Source: FSAI

Aldi recalls Skellig Bay mackerel fillets due to 'elevated levels of histamine'

Skellig Bay Mackerel Fillets, with a use by date of 30 June, have been recalled.

A BATCH OF Aldi’s mackerel fillets are being recalled because of levels of histamine that breach food safety standards.

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) issued a recall notice yesterday for Skellig Bay Mackerel Fillets (300g), with the use by date of 30 June 2017.

Histamine is a chemical that helps send messages from your body to your brain, and can cause an immediate inflammatory response if your body is attacked.

It causes your blood vessels to swell so that white blood cells can find and attack the infection or problem.

Although the affected batch is past its ‘use by date’, consumers may have this batch in their freezers (the label says it can be frozen at home).

If you have a batch of the mackerel fillets, the FSAI advises you not to eat it.

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