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#Bashar al-Assad

# bashar-al-assad - Friday 1 November, 2013

Israeli warplanes carry out Syrian airstrike

The attack targeted the delivery of Russian missiles with Israel worried repeatedly declaring it would intervene to stop Hezbollah receiving “game-changing” weapons.

# bashar-al-assad - Tuesday 22 October, 2013

UN warns of Syria polio outbreak after cluster of cases reported

A cluster of potential cases came to light in recent weeks. It comes as efforts continue to stage a peace conference aimed at resolving the ongoing conflict.

# bashar-al-assad - Monday 14 October, 2013

Assad: I should have won the Nobel Peace Prize

The Syrian leader made the remark “jokingly” according to a Lebanese newspaper.

# bashar-al-assad - Monday 30 September, 2013

Syria: Inspectors prepare to destroy chemical weapons

UN chemical weapons experts leave country as separate disarmament group moves in to take next step against banned arsenal.

# bashar-al-assad - Thursday 19 September, 2013

Assad will destroy chemical arms - but it'll take a year and cost $1 billion

The Syrian President made his remarks in an interview with Fox News, telling the network that Syria is not gripped by a civil war.

# bashar-al-assad - Wednesday 11 September, 2013

Obama: "I have a deeply held preference for peaceful solutions"

In an address to the nation, the US president said his country could not look away after innocent children were gassed to death in Damascus last month.

# bashar-al-assad - Monday 9 September, 2013

President Assad puts it up to US to produce evidence of chemical attack

In an interview with US network CBS, President Bashar Al-Assad said a war is not in the US interest as Russia suggests a compromise plan where Syria would hand over its chemical weapons.

‘It’s not a new photo’: Sinn Féin on picture of Chris Andrews with Bashar al-Assad

The photo of the party’s newest member was taken when the former Fianna Fáil TD visited Syria in 2009 and has re-emerged online in recent days.

# bashar-al-assad - Monday 2 September, 2013

Only regime could have carried out chemical attack, French intel report states

Intelligence officials say the 21 August attack “could only have been ordered and carried out by the regime”.

# bashar-al-assad - Sunday 1 September, 2013

John Kerry: US has evidence sarin nerve gas was used in Syria

Obama says America is ready for strike action following the chemical weapons attack that killed more than 1,400 people.

# bashar-al-assad - Friday 23 August, 2013

27 killed and over 350 wounded in Lebanon car bomb blasts

The attacks happened in the city of Tripoli. It’s reported a number of children are among the dead.

Column: Those Syrian children are dead because the world didn't try to save them

Using chemical weapons and targeting innocent civilians are war crimes. But so is silence – and every day we sit back while this slaughter continues is another day that we have facilitated the killing of innocent people, writes Maurice McQuillan.

# bashar-al-assad - Tuesday 18 June, 2013

G8 calls for urgent peace talks and a transitional government in Syria

The G8 nations pledged almost €1.1 billion in humanitarian aid for refugees inside and outside Syria.

# bashar-al-assad - Sunday 26 May, 2013

Syria Through a Lens: life of slain filmmaker and activist honoured

The one-year anniversary of the death of young journalist Bassel Shehadeh, who was killed in a shelling attack by Syrian government forces, will be marked by a worldwide commemoration of his life and work.

# bashar-al-assad - Thursday 2 May, 2013

US reconsidering whether to arm Syrian rebels as at least 50 die in Bayda

The potential rethink comes a week after the US said that they believed that chemical weapons had been used in the country.

# bashar-al-assad - Monday 29 April, 2013

Near-miss as two missiles target Russian passenger plane over Syria

159 passengers were on the NordWind Airlines plane when two land-to-air missiles exploded nearby.

# bashar-al-assad - Thursday 25 April, 2013

US believe it's likely that Syria have used chemical weapons

Obama previously said that their use would be a “grave and tragic” mistake on Assad’s behalf and that it would be a “game changer.”

Column: For women giving birth in a war zone, I was more than just a midwife

Tens of thousands have died in the ongoing, bloody conflict in Syria to date – and those who remain live under constant threat of violence. Midwife Cathy Janssens writes about trying to bring new life into the world in such unstable circumstances.

# bashar-al-assad - Tuesday 23 April, 2013

EU reveals plans to buy oil from rebel-held parts of Syria

The EU’s member states have a trade embargo against the Syrian government – but will import petrol from rebel territory.

# bashar-al-assad - Monday 22 April, 2013

EU eases Syria oil embargo in fresh help to rebels

Russia said the EU decision was “counter-productive”.

