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#Theresa May

# theresa-may - Monday 17 July, 2017

Theresa May seeks to root out leakers as Tony Blair says Jeremy Corbyn could be PM UK Politics This post contains videos

Theresa May seeks to root out leakers as Tony Blair says Jeremy Corbyn could be PM

May is trying to focus her party’s attention on Brexit.

# theresa-may - Thursday 13 July, 2017

From The Daily Edge People are hilariously speculating about how Theresa May managed to make Jeremy Corbyn laugh Jezza

People are hilariously speculating about how Theresa May managed to make Jeremy Corbyn laugh

His reaction would leave you to believe she’s calling another election.

# theresa-may - Tuesday 11 July, 2017

Theresa May announces inquiry into Britain's contaminated blood scandal

Thousands of patients were given blood products infected with diseases.

# theresa-may - Monday 10 July, 2017

Theresa May is now asking Labour for ideas as bad news piles up for the British PM

Her party is trailing in the polls and party members are saying she is ‘dead in the water’.

# theresa-may - Monday 3 July, 2017

Protesters on high alert amid reports Trump planning 'sneak' visit to UK in next two weeks

Thousands protested after Theresa May invited Trump for a state visit to the UK earlier this year.

# theresa-may - Sunday 2 July, 2017

Gerry Adams asks UK to not restore direct rule from Westminster in North

The Sinn Féin leader doesn’t expect a power-sharing deal to be reached in Northern Ireland by tomorrow.

# theresa-may - Tuesday 27 June, 2017

Trump congratulates Leo on leadership victory (after the US president was 'on hold' for 90 seconds)

Earlier this year, Varadkar said he wouldn’t be keen on Trump visiting Ireland.

# theresa-may - Monday 26 June, 2017

Brexit: EU citizens in UK will have to join special register, but rules won't apply to Irish

The UK prime minister announced a set of proposals for EU citizens following Brexit.

DUP signs £1 billion deal to prop up Theresa May's government

Jeremy Corbyn has questioned where the money is coming from.

No mention of the Irish border in DUP's Tory deal

It does mention broadband and health spending.

# theresa-may - Saturday 24 June, 2017

'Rise, like lions after slumber': Jeremy Corbyn got a rapturous reception at Glastonbury today

The Conservatives have yet to agree a deal that will see it hold a majority with DUP support.

# theresa-may - Friday 23 June, 2017

For the first time, Jeremy Corbyn is more popular than Theresa May - poll

Just about more people think the Labour leader would make a better leader than the Prime Minister.

# theresa-may - Thursday 22 June, 2017

May says EU citizens living in the UK can stay - but without Brussels' oversight

The British Prime Minister called it a “fair and serious” offer.

'Hang on a second': Boris Johnson struggles for words in interview about Queen's Speech

Johnson was grilled on the measures the speech highlighted to tackle the UK’s “burning injustices”.

# theresa-may - Wednesday 21 June, 2017

'It was just not good enough': Theresa May apologises for reaction to Grenfell tragedy

Reports emerged that the cladding may have given off gas that contributed to some of the 79 deaths.

Queen Elizabeth might have given a subtle nod to the EU with her hat

We see what you did there.

Britain gets ready for the Queen's speech - but there's still no deal with the DUP

The speech comes in the wake of a snap election that weakened May and forced her to seek a confidence and supply agreement with the DUP.

# theresa-may - Tuesday 20 June, 2017

From The Daily Edge 11 of the quickest reactions to Leo Varadkar's Love Actually comments Leo Actually

The honeymoon's over: Leo's facing loads of challenges on his first working week on the job

It’s his first proper week as Taoiseach and he’s already facing his first scandal.

# theresa-may - Monday 19 June, 2017

Leo Varadkar on visiting 10 Downing St: 'I was reminded of that famous scene in Love Actually' Jump For My Love This post contains videos

Leo Varadkar on visiting 10 Downing St: 'I was reminded of that famous scene in Love Actually'

“It wasn’t actually filmed here so I didn’t get a chance to see the stairs,” Varadkar said.

Leo travels to London to discuss Brexit and Northern Ireland

The new Taoiseach will meet Theresa May at Downing Street today.

UK seeks deal 'like no other in history' as Brexit talks kick off

It’s been almost a year since the shock referendum result.

# theresa-may - Saturday 17 June, 2017

Met police say 58 presumed dead in Grenfell tower fire

The number of confirmed fatalities remains at 30.

# theresa-may - Thursday 15 June, 2017

These Sinn Féin MPs were at Leinster House today to demand speaking time

Separately, Gerry Adams held talks with Theresa May. The British PM also spoke by phone with Leo Varadkar.

# theresa-may - Wednesday 14 June, 2017

From The Daily Edge Theresa May did the Mexican Wave at the football, AKA the new naughtiest thing she's ever done Ya Mad Ting

It's D-Day for Theresa May as she tries to seal the deal with the DUP

Talks are continuing to form the “coalition of chaos”.

# theresa-may - Tuesday 13 June, 2017

Poll: Are you worried about how the Tory-DUP deal could affect the peace process? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: Are you worried about how the Tory-DUP deal could affect the peace process?

DUP supporters are reportedly urging the party to ask Theresa May to allow loyalist marches go through Catholic areas.

'Sensible' Tories holding secret talks with Labour to ensure a soft Brexit

Theresa May is facing pressure on all sides as she looks to form a government to lead the Brexit negotiations.

# theresa-may - Monday 12 June, 2017

'I got us into this mess, I'll get us out': Theresa May tries to unify her new Cabinet

Boris Johnson said that May gave a ‘stonking performance’ at the first meeting with her new Cabinet this evening.

Blast from the past: David Trimble claims Sinn Féin is cynically exploiting Brexit for votes

Trimble says the party is avoiding negotiations.

DUP 'a compassionate party that won't bring up abortion or gay marriage in Westminster'

The DUP is also under scrutiny for past political donations as it continues talks with the Conservatives.

# theresa-may - Sunday 11 June, 2017

Theresa May's longtime rival Michael Gove given cabinet position

Aside from Gove’s appointment, there have been few surprises in the embattled May’s reshuffle.

Kenny raises Good Friday Agreement concerns with May over DUP deal

The Government Press Office said Kenny had spoken to the British leader by phone this morning.

DUP denies it has made a deal with Theresa May

It is believed that Downing Street issued their statement by mistake.

# theresa-may - Saturday 10 June, 2017

DUP agrees principles of 'outline agreement' to support Conservatives in government

The DUP will be supporting the Conservatives on a on a confidence and supply basis.

Two of Theresa May's top advisers resign following disastrous election result

Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill announced they were stepping down this afternoon.

May to hold cabinet meeting as she tries to overcome election backfire

May was initially forecast to be on course for a landslide.

# theresa-may - Friday 9 June, 2017

Tomorrow's UK papers will make grim reading for Theresa May

There’s no let up after for the British PM.

From The Daily Edge The best memes from when Theresa May admitted the naughtiest thing that she has ever done Theresa May

British General Election: 'Being young in Britain right now is weird'

When I turned on the news this morning and saw that we had a hung parliament, I wasn’t overly surprised, writes Chloe Rennard.

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