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#Plane Crash

# plane-crash - Yesterday’s News

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# plane-crash - Wednesday 7 December, 2016

Plane carrying 48 people crashes in Pakistan, killing all on board

It is one of the deadliest aviation accidents in the nation’s history.

# plane-crash - Monday 5 December, 2016

From The42 Chapecoense crowned Copa Sudamericana champions a week after tragic plane crash Gesture

Chapecoense crowned Copa Sudamericana champions a week after tragic plane crash

The Brazilian club has also been awarded $2 million prize money by CONMEBOL.

# plane-crash - Wednesday 30 November, 2016

From The42 Top Brasileirao clubs to offer free loan deals to Chapecoense Solidarity

Top Brasileirao clubs to offer free loan deals to Chapecoense

Brazilian clubs including champions Palmeiras want Chapecoense to be granted special measures after a plane crash devastated their team.

Plane that crashed killing 71 people 'may have run out of fuel'

A Brazilian soccer team was among the passengers onboard the plane.

# plane-crash - Friday 12 August, 2016

Canadian man killed after stealing a plane and crashing it onto road

Images of the wreck showed a crushed nose and cockpit, and broken wings.

# plane-crash - Thursday 4 August, 2016

Emirates plane may have attempted go-around before crash

Four Irish passengers were on board the plane when it crashed.

# plane-crash - Wednesday 1 June, 2016

Signals picked up from black box of crashed EgyptAir plane

The ‘pings’ were picked up by a French navy ship this morning.

# plane-crash - Tuesday 24 May, 2016

Five dead after skydiving plane crashes in Hawaii

Four of them were pronounced dead at the crash site.

# plane-crash - Tuesday 29 March, 2016

Seven dead after Canadian plane crash

The crash happened on Canada’s Magdalen Islands.

# plane-crash - Tuesday 1 December, 2015

AirAsia investigation: Crew members ‘lost control’ of the plane

The Airbus A320-200 crashed last year, killing 162 people.

# plane-crash - Wednesday 11 November, 2015

Nine killed after plane crash destroys apartment building

The private plane crashed two miles away from the Ohio airport it was due to land at.

# plane-crash - Friday 6 November, 2015

At least 179 Irish people in Egypt as world leaders say bomb may have brought down plane

A number of European airlines are preparing to bring tourists home from Sharm el-Sheikh.

# plane-crash - Thursday 5 November, 2015

Tom Clonan: Who? How? Why? Figuring out the Russian plane crash

The Russian plane crash on the Sinai Peninsula has a lot in common with other bombings, writes columnist Tom Clonan.

# plane-crash - Sunday 1 November, 2015

Doomed Russian jet broke apart “in the air” before Egypt crash Sinai This post contains videos

Doomed Russian jet broke apart “in the air” before Egypt crash

A top Russian investigator says the wreckage is strewn over a large area.

# plane-crash - Wednesday 21 October, 2015

Blink-182 drummer offered friends $1 million to kill him after plane crash

“I would call friends of mine and go, ‘You know, I’ll deposit a million dollars into whoever’s bank account. Like, I’m done’.”

# plane-crash - Saturday 12 September, 2015

Two crew members on Tom Cruise film killed in plane crash

The pilot and owner of the plane were killed.

# plane-crash - Saturday 5 September, 2015

This woman was the sole survivor of a flight obliterated by a thunderstorm

Juliane Koepcke was believed to be dead before she reappeared after trekking through the jungle for 11 days.

# plane-crash - Monday 24 August, 2015

Engine was on fire before fatal plane crash in Waterford

Howard Cox died in the crash last month.

# plane-crash - Sunday 23 August, 2015

11 people thought to have been killed in West Sussex plane crash

Seven people were killed and at least 14 injured when the aircraft crashed onto a motorway.

# plane-crash - Saturday 22 August, 2015

Here’s What Happened Today: Saturday

A plane crash in England, a shooting in Athy and an assault on an Irishman in Sydney had people talking today.

Seven people confirmed dead after plane crashed onto motorway West Sussex This post contains videos

Seven people confirmed dead after plane crashed onto motorway

A number of cars were struck by the plane and the resulting explosion.

# plane-crash - Saturday 8 August, 2015

“There’s not a lot left of the aircraft”: Four die in New York plane crash

The cause of the crash is not yet known.

# plane-crash - Sunday 2 August, 2015

Island ‘on alert’ as more plane wreckage washes up

Could it be from the doomed Malaysian Airlines flight?

# plane-crash - Saturday 11 July, 2015

Harrison Ford makes first public appearance since breaking bones in plane crash

The actor was appearing as part of a Star Wars panel at Comic-Con.

# plane-crash - Wednesday 8 July, 2015

Two die after mid-air collision between fighter jet and plane

The plane crash occurred over South Carolina.

# plane-crash - Thursday 2 July, 2015

Pilot in plane crash that killed 43 “mistakenly turned off engine”

“Wow, pulled back wrong throttle.”

# plane-crash - Wednesday 1 July, 2015

Air force plane crashes into city killing at least 140

No survivors are expected from on board the plane.

# plane-crash - Monday 29 June, 2015

Poor visibility reported on day of fatal plane crash that killed two men and their dogs

Bryan Keane and Paul Smith died in May when the plane they were flying crashed into Blackstairs Mountain.

# plane-crash - Tuesday 23 June, 2015

# plane-crash - Thursday 2 April, 2015

Germanwings co-pilot researched suicide methods and cockpit doors

Meanwhile, the second black box recorder has been found today – following a nine-day search.

# plane-crash - Wednesday 1 April, 2015

Irish cinemagoers warned over film featuring eerily familiar plane crash

‘Wild Tales’ features a chief steward intentionally crashing a plane.

# plane-crash - Friday 6 March, 2015

Harrison Ford ‘battered but ok’ after plane he was flying crash-landed

The 72-year-old actor has been hurt after a small plane crash near Los Angeles.

# plane-crash - Wednesday 4 February, 2015

At least 22 killed as plane crashes into Taiwan river

Amateur video footage showed the plane hit a road bridge as it banked towards the water, leaving a trail of debris.

# plane-crash - Tuesday 3 February, 2015

Pilot taking selfies ‘likely factor’ in fatal plane crash

The pilot and only passenger died in the crash last year.

# plane-crash - Wednesday 21 January, 2015

AirAsia black box records warning alarms “screaming” before crash

In the final minutes, the plane climbed at a speed which was beyond normal.

# plane-crash - Saturday 17 January, 2015

Papal volunteer dies in storm as Pope Francis visits Philippines

Bad weather forced him to cut his trip short.

# plane-crash - Tuesday 13 January, 2015

Cockpit voice recorder from crashed AirAsia plane finally retrieved from the sea

Investigators hope the black box and voice recorder will give vital answers as to what happened the aircraft.

# plane-crash - Monday 12 January, 2015

AirAsia plane ‘exploded’ as it hit the sea

Cabin pressure caused flight QZ8501 to explode as it hit the waters of the Java Sea.

# plane-crash - Saturday 3 January, 2015

A seven-year-old girl survived a plane crash that killed four people

The girl walked to the home of a local man and told him what happened.

# plane-crash - Tuesday 30 December, 2014

From Business ETC Aviation experts call for compulsory ‘real-time’ tracking of aircraft AirAsia

Aviation experts call for compulsory ‘real-time’ tracking of aircraft

Experts say while real-time tracking technology will not save lives, but will significantly streamline search efforts.

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