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#Eating Disorder

# eating-disorder - Saturday 22 February, 2020

From The42 'I don’t know how you’re even still alive' - The ex-Ireland international who lived a nightmare Resilience

'I don’t know how you’re even still alive' - The ex-Ireland international who lived a nightmare

Former player Caroline Thorpe on how football helped save her.

# eating-disorder - Tuesday 24 December, 2019

Compromise and having a 'code word': How to make Christmas easier for people with eating disorders

This time of year can be very difficult for a person with an eating disorder, but there are ways to help.

# eating-disorder - Saturday 2 November, 2019

'It takes over a person's life': How clean eating can go too far

The practice involves eating minimally processed foods that provide maximal nutritional benefits.

# eating-disorder - Thursday 19 September, 2019

Seriously ill woman with eating disorder opposes being made ward of court

Earlier this week, the High Court made orders allowing the HSE to take steps aimed at saving the woman’s life.

# eating-disorder - Tuesday 17 September, 2019

Court grants HSE order allowing it to take steps aimed at saving life of woman with eating disorder

She is described as being currently very underweight with a dangerously low Body Mass Index (BMI).

# eating-disorder - Thursday 7 June, 2018

'Serious concerns' over private treatment centre for people with anorexia

There was little evidence during inspections that the current medical, nursing, or healthcare assistant staff had eating disorder training.

# eating-disorder - Sunday 11 March, 2018

HSE says Brexit implications 'unclear' for Irish patients seeking eating disorder treatment in the UK

There are just three specialist eating disorder beds at St Vincent’s University Hospital in Dublin for the acute treatment of adults.

# eating-disorder - Friday 5 January, 2018

Hospital receives High Court order to feed 'critically ill' woman with anorexia through tube

The hospital says her life is in danger unless it is permitted to feed her via the tube.

# eating-disorder - Saturday 12 August, 2017

'Recovery is possible': A third of people seeking help for eating disorders have had one for over 10 years

Charity Bodywhys said that a large number seeking help 10 years on have never accessed any form of treatment.

# eating-disorder - Saturday 15 July, 2017

'To The Bone does not elevate disordered eating behaviours as something to aspire to'

There is no doubt that the new Netlix film will continue to generate debate, writes Barry Murphy.

# eating-disorder - Sunday 26 February, 2017

Bingeing: 'I eat until I feel sick. I don’t realise what I’ve eaten until after the binge'

Binge eating was only declared an eating disorder in May 2013 so there is still a stigma surrounding it, writes Jodie Kenny.

# eating-disorder - Thursday 22 December, 2016

Column: How to get through Christmas if you're recovering from an eating disorder

Christmas is tough if you’re struggling with food issues, writes Cora McEvoy.

# eating-disorder - Monday 3 August, 2015

'Fussy eater' kids more likely to have mental health issues

This is the case with children who display severe or moderate selected eating.

# eating-disorder - Tuesday 23 June, 2015

'I can't remember the first time I made myself sick but it quickly went from once a week to every meal.'

Alexandra Potter described her battle with bulimia after being bullied in school.

# eating-disorder - Friday 10 April, 2015

‘Having anorexia is harder than you can possibly imagine. I lived through hell.’

Pippa Newcomb writes about how an eating disorder took over her life from the age of 14.

# eating-disorder - Wednesday 1 April, 2015

'I'm desperately reaching out for help... but where can I get it?'

Despite being referred by my GP for a mental health problem, I could still have to wait for two months for specialist treatment.

# eating-disorder - Wednesday 25 March, 2015

'When I realised my thoughts were unhealthy, I retreated into myself even more'

After struggling in silence for so long, the feeling of freedom that comes from talking openly about my eating disorder is indescribable.

# eating-disorder - Sunday 22 March, 2015

Here's why Ireland doesn't need a ban on 'too thin' models

Agencies in Ireland say models smaller than a size 8 can’t get work here.

# eating-disorder - Monday 23 February, 2015

Increase in the number of men in their 20s and 30s with eating disorders

Eating Disorder Awareness Week starts today.

# eating-disorder - Tuesday 27 January, 2015

Opinion: I thought my eating disorder gave me control, but it was really controlling me

Talking to people is so important – keeping everything bottled up inside only leads to disaster.

# eating-disorder - Thursday 18 September, 2014

Opinion: Discovering my daughter had an eating disorder was a devastating experience

My naivety blinded me to the complex mental health issues that bring about eating disorders in the first place

# eating-disorder - Saturday 19 July, 2014

Opinion: The reality of mental illness doesn't fit into a sanitised sound bite

Although clearly well-intentioned, the irony is that in order to reduce perceived stigma the media has given us a palatable portrayal of mental illness.

