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Coronavirus brought with it misinformation on a scale not seen in Ireland before. The Journal is playing a significant role in the fight against the virus by debunking false messages being widely shared across WhatsApp and social media.


The Explainer

Lauded as one of Apple’s Best Listens of 2019, The Explainer is the news without the noise. The podcast gathers experts to explain important aspects of stories impacting Irish life to keep listeners well-informed.


news alerts

The resignation of a minister, the death of a well-known personality or severe weather warnings: The Journal’s breaking news notifications are delivered straight to phones and tablets so readers get the news they need to know immediately.


The Homeless
Postcards project

Ahead of the 2020 General Election, and as part of our coverage of the housing crisis, we ensured the views of the most vulnerable were heard as people experiencing homelessness took part in the second iteration of our postcards project.


Brexit newsletter

The paths chosen by the UK following the June 2016 referendum have been far from straightforward and our Brexit newsletter clearly (and entertainingly) explains various scenarios impacting Ireland to a large group of engaged subscribers.



With a healthy and diverse mix of debate, opinion, lifestyle and first-hand experiences, The Journal Voices section unearths important stories and expert analysis from your Ireland.


The Podcast

On 13 February 1981, 48 young people died at a nightclub in Dublin. This podcast, delving into the tragedy and the search for justice, reached #1 in the Irish charts and was described by The Guardian as "devastating and important".

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