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Did you forget to put the clock back? You big eejit

What are we going to do with you?
Oct 25th 2015, 8:15 AM 14,357 27

IF YOU’RE READING this and didn’t put the time on your phone or watch back by an hour last night – here’s what you need to know:

  • Winter Time began at 2am in Ireland.
  • That means clocks should have been put back an hour at that time. 
  • Obviously if you didn’t you can just put them back by an hour now. 

Some phones and devices, of course, will have updated the time automatically.

So you may want to take a short walk inside and turn on Sky News just to be sure you’re sure about what time it is right now.

shutterstock_163369238 Source: Shutterstock/Concept Photo

If Eamon Holmes is on that means it’s Monday, you’ve overslept, and – let’s be honest – an hour one way or the other is the least of your problems.


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