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'Politicians can't agree about 10 people - so another 490 injured through no fault of their own get nothing'

The political impasse in Northern Ireland leaves those injured in the Troubles in legislative limbo, writes Dennis Godfrey.

Ditch the diet: 'Your plan for 2018 should be not to make grand plans'

Concentrate on making small steps and you are less likely to become overwhelmed and throw in the towel, writes nutritionist Ciara Wright.

Opinion: Women of Ireland, 2018 will be our year

Women’s voices are vibrant, we are energised and engaged, writes Orla O’Connor.

Caring at Christmas: '24: The number of hours I work per day'

When it comes to numbers, the number attached to my age isn’t important. There are, however, some numbers that are very important to me, writes Tracy McGinnis.

'An attack is a distinct possibility in Ireland in 2018 - our security is provocatively weak'

In terms of asymmetric threats and terrorism, the outlook is bleak, writes Tom Clonan.

Lonely this Christmas?: Being single in a room full of couples is the worst

It might sound a little fluffy, but loneliness kills more older people than cancer does, writes Rena Maycock.

Spanish flu centenary: 'We're overdue another influenza pandemic'

And there won’t be enough vaccines or anti-viral drugs to go around, writes Dr Tim Hinchey.

Christmas with depression: 'I know I should be happy, but I can't help it. I really can't'

When my depression was at its worst, I used to dread Christmas, writes Abigail McDonnell.

'Some scoff at his use of social media and attire but 'brand Leo' is resonating with us'

The big questions is: can the present government last another year, writes Larry Donnelly.

Column: How to cope with toxic family members during Christmas

Christmas can be a time of great dread when families are dysfunctional, writes Karl Melvin.

Mysterious ways: 'Dad dies. I get cancer. That isn't a mysterious way. It's a double-whammy'

If my father had any heavenly control he would surely have arranged for me to win the Lotto, writes Peter Gunning.

Knock's Fr Richard Gibbons: 'Christmas is the antidote to humbug, despair and hopelessness'

Christmas is Christianity at its best, it’s the carols and the stories behind them, it’s the cribs, the community at prayer, writes Fr Richard Gibbons.

Column: 'I'm facing my second Christmas without my partner, Patric'

Grief doesn’t define who I am but it’s shaped the person I’ve become, writes Jenny Gilleece.

Separated father: 'I will spend Christmas on my own, not seeing my children'

As my legal team told me at the time of the separation, this is what I signed up for when I got married. Unfortunately nobody told me that before I signed the marriage register.

My 2017 GIY report: 'Aubergines – F. Great plants, no fruit. Must do better'

This is an exercise in self-flagellation if ever there was one but here’s my report for this year’s GIYing, writes Michael Kelly.

Christmas as a Muslim: 'My mom was always careful that we'd never feel left out'

I’ve always loved Christmas, as much as a Muslim can, writes Meriem Ahmed.

'Increased access to "comfort foods" during Christmas sent my eating disorder into overload'

I’d consider myself recovered from my eating disorder, but with Christmas almost here I’m getting anxious, writes Jodie Kenny.

Previewing Ireland’s economy in 2018: It’s gonna get better, before it gets worse

Brexit, US tax changes, ECB interest rate rises or the fallout from an overheating economy are not expected to weigh heavily on Ireland in 2018, writes Victor Duggan.

Column: 'I never give anything to anyone for Christmas and I don't expect junk in return'

Every year I have to go through the charade of experiencing the magic of Christmas, writes Barry Purcell.

Magdalene memorial: 'I grew up in the shadow of that laundry'

If we are truly committed to remembering those darkest parts of our history, then we should preserve the Sean McDermott Street building as a living monument, writes Gary Gannon.

'Ownership rights make it difficult to tackle neglect and disrepair in the private sector'

More than 10% of the 43,000 homes in central Dublin were empty on Census night 2016, writes Neasa Hourigan.

Opinion: Why is the Irish driving test so hard and so expensive?

The driving test is not really a test of your ability to drive safely; it’s a test of your ability to drive flawlessly for one session, writes Barry Dunning.

Civil servants: 'Men are twice as likely to occupy senior positions as women'

Achieving gender equity has to be underpinned by a greater openness to real flexibility across grades and departments, writes Selina McCoy.

'Why I gave 26-year-old Syrian refugee, Wassim, a room in my home'

“The only difference between them and us is luck and it is, it’s just luck. It could have been me.”

Jackeen: 'A fellow who does very little for a living, and wants to do less'

The term ‘Jackeen’ is levelled against Dubliners, primarily in a sporting context and very much in jest. Read about it and more in Come Here To Me! Volume 2, a book celebrating an unexplored Dublin.

Column: Naughty or nice? The science of Santa Claus

There is now a small but burgeoning school of literature discussing Santa Claus and his impact on our lives, writes Keith Gaynor.

'We underestimate the relief people feel when they get a mental illness diagnosis'

This Christmas, whatever label you’re wearing, wear it proudly, writes Grace Vaughan.

Gardening column: How to keep hens

A handful of laying hens are a viable proposition for most people, and they will repay you with wonderful, fresh food all year around, writes grower Michael Kelly.

Gender based violence: 'Our outrage cannot be confined to Hollywood'

From sexual harassment and early marriage to the most extreme forms sexual violence, it is most prevalent in the poorer, more volatile parts of the world, writes Dominic MacSorley.

'Brussels spends our money on pet projects for which it has no mandate'

Lack of engagement with citizens undermines the positive work of the EU, writes Malcolm Byrne.

Ireland's food security: 'It's said that modern civilisation is three meals deep'

Ireland is extremely vulnerable to external shocks in the food chain, writes Mícheál Callaghan.

€6.5 million apartments: 'These aren't the types of homes we need'

The sale of a €6.5 million apartment in Ballsbridge makes good headlines, but is symbolic of the growing divide in Irish society, writes Senator Kevin Humphries.

'Snobbery and hypocrisy when some people in the 26 counties talk about 'The North''

It’s all well and good commenting from the sidelines when people in the Republic have had the liberty to move on, writes James Cumiskey.

'Maybe we should slosh our way through the forty days before Easter too'

It should go without saying that it is a very, very bad idea to knock back twelve drinks in a row, writes Eunan McKinney.

Brittle bones: 'It means that my bones break easily and I cannot walk very far'

Ratifying the UNCRPD is incredibly important for people like me, writes Amy Hassett.

Column: Celebrities shouldn't peddle misinformation about mental health

The reality is that the public and even policy makers often get their ideas from the media, writes Amy Plant.

Psychological abuse: 'He would criticise me, humiliate me and question my stability'

I’m glad that the offense of ‘coercive control’ is to be included in the Domestic Violence Bill 2017, writes Patricia Tsouros.

Life with MS: 'Not only was I now disabled, I was a disabled bride'

Despite the uncertainty of MS, I’m honestly happier than I’ve ever been, writes Rosie McCormack.

Supermarket promotions: 'Down the road there is a ruinous cost to cheap food'

As you tuck into Christmas dinner, spare a thought for the Brussels sprout grower, writes Michael Kelly.

'Like the Trump White House, we don't have an independent scientific adviser'

All advanced societies recognise research, innovation and the pursuit of knowledge as being important, writes James Lawless TD.

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