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#Self Harm

# self-harm - Sunday 11 February, 2018

Call for special taskforce to Tallaght area after concerns about suicide deaths

Sinn Féin’s Sean Crowe says access to mental health care is ‘missing or thin on the ground’ in his constituency.

# self-harm - Saturday 23 December, 2017

From zero funding to a thriving New York branch: Joan Freeman's Pieta House journey

In 2006, Freeman put her house up as collateral to fund Pieta House. Now, she’s just launched a New York branch.

# self-harm - Tuesday 5 December, 2017

Tragic suicide of young girl shines light on issue of self-harm in children

Self-harm is being seen to begin at a younger age, said an Irish psychotherapist.

# self-harm - Saturday 4 November, 2017

'I idolised him': Aisling Bea writes powerful article about her father's suicide

“I had been told how he adored me, how I was funny, just like him.”

# self-harm - Thursday 19 October, 2017

No public health policy has 'been designed with the homeless population specifically in mind'

A new study has shown increases in the number of homeless people dying from drug and/or alcohol abuse and on methadone.

# self-harm - Friday 16 June, 2017

Plight of teenager left 'lying in hospital' for weeks brought to High Court Exclusive

There is no suitable placement for the teenager, who has a history of self harm.

# self-harm - Monday 5 June, 2017

Kerry has one of Ireland's highest rates of suicide - will the government's 'action plan' help?

The outgoing Kerry coroner is critical of the government’s new plan to reduce suicides in Kerry.

# self-harm - Monday 29 May, 2017

Public holidays are the busiest time for self-harm cases in Ireland

An average of 32 incidents of self-harm cases were presented in hospitals on public holidays.

# self-harm - Saturday 6 May, 2017

In photos: Over 150,000 people at 150 locations take part in Darkness into Light

The symbolic walk into the light is aimed at encouraging people to talk about suicide and mental health issues.

# self-harm - Monday 1 May, 2017

Column: 'I became labelled as my mental illness. I was ridiculed and excluded'

Mental health issues are still not really understood by our society, writes Siobhán Brady.

# self-harm - Sunday 30 April, 2017

'Darkness Into Light allows us to talk about the wound left by suicide' Pieta House This post contains videos

'Darkness Into Light allows us to talk about the wound left by suicide'

Senator Joan Freeman talks to us about mental health services and being ‘a pain in the government’s neck’.

# self-harm - Wednesday 5 April, 2017

'Nobody’s ashamed to say they broke their leg, but there’s still a shame linked to mental illness'

Pieta House’s Resilience Academy aims to help young people deal with mental health issues.

# self-harm - Tuesday 7 February, 2017

The number of people self-harming in Ireland is continuing to rise

A conference will be held next month to raise awareness of how to tackle self-harm.

# self-harm - Saturday 26 November, 2016

'Improv can tell us a lot about ourselves, it's very liberating'

There’s a greater vulnerability associated with improv than other forms of performance, Neil Curran explains why that doesn’t have to be scary.

# self-harm - Saturday 10 September, 2016

Pieta House teams up with farming group to highlight suicide among men in rural areas

Pieta House and the IFA are running a phoneline and counselling service.

# self-harm - Saturday 7 May, 2016

Darkness Into Light: 120,000 people take part in annual suicide prevention event Before Sunrise This post contains videos

Darkness Into Light: 120,000 people take part in annual suicide prevention event

All over the country (and overseas too) people got up ridiculously early to run for Pieta House.

# self-harm - Thursday 21 January, 2016

WATCH: Bressie gives impassioned speech about the 'epidemic of this generation' Suicide This post contains videos

WATCH: Bressie gives impassioned speech about the 'epidemic of this generation'

“We simply cannot ignore this anymore. We have to be honest and ask ourselves, ‘Truly are we doing enough?’”

# self-harm - Monday 12 October, 2015

Do these Topshop 'gold scar' tattoos glamorise self-harm? Criticism This post contains a poll

Do these Topshop 'gold scar' tattoos glamorise self-harm?

The “statement scar designs” have been criticised for appearing to make a fashion statement of self-harm.

# self-harm - Thursday 17 September, 2015

Mother tells inquest that son who overdosed 'should never have been let out of hospital'

Glen Murphy McNally died days after discharging himself. An open verdict was returned at the inquest.