# bashar-al-assad - Thursday 11 April, 2013

Crises in Syria and Korea to dominate G8 talks in London G8

Crises in Syria and Korea to dominate G8 talks in London

Iran’s atomic ambitions, instability in north and west Africa, and climate change will also be up for discussion.

# bashar-al-assad - Monday 8 April, 2013

Ireland to give extra €1m in aid for Syrian refugees in Turkey

Today’s additional contribution brings Ireland’s total response to the humanitarian crisis in Syria to €8.15 million.

# bashar-al-assad - Saturday 6 April, 2013

Assad warns of 'instability' across region if regime falls

Assad has said the fall of his regime would cause a “domino effect” that would lead to years of instability in the Middle East.

# bashar-al-assad - Wednesday 6 March, 2013

Arab League readies to hand Syria seat to opposition

The League called for the opposition National Coalition “to form an executive body to take up Syria’s seat” and attend its summit later this month.

# bashar-al-assad - Saturday 2 March, 2013

Iran: ‘Bashar al-Assad will run for Syrian president again next year’

Iran’s foreign minister says the country officially expects Assad to remain in power for the rest of his mandate, and run again.

# bashar-al-assad - Thursday 28 February, 2013

US pledges $60 million in aid to Syrian opposition

US Secretary of State John Kerry said that president Bashar al-Assad was “out of time and must be out of power.”

# bashar-al-assad - Saturday 23 February, 2013

Navan teenager killed in Syria after joining rebels

Shamseddin Gaidan, 16, is believed to have joined the rebels after returning to his native Libya last summer.

# bashar-al-assad - Thursday 31 January, 2013

Israel strike on Syria 'unacceptable': Russia

Russia’s foreign ministry said it was “deeply concerned” by the Syrian claims and that it was taking “urgent measures” to clarify the situation.

# bashar-al-assad - Sunday 6 January, 2013

Assad appeals for dialogue to end Syria conflict

The Syrian President said he would soon give details of his plan which calls on foreign countries to stop funding the armed opposition.

# bashar-al-assad - Friday 4 January, 2013

Car bomb in Syria kills at least 11 people

Over 160 people died in violence across the country yesterday, including 72 civilians.

# bashar-al-assad - Thursday 20 December, 2012

Irish citizen who joined rebel forces killed in Syria RIP

Irish citizen who joined rebel forces killed in Syria

Hudhaifa ElSayed, who was born in Egypt, had moved to Ireland as a young boy. He left to join rebel forces in Syria a number of months ago.

# bashar-al-assad - Sunday 16 December, 2012

Syrian rebels claim capture of infantry base in Aleppo

The fall of the army installation in Syria’s largest city is the last blow to the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

# bashar-al-assad - Wednesday 12 December, 2012

Obama recognises Syrian rebels as the 'legitimate' representative of the country

The US President said Syria’s opposition is the legitimate representative of the country’s people – the most significant US intervention so far in the brutal civil war.

# bashar-al-assad - Tuesday 20 November, 2012

Syrian rebels set up independent intelligence service

Members say they will be a security shield over the ‘sons of the revolution’ – but will hunt down abusers on either side.

# bashar-al-assad - Monday 19 November, 2012

Italy formally recognises 'National Coalition' as legitimate Syrian government

Italy follows the lead of France in formally declaring that the newly-formed administration-in-waiting is a legitimate one.

# bashar-al-assad - Thursday 8 November, 2012

Syria's Assad refuses to flee: 'I'll live and die in Syria'

The beleaguered Syrian president is defiant, telling Russian TV: “I am not a puppet, I was not made by the West”.

# bashar-al-assad - Friday 26 October, 2012

Syria: 61 reported killed as truce collapses in several areas

The tenuous truce reportedly collapsed in several regions – giving an early evening death toll of 61 dead, including civilians, soldiers and rebels.

# bashar-al-assad - Friday 12 October, 2012

German foreign minister to visit Turkey for Syria talks: embassy

Germany will enter discussions on the steady deterioration of relations between Syria and Turkey, following deadly airstrikes.

# bashar-al-assad - Wednesday 10 October, 2012

Damascus rejects UN chief call for unilateral ceasefire

The foreign ministry said it had twice implemented a ceasefire – but rebels had used it as an opportunity to ” expand their armed deployment”.

# bashar-al-assad - Thursday 4 October, 2012

Turkey pounds Syria in reprisal for deadly fire

Turkey has fired on Syrian targets this morning in reprisal for deadly cross-border fire yesterday, as tensions in the region sharply escalate.