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# astronomy - Wednesday 27 November, 2019

Scientists have found a black hole so massive it 'should not exist in our galaxy'

The black hole is twice as big as scientists believed possible.

# astronomy - Tuesday 29 October, 2019

'Green ball of fire' - A stunning green fireball lit up the Irish sky last night Great Gig In The Sky This post contains videos

'Green ball of fire' - A stunning green fireball lit up the Irish sky last night

The brightest of the fireballs was at about 6.54 pm last night.

# astronomy - Tuesday 16 July, 2019

A 'deep' partial eclipse of the moon takes place this evening

There won’t be another one for 2 years, so Astronomy Ireland is asking people to send photos of the eclipse into them.

# astronomy - Monday 21 January, 2019

Here's how the 'super wolf blood moon' looked over Ireland early this morning

The phenomenon was the only lunar eclipse that was visible in Ireland this year.

# astronomy - Thursday 3 January, 2019

A meteor shower peaking tonight rings in the start of a busy year for stargazing

A supermoon later this month is the first of three in a row.

# astronomy - Tuesday 17 July, 2018

'Oddball' among 12 new moons discovered around Jupiter

The Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei discovered the first four of Jupiter’s moons in 1610.

# astronomy - Wednesday 16 May, 2018

Double Take: The plaque in Rathmines celebrating telescope maker Howard Grubb

In plain sight on Observatory Lane.

# astronomy - Sunday 29 April, 2018

Galaxies grow bigger and puffier as they age, new study finds

“This is the first time we’ve shown shape and age are related for all kinds of galaxies.”

# astronomy - Friday 30 March, 2018

Astronomers find the 'impossible': A galaxy without dark matter

The discovery could revise or even upend theories of how galaxies are formed.

# astronomy - Wednesday 31 January, 2018

A rare 'super blue blood moon' will be visible later - but Ireland won't experience the full effect

The spectacle will be visible in clear skies above Australia, Asia and some parts of the US and Eastern Europe.

# astronomy - Sunday 7 January, 2018

We're one step closer to understanding the 'most mysterious star in the universe'

Tabby’s Star has been inexplicably dimming and brightening sporadically like no other for years.

# astronomy - Friday 8 September, 2017

Keep watch - the Northern Lights could be on display in Ireland's skies this weekend

That’s according to Astronomy Ireland.

# astronomy - Saturday 2 September, 2017

Scientists have finally found a 'star' that was spotted by Korean astrologers nearly 600 years ago

The “star” was actually a colossal hydrogen explosion which produced a burst of light 300,000 times brighter than our Sun.

# astronomy - Monday 21 August, 2017

# astronomy - Saturday 12 August, 2017

Irish stargazers warned the moon may spoil tonight's meteor shower

The moon at at 80% illumination and could outshine some of the shooting stars as they pass through the sky.

# astronomy - Thursday 27 July, 2017

Offaly was once the centre of the world for stargazing - today it takes a giant leap back there

Ireland is to be part of a huge Europe-wide telescope.

# astronomy - Sunday 12 March, 2017

'Life is left up to you': NUIG researcher delves into her Mars simulation mission

The experiment has been compared to a desert version of the Hollywood movie The Martian.

# astronomy - Friday 10 February, 2017

Eyes to the sky: Ireland will be treated to a rare eclipse of the moon tonight

The eclipse will officially begin at 10.30 but dimming will not be visible until after 11.

# astronomy - Tuesday 31 January, 2017

The planet Venus will be getting very close to us tonight

You don’t need a telescope for this one.

# astronomy - Saturday 7 January, 2017

Take a look at one of the rarest types of galaxy there is

“Less than 0.1% of all observed galaxies are Hoag-type galaxies.”

# astronomy - Sunday 1 January, 2017

Star attractions: Here's what we'll be seeing in the skies in 2017

Saturn, Venus and shooting stars are set to feature across Irish skies in 2017.

# astronomy - Saturday 12 November, 2016

Labour of love: This time-lapse of Irish skies makes for soothing viewing

“When you go to places like Wicklow, Kerry, Galway or Mayo and you have some of the clearest skies in Europe.”

# astronomy - Tuesday 3 May, 2016

Scientists have discovered three "potentially habitable" planets

The ultracool dwarf star TRAPPIST-1 is 39 light years from earth, and orbited by three planets.

# astronomy - Tuesday 23 February, 2016

Look up - Jupiter is visible beside the moon tonight

Astronomy Ireland is advising people to go outdoors and check out the beautiful spectacle.

# astronomy - Sunday 7 February, 2016

Check out these incredible photos of the solar system Out Of This World This post contains images

Check out these incredible photos of the solar system

Simply breathtaking.

# astronomy - Monday 9 November, 2015

Did you spot the massive fireball that passed over Ireland last night?

The explosion was most likely caused by a space rock colliding with earth, Astronomy Ireland said.

# astronomy - Sunday 27 September, 2015

If you stay up late tonight you'll see the moon turn a deep blood red

It’s the last total lunar eclipse with a red shadow you’ll see for a while as the next one won’t be visible from Ireland until 2019, writes Conor Farrell.

# astronomy - Friday 25 September, 2015

You'll be able to see something rare and amazing in the sky this weekend*

*Weather permitting, OF COURSE.

# astronomy - Friday 31 July, 2015

Look up, there's a blue moon tonight*

*If you can see past the clouds, that is.

# astronomy - Wednesday 15 July, 2015

# astronomy - Monday 27 April, 2015

Did you see the massive fireball over Ireland last night?

And by any chance did you see where parts of it landed?

# astronomy - Monday 2 March, 2015

Look out the window: You'll be able to see Jupiter next to the full moon

The massive planet will be visible to the naked eye – even from brightly lit cities.

# astronomy - Monday 9 February, 2015

Is there life on Jupiter's moons? Ireland's helping to find out

A former NASA scientist will speak in Dublin tonight about the missions.

# astronomy - Monday 19 January, 2015

This fireball tore across the night sky yesterday evening? Did you see it?

A photographer in Dalkey managed to capture this amazing shot over Dublin.

# astronomy - Friday 9 January, 2015

Look up: You've two weeks to see a glowing green comet

Comet Lovejoy is paying a visit.

# astronomy - Tuesday 6 January, 2015

This is what the most Earth-like planet ever discovered looks like

It’s chance of being habitable? “Promising.”

# astronomy - Wednesday 24 December, 2014

Something very shiny in the sky tonight at 5.22pm and 6.58pm

It could be the International Space Station or it could be…

# astronomy - Sunday 21 December, 2014

Astronomers are getting ready to take the image of the century

They’re going to try to capture an image of supermassive black hole.

# astronomy - Monday 8 September, 2014

# astronomy - Saturday 23 August, 2014

Look up! We'll be able to see a cyanide-releasing green comet today

Comet Jacques will be visible in the skies over Ireland this weekend, emitting a green cyanide trail.

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