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Comment #5949539 by Eoin Scolard

Eoin Scolard Mar 6th 2017, 4:09 PM #

This poem (below) was birthed through me when the Tuam babies case first came into my consciousness – I felt ( and still feel) very strong emotions about this and all the other atrocities carried out in the name of the Catholic Church.
Better to be angry than apathetic. Better to be passionate about truth than pretending it never happened. It did happen. May we learn that all belief systems are not LOVE. They’re just belief systems. Love is beyond religion. It’s not in your head.

THE 800

Slow-punctured by their starched abusing beliefs,
they delivered scud missiles of judgement and shame
straight to the heart of the innocent children,
grateful to find some sinners to blame

No-one heard the chainsaws dry-screeching,
the root-tearing screams of 800 in flight
their spirits were banished to wither and suffer
their sad, stunted beauty never seeing the light.

Our fingers accuse the Gods of collusion
stabbing our pain at the darkening sky,
“you brainwashed us senseless in white-collared churches”
How could we simply have lived while they died ?

The secret stayed simmering in compacted cloisters
housed in dark habits as the silent years came
Reclusive and rampant and self-flagellating
Guilt and pain were the black and white game.

Take my body – and they did that easy
taste my blood – and they drank it with glee
the religious orgy of “Repent and Be Saved”
on your knees, be humble, pretend, Let us Pray.

A hungry heresy began to take form
a chaotic manifestation of dormant remains
spewing and scorching the sacrificed altar
with the anger and fear of it happening again.

As the light shines on the heinous hierarchy
It’s birthing the truth of the grief and the pain
shattering the defences of the Christian illusion
tottering on years of fear-filled crusades.

May your love of the truth banish the secrets
May your beautiful body never know shame
May you know that the darkness is only an absence
May you hear the Divine whisper your name.

© Eoin Scolard

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