 70 percent of the world’s poor.

# oxfam - Saturday 29 September, 2012

Interview: 'If you give people half the chance to make the right decision, they will' Sharon Corr This post contains images

Interview: 'If you give people half the chance to make the right decision, they will'

Sharon Corr recently travelled to Tanzania to campaign for women’s rights with Oxfam. She tells how it made her feel optimistic again after years of cynicism.

# oxfam - Saturday 15 September, 2012

Column: I had no job but volunteering helped me feel more fulfilled

Graduate Paul Lang found himself unemployed after leaving college but said that volunteering was the first step to getting his life back on track.

# oxfam - Wednesday 18 July, 2012

Swap bolognaise beef for beans to help the world's poor, says Oxfam

Oxfam Ireland says using beans as a substitute for meat once a week can help to save energy and restore the food balance.

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