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# russia - Today’s News


# russia - Saturday 26 April, 2014

G7 leaders to impose further sanctions on Russia over escalating Ukraine crisis

The sanctions could be imposed as early as Monday.

# russia - Friday 25 April, 2014

Russia is trying to trigger World War III – Kiev

The developments prompted German Chancellor Angela Merkel to call Russian President Vladimir Putin to voice “great concern”.

Obama confirms that if Putin was drowning, he would probably jump in to save him

“If anybody is out there drowning, I would save them. I used to be a pretty good swimmer, I grew up in Hawaii.”

Russian military exercises on Ukraine border could be ‘expensive mistake’

US Secretary of State John Kerry warned refusal to take steps to end the crisis would be costly for Russia.

# russia - Thursday 24 April, 2014

Invasion fears rise as Russia accuses Kiev of ‘crimes against its own people’

Vladimir Putin has warned of “consequences” to the military action.

Looking to invest in a Soviet-era space capsule? Yours for a cool €1.4 million

The capsule has been extensively restored to remove all trace of the searing burn marks it picked up on re-entry to Earth’s atmosphere.

# russia - Wednesday 23 April, 2014

Putin’s face appears on coin marking Crimea’s annexation

The price for a palm-sized silver coin is yet to be set.

Ukraine revives offensive against rebels while US sends ‘reassuring’ troops

Pro-Moscow insurgents are also currently holding two journalists.

‘A ticking timebomb’: contamination shield at Chernobyl delayed due to Ukrainian crisis

Adi Roche said that a large amount of “highly unstable” radioactive material was still present at the site of the 1986 disaster.

# russia - Tuesday 22 April, 2014

From The Score Four more years! Capello will call it quits after 2018 World Cup Fabio

Four more years! Capello will call it quits after 2018 World Cup

The Italian also says the quarter-finals are the minimum requirement for his team this Summer in Brazil.

# russia - Monday 21 April, 2014

Russian dashcam captures meteorite falling to earth Look To The Skies This post contains videos

Russian dashcam captures meteorite falling to earth

The Russian meteor is not as bright as last year’s.

Russia accuses Ukraine of violating peace deal

US President Barack Obama had warned Russia that it would face additional sanctions if progress was not made within days.

# russia - Sunday 20 April, 2014

Russian ambassador on Ukraine: ‘If my grandma had a beard, she would have been my grandpa’

Maxim Peshkov said that his country has received no calls from eastern regions to allow them to join the Russian Fedration.

Four militants dead in Ukrainian night fight despite ‘Easter truce’

An accord struck on Thursday by Ukraine, Russia, the United States and the European Union has also been widely ignored.

# russia - Saturday 19 April, 2014

Pressure of further US sanctions prompts Russia to flex military muscle

It has thousands of troops along the border with Ukraine, ready to act, it says.

# russia - Wednesday 16 April, 2014

From The Daily Edge This video of a ‘ghost car’ appearing from nowhere will blow your mind Spooky

This video of a ‘ghost car’ appearing from nowhere will blow your mind

Do de doo, turning this corn- AAAAAGH!

Unmarked armoured vehicles carrying Russian flags spotted as Ukraine increases military action

Both sides are upping the ante as talks planned for tomorrow.

# russia - Tuesday 15 April, 2014

Ukrainian leader says Russia wants to set southeast ‘on fire’

Turchynov spoke of his “full-scale anti-terrorist operation” that aims to dislodge pro-Russian gunmen from their positions.

# russia - Monday 14 April, 2014

Gilmore: Not viable to export wind energy to Britain… right now

He was hesitant to state whether Ireland would support sending an EU security force to Ukraine.

Russia accuses West of “off the scale” hypocrisy over Ukraine

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s interim president says he supports a ref

EU to ‘take stock’ of its relationship with Russia in Ukraine crisis talks

Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore will travel to Luxembourg to attend the meeting.

# russia - Sunday 13 April, 2014

UN to hold midnight meeting as violence in east Ukraine rapidly escalates

Ukraine’s acting president has accused Russia of waging war in the country’s east.

At least two dead in firefight between Pro-Russian gunmen and Ukrainian special forces

Heavily armed separatist militants launched a series of attacks on police headquarters yesterday and Ukrainian forces fought back today.

# russia - Saturday 12 April, 2014

The situation in eastern Ukraine is continuing to escalate

Gunman have seized a police station, a security building, and hundreds of weapons.

More than half of the world’s cancer victims live in India, Russia or China

How are the three countries dealing with the disease?

# russia - Thursday 10 April, 2014

EU gas shortage concerns, as Putin threatens to cut-off Ukraine’s supply

Nearly a third of the EU’s natural gas comes from Russia, and about 13 per cent transits through Ukraine.

# russia - Wednesday 9 April, 2014

From The Daily Edge 1994 Wexford car spotted in Moscow… today Moscow Town

# russia - Tuesday 8 April, 2014

Ukraine could ‘unleash civil war’ if it steps in against militants in eastern cities

Russia has accused Ukraine of sending ultra-nationalist Pravy Sektor militants to these areas.

# russia - Monday 7 April, 2014

Russia ‘trying to dismember Ukraine’ by plotting government building takeovers

Thousands of irate pro-Russian activists broke through police lines yesterday and occupied the administration buildings in two big industrial cities.

# russia - Tuesday 1 April, 2014

Are Russian troops withdrawing from the Ukrainian border? Not as far as NATO can see

Ukraine reported yesterday that troops had started leaving the area.

# russia - Monday 31 March, 2014

Ukraine crisis: Putin orders ‘partial’ troop pullout

The development follows a hastily arranged summit in Paris between John Kerry and the Russian Foreign Minister.

Column: A divided EU will embolden Putin

The lack of consensus amongst EU member states over the annexation of Crimea will prove costly for the EU, writes David Moloney.

# russia - Sunday 30 March, 2014

Kerry and Lavrov hold talks as Russia vows no Ukraine invasion

The impromptu meeting will be held in Paris.

# russia - Saturday 29 March, 2014

While most clocks move forward one hour tonight, Crimea will jump TWO hours

Crimea will be moving to Moscow time by setting their clocks forward by two hours tonight.

The 9 at 9: Saturday

It’s finally the weekend – and here’s everything you need to know as we start the day.

# russia - Friday 28 March, 2014

From The Daily Edge What is Vladimir Putin doing in Portarlington? Very Important Putin

What is Vladimir Putin doing in Portarlington?

You wouldn’t want to steal this lad’s seat.

# russia - Thursday 27 March, 2014

Column: ‘With a few surviving classmates, I stepped carefully over the dead and dying’

As a 13-year old schoolgirl, Setsuko Thurlow became a survivor of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. Her harrowing testimony is a continuing reminder of the importance of nuclear disarmament, writes Jamie Walsh.

From The Daily Edge Ukraine’s dolphin army has joined the Russian Navy Flippin' Hell

Ukraine’s dolphin army has joined the Russian Navy

The combat dolphin unit is based in Crimea.

# russia - Tuesday 25 March, 2014

Ukraine far-right leader shot dead in gunfight with police

Oleksandr Muzytchko, better known as “Sashko Bilyi”, died after a gun battle with Ukrainian elite police.