# eating-disorder - Saturday 10 May, 2014

Opinion: I had to drop out of Gaelic football training. Why? Because I was bulimic

Alexandra Potter said she dreamed of playing for her county like her heroes Bernard Brogan and Stephen Cluxton, but Bulimia Nervosa soon took over.

# eating-disorder - Wednesday 19 March, 2014

Column: 'I was in a secret, emotionally abusive relationship with myself'

For years, my eating disorder controlled my life; no matter how thin I got, I wouldn’t be satisfied. It’s this symptom of anorexia that makes it so dangerous, writes Vicky Kavanagh.

# eating-disorder - Monday 24 February, 2014

Column: Eating disorders are not about food – they're about emotional distress

We need to understand that an eating disorder is a person’s coping mechanism, not an issue about their weight, writes Louise Dolphin.

# eating-disorder - Saturday 4 January, 2014

From The Daily Edge Singer Ke$ha seeking help with eating disorder Rehab

Singer Ke$ha seeking help with eating disorder

She entered rehab yesterday and released statement to fans.

# eating-disorder - Sunday 27 May, 2012

From The42 The Sunday Papers: some of the week's best sportswriting Well Read

The Sunday Papers: some of the week's best sportswriting

Take your time, cool off in the shade with some of our favourite articles from the past seven days.

# eating-disorder - Monday 14 November, 2011

From The42 Pocock struggles with eating disorder Unexpected

Pocock struggles with eating disorder

The Wallabies flanker has revealed the surprising extent to which obsessive anxiety about food and physical fitness have impacted his development.

# eating-disorder - Wednesday 13 July, 2011

From The Daily Edge Topshop removes controversial image of thin model from website Topshop

Topshop removes controversial image of thin model from website

The model in question has hit out at criticism about her appearance, saying that she is “naturally skinny” and is hurt that people were discussing her as if she was “not a real person”.

# eating-disorder - Thursday 30 December, 2010

Anti-anorexia model Isabelle Caro dies at 28

Isabelle Caro, who brought attention to anorexia by taking part in a controversial billboard campaign, has passed away.

# eating-disorder - Saturday 14 August, 2010

WE ALL know somebody who is a little “fussy” about their food – maybe they don’t really like fish or anything spicy. Some people are fussier again: they might not eat anything with vegetables, or fruit, or meat.

Then there are people who will only eat foods that are”safe”.

These “safe” foods tend to be the same for most extremely picky eaters; they are bland in taste, light in colour, and have a smooth texture – like potatoes, plain pasta and plain chicken.

What makes someone a fussy eater?

For those of us who have no aversions to food it can be difficult to understand why someone would refuse a perfectly good meal – because food brings us pleasure. And, even if we’re not overly fond of olives or mustard or salmon, it’s not the end of the world to pop a morsel into our mouths at a dinner party.

Being a fussy eater is more common in childhood, many children refuse to try certain foods or suddenly stop eating foods that they had previously enjoyed – sometimes for years. This could, very plausibly, be down to a child’s sensory perception being more sensitive or just a normal part of their taste development.

At best, then, being a fussy eater is seen as something that people will – and should – “grow out of”.

At worst, it’s seen as weird, rude, annoying behaviour that is willingly chosen by contrary attention-seekers.

Is it an eating disorder?

The next time you’re frantically scanning the fridge for a substitute to prawns, and quietly cursing the guest who has scuppered your dinner plans, think twice about writing off your friend as a self-indulgent noticebox.

Scientists at Duke University in North Carolina are currently putting together the first ever global registry of “picky eaters” in an attempt to get to the bottom of why some people have trouble with food. The registry, the Food F.A.D. Study (Finicky Eating in Adults), will look at a problem that some believe has been long-overlooked.

In fact, some experts feel so strongly that the problem could be a serious disorder that it is currently being considered for inclusion in the next edition of the American Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, which will be published in 2013.

If  it is approved for inclusion, fussy eating will likely be classified as a type of eating disorder. However, as the problem has nothing to do with body image, it will be distinct from conditions like anorexia nervosa or bulimia.

As with all classified, clinical mental disorders the problem of fussy eating  would need to cause significant distress and interfere with a suffer’s everyday life.

That won’t be difficult for many adult fussy eaters – some of whom are so embarrassed by their behaviour that they refuse to go to friends’ houses for dinner, feign illness or allergies to avoid eating foods that scare them, or avoid any social gatherings where food may be offered (which, when you start to think about it, is most of them).

What are researchers looking for?

As research is still ongoing, it’s unclear exactly what results the Dukes scientists will eventually produce. Perhaps they will be able to pinpoint the genetic, environmental, or social causes of a food aversion – or recommend a method of treatment.

Either way, for fussy eaters who dread socializing because for fear they will be seen as weird or rude if they refuse food, this study could at least go some way in reducing the social stigma that they experience.