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# cloning - Thursday 25 January, 2018

Ethical questions raised after these monkeys were cloned in China

The same technique was used to clone Dolly the Sheep.

# cloning - Tuesday 5 July, 2016

Your beloved dead family dog 'reborn'. Animal cloning is big business

At a centre in Seoul, devastated pet owners are ‘reunited’ with a twin of their deceased animal.

# cloning - Tuesday 24 November, 2015

This factory plans to clone animals on an industrial scale

It will develop animals such as pet and police dogs, racehorses, and cows.

# cloning - Tuesday 16 June, 2015

Here's how much it would cost to build a real Jurassic Park

How much for one raptor?

# cloning - Saturday 18 April, 2015

'Cloning used to be for rich Americans trying to keep their kids' favourite pony alive'

Earlier this year, Mary McCann unveiled Ireland’s first cloned show-jumping horses.

# cloning - Monday 11 August, 2014

Video: Would you eat meat from the offspring of clones?

Good sense or Frankenfood? The issue is coming up for debate again in Europe.

# cloning - Thursday 19 December, 2013

EU proposes ban on cloning farm animals and selling clone meat

A ban on all imports into the EU of cloned animals was also proposed.

# cloning - Sunday 20 October, 2013

Scientists found a fossilised mosquito full of blood, so can we finally clone dinosaurs?

While it is the first time such a find has been made, it looks unlikely that we’ll be able to make a real life Jurassic Park. Here’s why.

# cloning - Friday 12 October, 2012

Dolly the sheep cloner Keith Campbell dies at 58

The University of Nottingham says Keith Campbell – who rose to worldwide fame in 1997 – passed away last week.

# cloning - Tuesday 9 August, 2011

From The Daily Edge GALLERY: an Irish sheep worth €108,000 - and 7 other pricey pets Baaa! This post contains images

GALLERY: an Irish sheep worth €108,000 - and 7 other pricey pets

A Laois man has sold a sheep for €108,000 at a Scottish fair – so we thought we’d look at some other expensive animals.

# cloning - Tuesday 29 March, 2011

EU talks on banning food from cloned animals collapse

Despite agreement on banning food from a cloned animal, all-night negotiations to introduce legislation on the issue broke down today.

# cloning - Wednesday 4 August, 2010

THE UK’S Food Standards Agency (FSA) has said that meat from a cloned cow, which had not been subjected to safety tests, had entered the food chain last year and was probably eaten.

The FSA said that the meat from one of two bulls born in the UK from embryos harvested in the United States had entered the food chain, though authorities had managed to track and remove the meat from the other cow before it was sold.

While there were no indications that the meat was inherently unsafe, it explained that meat products produced by cloned cattle were considered ‘novel foods’ – classified similarly to genetically modified food – and that they required intensive testing under EU law before being cleared for sale.

The news comes two days after both the FSA and dairy industry insisted that no milk or meat from cloned animals had entered the food chain.

A spokesman for the RSPCA, which opposes animal cloning, said: “Some unsuspecting person has eaten this meat. And we just don’t know whether it is harmful for human health, but we do know there are serious welfare issues.”

The announcement marks Britain’s biggest food scare since the emergence of variant CJD, a fatal brain disease contracted by eating meat from cows with ‘Mad Cow Disease’ which had not been accurately traced.

An animal geneticist from Trinity College has previously said it would be relatively easy to track the meat from cloned cattle if the authorities so desired.