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Do you take all your holiday leave?

Survey claims that over half of respondents didn’t take all their annual leave days because they were too busy or under too much pressure at work.
Jan 1st 2012, 1:30 PM 5,456 18

A SURVEY CARRIED out by a travel website has concluded that 62 per cent of Irish workers do not take all their allotted holiday allowance. surveyed 180 people between 8 and 16 December and of these respondents, over half had at least two to three unusued annual leave days in a year. Over half of those who said they didn’t use up all their holiday days said they felt “resentful” of that fact.

The reasons cited for not taking all holidays was being too busy at work (38 per cent); just not getting round to it (28 per cent); accidentally being left with too many days as a result of trying to save them up (19 per cent); and 12 per cent said they were afraid to take all their holidays because of pressure at work.

Not all companies allow employees to “carry over” unused holiday days to the following year – 41 per cent of those surveyed in this research said they could, but one in four said they definitely couldn’t, leaving those days unused for good.

Did you take all the holiday days allotted to you this year?

Poll Results:

No (793)
Yes (668)
I am self-employed (111)
I am unemployed (79)

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