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#young people

# young-people - Tuesday 6 February, 2018

With 'vulnerable' children contacting strangers, government launches 'internet safety resource' for schools

Most children aged between 8 and 13 own a smartphone.

# young-people - Sunday 28 January, 2018

Inside the murky world of Japan's child 'idol singers'

Concern has been raised about the age of the singers – some are as young as six.

# young-people - Wednesday 10 January, 2018

13% of secondary school students have sent a nude or semi-nude video of themselves

Males are more likely than females to engage in sexting, a new survey has found.

# young-people - Wednesday 27 December, 2017

Barack Obama warns against 'irresponsible' social media use in interview with Prince Harry

Obama was interviewed by Prince Harry, who took the role as guest editor on BBC Radio 4′s Today programme.

# young-people - Tuesday 26 December, 2017

Childline received over 1,000 calls and messages from children on Christmas Day

Some got in touch because they were worried about abuse while others simply needed company.

# young-people - Saturday 16 December, 2017

After a death, young people band together to get the best care for their diabetes

A new approach has been developed involving the young people

# young-people - Tuesday 12 September, 2017

Mindfulness in schools and less focus on points: What politicians want for Irish schoolchildren

The Oireachtas Education Committee has made a number recommendations to improve the mental health of school children.

# young-people - Wednesday 30 August, 2017

'There's a constant fear we will be attacked, intimidated or called slurs'

Seven in 10 young LGBT+ people believe schools in Ireland are not safe places.

# young-people - Sunday 20 August, 2017

Silent bids and avocados: Are house prices really out of the reach of Irish millennials?

New research shows that house prices in Ireland are much less affordable than they were 30 years ago.

# young-people - Friday 4 August, 2017

Nearly half of us wouldn't feel comfortable discussing a mental health issue at work

That is according to the results of a new survey commissioned by One4All.

# young-people - Sunday 30 July, 2017

Irresponsible or realistic: Is 13 too young for the digital age of consent?

More and more children have access to the internet, making it difficult to protect them from inappropriate content.

# young-people - Saturday 17 June, 2017

This new scheme will keep the most prolific young offenders at home and out of Oberstown

Oberstown homes the most prolific young offenders in Ireland, but this new scheme wants to keep them in their community.

# young-people - Tuesday 16 May, 2017

Road accidents are the biggest killer of young people - world study WHO

Road accidents are the biggest killer of young people - world study

Over 3,000 people aged 10-19 die every day from largely preventable causes, the report found.

# young-people - Friday 5 May, 2017

This 'must-have' toy has been banned in some UK schools and is selling out here Fidget Spinners This post contains videos

This 'must-have' toy has been banned in some UK schools and is selling out here

Irish schools may follow suit if fidget spinners result in bullying.

# young-people - Wednesday 12 April, 2017

Ireland is the first country to carry out a national LGBT youth strategy

Minister Katherine Zappone is launching an online consultation today.

# young-people - Wednesday 5 April, 2017

'Nobody’s ashamed to say they broke their leg, but there’s still a shame linked to mental illness'

Pieta House’s Resilience Academy aims to help young people deal with mental health issues.

# young-people - Wednesday 29 March, 2017

From The Daily Edge 11 reasons being a millennial is the absolute WORST Millenials

11 reasons being a millennial is the absolute WORST

Who even wants affordable healthcare and housing anyway?

# young-people - Saturday 11 February, 2017

Do Wexford's first junior councillors have the answer to mental health issues?

We asked Wexford’s first Junior Council about what they think of President Trump, the homeless crisis, and local politics.

# young-people - Thursday 12 January, 2017

The science of the Cork accent: This year's BT Young Scientist expo is already turning heads

From skateboard equations to cancer research, the BT Young Scientist continues to break records and open doors.

# young-people - Thursday 27 October, 2016

Poll: Is pornography damaging to young people? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: Is pornography damaging to young people?

The Taoiseach has called for a national conversation on the issue.

Enda Kenny thinks we need a 'national conversation about pornography'

The Taoiseach thinks that some ‘young minds are being tainted and corrupted’.

# young-people - Friday 21 October, 2016

"People always say 'yes absolutely I'll give blood' but they don't" - Why are fewer people giving blood?

First time blood donation levels have dropped by a fifth in the last decade.

# young-people - Friday 13 May, 2016

Children and teens waiting over 12 months for a mental health appointment

New stats from the HSE about the first two months of the year have shown an improvement in the area.

# young-people - Monday 11 April, 2016

# young-people - Wednesday 6 April, 2016

Open thread: Tell us about the most amazing young person you know

It’s time to encourage the next generation.

# young-people - Thursday 25 February, 2016

County by county: Here's where the extra 30,000 who registered to vote come from

Clare came out with the lowest amount of people being added at just 78.

# young-people - Tuesday 12 January, 2016

Should 16-year-olds be able to vote? One party thinks so

Fianna Fáil also wants politics to be a mandatory school subject.

# young-people - Monday 28 December, 2015

'Women need to know the truth. Fertility takes a plunge after age 35'

Men as well as women need to be educated about reproductive responsibility. We need a nationwide education campaign on fertility awareness, writes Dr John Waterstone.

# young-people - Friday 11 December, 2015

'Don’t cry, your mum’s in the room. And me? I was dying inside.'

Young people often struggle to access support following the death of a loved one.

# young-people - Saturday 10 October, 2015

# young-people - Thursday 27 August, 2015

Joanne O'Riordan wins 'outstanding young person of the world' award

She will receive the accolade at a ceremony in Japan.

# young-people - Saturday 22 August, 2015

'College is a good bit away': Ireland's brightest young minds are meeting today 20 Under 20 This post contains videos

'College is a good bit away': Ireland's brightest young minds are meeting today

The future looks pretty safe from here.

# young-people - Monday 27 July, 2015

Irish young people have this many Facebook friends

This comes as part of new research into the consumer habits of 16- to 35-year-olds.

# young-people - Sunday 19 July, 2015

Things I’ve learned from seven years as a Childline volunteer

After seven years of volunteering, I’ve learned a few things about young people that are worth sharing.

# young-people - Sunday 12 July, 2015

Ever take a 'sensitive' photo of yourself? You could be at risk of sextortion

Faceless criminals are using young peoples’ personal images to extort money from them and the FBI want it to stop.

# young-people - Friday 3 July, 2015

You're literally risking life and limb if you do this

Young people have been seen jumping from four storeys up in Dublin’s Grand Canal Dock.

# young-people - Sunday 31 May, 2015

'I received death threats and constant torture': Cyberbullying victims speak out

Young people want more regulation in the area.

# young-people - Friday 10 April, 2015

This is still a really STUPID thing to do

A group were seen jumping into the Liffey from the roof of a restaurant.

# young-people - Thursday 9 April, 2015

Sam wants to be Ireland's first transgender election candidate

A new initiative hopes to get more young people from diverse backgrounds running for office.

# young-people - Monday 30 March, 2015

Intimidation and forced stripping: St Patrick’s Institution will FINALLY close today

The facility began housing underage prisoners in the 1980s, in what was supposed to be a temporary measure.

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