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Taoiseach Enda Kenny sits by the fountain in Government Buildings during the launch of Daffodil Day in aid of the Irish Cancer Society.
Taoiseach Enda Kenny sits by the fountain in Government Buildings during the launch of Daffodil Day in aid of the Irish Cancer Society.
Image: lien Behal/PA Wire/Press Association Images

The Daily Fix: Friday

In today’s Fix: an appeal to consumers to stop buying medicines online; Japanese officials say a large radiation leak may have occurred at the Fukushima plant; and we show some of the best results of our caption competition.
Mar 25th 2011, 8:04 PM 1,660 2

EVERY EVENING, brings you a round-up of the day’s biggest news stories, as well as the bits and pieces you may have missed.

  • The Irish Medicines Board (IMB) has issued a strong appeal for people cease buying medicines online after more than 800,000 dosage units of illegal medicines were detained during 2010, a 66 per cent increase on the previous year. Erectile dysfunction and weight loss and drugs featured most strongly in the medicines detained. Some of the weight loss drugs were found to contain the banned substance sibutramine, which as been linked to gastrointestinal problems, heart failure, renal failure and even sudden death.
  • NATO has agreed to take over the enforcement of the no-fly zone in Libya from the USA after days of hard bargaining among its members.
  • Japanese researchers have grown sperm in a laboratory – in a step that could help cancer patients to preserve their fertility, as well as give a new insight into male reproductive problems.
  • Officials in Japan have said that there may have been a large radiation leak at the crisis-struck Fukushima power plant. Prime minister, Naoto Kan, has described the situation as “very serious”. It is believed that two of the men who were injured yesterday at the facility may have been internally exposed to radiation, the Guardian reports.
  • International attention will be focused on Ireland and Portugal in the coming weeks following a summit of EU leaders in Brussels. The results of stress tests on Irish banks, in particular, is being awaited with keen interest across the eurozone. The results of the tests are due on Thursday of next week.
  • European leaders have committed to putting their 143 reactors through the toughest security checks possible in the wake of the Japanese nuclear crisis.
  • Irish director Conor Horgan’s debut feature One Hundred Mornings is the New York Times’ critics’ pick today.
  • Bob Geldof is feeling a little left out in the cold, admitting that some people may not be fans of his music because they think: “Is he gonna rant at us about Africa?” (Altogether: “Awwwww”. )
  • In an effort to get us into the mood for the upcoming visit of Queen Elizabeth II in May, the British ambassador will host a showcase of items worn by the monarch – as well as offerings by new designers from the UK – at his residence in Sandyford next Thursday. The royal frocks might be oddly juxtaposed beside some of the other items on display however, not the least of which being the wares of “up-and-coming” male underwear design house of Olivier Gazay…
  • We know it happens to mere mortals – and some of us more than others, ahem – but it seems that even the US president can forget his keys. Barack Obama was accidentally locked out of the White House today after he returned early from a state visit to Latin America. He seemed to take it in his stride, however, and walked about whistling nonchalantly until he was let inside.
  • In the wake of the Moriarty tribunal report, (Not) Cardinal Sean Brady has issued some sage advice about how to handle a scandal. Tip one: jazz hands.
  • After coming across a rather awkward photograph of our taoiseach taken during the EU summit is Brussels, we asked users to take part in our caption competition. And we’ve picked some of the best:

Picture by: Michel Euler/AP

swimtwobirds: ‘His arm looks too short, Jesus look where his elbow is. I’m going to touch it. It’s got to be prosthetic. Jesus, I’ve got to know. He’s going to think I’m weird. The hell with it. I’m going for that elbow.’

Simon Cunnane:

IRISH INDEPENDENT: “Supreme Leader & Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, finished shaking hands with EU colleagues before everyone else, helps clean fluff from suits.
IRISH TIMES: Irish Prime Minister, Enda Kenny, meets EU colleagues in Brussels.
FARMERS JOURNAL: Kenny’s sheep herding skills have taken a back seat since elevation to Taoiseach.
THE SUN: Who’s Your Sexy Taoiseach?
DAILY MAIL: Japanese Earthquake Blamed On Irish Bailout. Kenny summoned by EU colleagues.

Leslie Neill: For feck sake guys when I said “reduced interest” I did not mean in me personally!

Hugh Carthy: Kenny: “Psst, wanna buy a bank?”

Jim Deady: “Can anyone tell me where the Greek and Portuguese delegations are. I was told to stay with them.”

The latest clumsy display has led us to wonder just how awkward our politicians are – let us not forget Brian Cowen’s inelegant wheeler-dealer vibe while talking with Gordon Brown a few years ago… cringe.

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