# self-harm - Friday 28 August, 2015

Goth kids could be more at risk of depression and self-harm

But not necessarily because they are goths.

# self-harm - Wednesday 22 July, 2015

13 people using mental health services in Carlow, Kilkenny and Tipperary took their own lives

The state’s mental health watchdog has found training for mental health service providers was inadequate.

# self-harm - Wednesday 24 June, 2015

'Just by being there for a friend, we can keep life itself'

The government wants to reduce suicide and self-harm by 10% over the next five years.

# self-harm - Tuesday 7 April, 2015

Teachers are being trained to spot the ‘warning signs’ of suicide

The model has been compared to learning CPR.

# self-harm - Tuesday 10 March, 2015

96FM apologises for claiming minister used teenager's death for publicity Donal Walsh This post contains videos

96FM apologises for claiming minister used teenager's death for publicity

Kathleen Lynch has been paid undisclosed damages.

# self-harm - Wednesday 14 January, 2015

Opinion: Postnatal depression filled me with an all-consuming, terrifying and explosive rage

When you think of ‘depression’, feelings of sadness and anxiety might come to mind – but anger is powerful (often overlooked) emotion.

# self-harm - Tuesday 30 December, 2014

There's a growing pro self-harm movement and it's worrying mental health experts

It is estimated that at least 100,000 people are self-harming in Ireland every year.

# self-harm - Thursday 4 December, 2014

The King Nidge runners have been donated to charity… but they could be yours

Pieta House are now in possession of the coveted shoes, and are running a text-to-win competition.

# self-harm - Thursday 9 October, 2014

Over 11,000 people ended up in hospital last year after self-harming

Ireland has the 4th highest rate of suicide among 15-19 year olds in the EU.

Conor Cusack to talk about sport, suicide, and how ‘it’s not always about winning’

The conference is to take place this morning in Westport.

# self-harm - Saturday 21 June, 2014

'I stopped self-harming, the thoughts of suicide are gone and I don't judge myself'

There is a breakthrough therapy helping Ireland to tackle the high incidence of suicide and self harm.

# self-harm - Thursday 19 June, 2014

'One suicide within prison is too many'

The Irish Institute of Naturopathic Medicine is calling on the government to support its pilot programme to help reduce suicide in prisons.

# self-harm - Friday 21 March, 2014

From The Daily Edge Eoghan McDermott posts moving video about his own self-harm experience Moving

Eoghan McDermott posts moving video about his own self-harm experience

McDermott was speaking after helping to launch Pieta House’s Darkness Into Light charity run.

# self-harm - Friday 7 March, 2014

Up to 560 suicides linked to the recession

That’s according to a report on suicide prevention that will be presented to the Dáil committee next week.

# self-harm - Monday 16 December, 2013

UK study reveals that one in four female prisoners self-harm

That makes women prisoners four times more like to self-harm than their male counterparts.

# self-harm - Wednesday 11 December, 2013

Teenagers whose friends self-harm are more likely to self-harm

Drug use by friends, low self-esteem, and higher levels of anxiety are all associated with self-harm in teenagers.

# self-harm - Wednesday 20 November, 2013

Children hospitalised after self-harming is on the increase

The HSE has said that 960 children aged 10 to 17 years presented to hospital last year with self-harm injuries.

# self-harm - Thursday 5 September, 2013

Here’s What Happened Today: Thursday

Everyone’s talking about two reports into suicide in Ireland, a major crash on a motorway, and the Dublin mayor who’s giving himself a pay cut…

# self-harm - Thursday 25 July, 2013

"A 12-year-old Traveller boy attempted suicide because he was being bullied at school"

Two new leaflets aimed at tackling self harm, suicide and bullying among Travellers have been launched in response to figures that show that suicide accounts for 11 per cent of Traveller deaths.

# self-harm - Wednesday 8 May, 2013

Over 2,700 people sought help from Pieta House last year

Figures show that nearly 1,000 of those who contacted the suicide and self-harm crisis centre were aged between 25 and 44.

# self-harm - Tuesday 22 January, 2013

Samaritans' SMS service reveals high levels of self-harm

The Dublin Samaritans service says one-in-three texts received in 2012 mentioned self-harm, a higher rate than calls or email.

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