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# rcsi - Wednesday 22 March, 2017

Older people ending up in hospital due to inappropriate prescriptions

People over the age of 65 are particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of medicine.

# rcsi - Friday 3 March, 2017

'Epidemics' of TB and pneumonia could hit Ireland due to antibiotic resistance Superbugs This post contains videos

'Epidemics' of TB and pneumonia could hit Ireland due to antibiotic resistance

Misuse and overuse of medication will “almost certainly lead to a health crisis”, it has been warned.

# rcsi - Wednesday 22 February, 2017

From The42 'I love the game': The Saudi Arabian goalkeeper who starred at the Sigerson Cup weekend Growth Of Gaa This post contains videos

'I love the game': The Saudi Arabian goalkeeper who starred at the Sigerson Cup weekend

RCSI’s Ahmed Alsarrif has a newfound love for gaelic football.

# rcsi - Thursday 9 February, 2017

Study on ancestry of Irish Travellers details genetic connection to settled community

The research comes as the Irish State is expected to formally recognise Travellers as an ethnic group.

# rcsi - Monday 31 October, 2016

Irish children's first dentist visit is years too late, says RCSI

“Research has shown that fixing decayed first teeth results in better sleep patterns for children and better performance in schools.”

# rcsi - Thursday 17 December, 2015

‘There is always the chance of not waking up after a seizure’

Irish-led research could lead to a breakthrough in treatment for people with epilepsy.

# rcsi - Monday 6 April, 2015

Over 300 people donated their bodies to medical science from 2012 – 2014

There are five medical schools who take donations in Ireland.

# rcsi - Monday 26 January, 2015

From The42 Senator Catherine Noone now backing MMA to be recognised by Irish Sports Council Support

Senator Catherine Noone now backing MMA to be recognised by Irish Sports Council

The Fine Gael senator was speaking at an injury prevention event at the Royal College of Surgeons over the weekend.

# rcsi - Friday 31 October, 2014

Irish dentists say your kids’ teeth will decay if we remove fluoride from water

A meeting yesterday heard that dental surgeries are “brimming with children under seven who are already showing signs of irreparable tooth decay

# rcsi - Saturday 13 September, 2014

Science Changes Lives: Medical trial is saving me from illness that took my two sisters

A genetic test pinpointed a destructive lung condition in Michael McNamee’s family – now experimental medicine is helping him to beat the odds.

# rcsi - Wednesday 16 July, 2014

14% of older Irish people prescribed ‘inappropriate’ drugs

One of the most frequently inappropriately prescribed drugs was aspirin – given to those with no history of brain or heart problems.

# rcsi - Friday 11 July, 2014

Ireland donates virtual reality technology to train surgeons in Africa

The new mobile surgical training unit simulators and can be used by up to ten trainees at any one time.

# rcsi - Monday 16 June, 2014

New drug is “a complete paradigm shift” in cancer treatment

Nine Irish people have been treated with Ibrutinib thus far.

# rcsi - Sunday 6 April, 2014

Half of stroke patients suffer depression or anxiety and most don’t get help

The Irish Heart Foundation is urging speedy action from health authorities to ensure services focus on psychological as well as physical recovery.

# rcsi - Saturday 22 March, 2014

Sunlight can make this dirty water clean…and save lives

Today is World Water Day…but clean tap water is a pipe dream for 780 million people across the globe.

# rcsi - Saturday 1 February, 2014

Aaron McKenna: Why do the Irish courts not care about women?

Our courts seem to have affected an uncaring view towards violent and sexual crimes against women – allowing offenders to escape jail sentences by simply giving their victims a payoff. It is horrific and unacceptable.

# rcsi - Wednesday 29 January, 2014

Irish hospitals using maggots, honey and silver to cure wounds

Silver can help clean the bacteria out of a wound and, believe it or not, maggots will make it smell better.

# rcsi - Friday 24 January, 2014

Women’s Aid accepts donation from man who beat up girlfriend

Women’s Aid say the €5,000 will be used to cover legal fees for women who are unable to pay themselves.

# rcsi - Thursday 10 October, 2013

One in five young people is experiencing a mental disorder – RCSI

‘The Mental Health Of Young People in Ireland’ report also raised concerns about levels of drug and alcohol abuse among young adults.

# rcsi - Thursday 11 July, 2013

Bullying in childhood can lead to psychotic experiences, new study shows

The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland has published a report linking childhood trauma to psychotic symptoms like ‘hearing voices’.

# rcsi - Monday 1 July, 2013

Good news, women: RCSI finds oestrogen cuts risk of liver and heart disease

The team said their research may help to develop new drugs to prevent liver and heart disease in women.

# rcsi - Monday 8 April, 2013

Gum disease sufferers at risk of diabetes and heart disease

Gum disease affects four out of five people in Ireland and the level of gum disease worsens as we get older.

# rcsi - Tuesday 5 March, 2013

Breakthrough in understanding how cancer cells ‘hijack’ and spread

A new research study is investigating how cancer cells spread around the body.

# rcsi - Saturday 19 January, 2013

Research could predict how bowel cancer patients react to chemo

Scientists at the RSCI and Beaumont Hospital develop a method that could avert chemotherapy if it won’t work.

# rcsi - Sunday 15 July, 2012

Column: I was convicted for treating protesters. Now I face arrest any time.

Irish-trained doctor Ghassan Dhaif, who aided the injured in Bahrain’s Arab Spring, on why the Government must do more to help medics like him.

# rcsi - Thursday 24 May, 2012

Why do females fare worse than males with cystic fibrosis?

A new study from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland shows that the female hormone oestrogen has a role to play in this.

# rcsi - Thursday 12 April, 2012

One-fifth of young adolescents hear voices, study reveals

Hallucinations reported by 11 to 13-year-olds in Dublin ranged from isolated sentences to full conversations.

# rcsi - Friday 9 December, 2011

Ireland develops world’s first 3D surface anatomy guide 3D

Ireland develops world’s first 3D surface anatomy guide

A team of artists, anatomists and engineers have proven that 3D is not just useful for blockbuster movies – it can stand in for “live models” too.