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# economics - Wednesday 3 August, 2016

Brexit wounds: Ireland's strong growth 'set to slow by end of next year'

Goodbody’s chief economist Dermot O’Leary said the outlook for the Irish economy is “unusually clouded”.

# economics - Sunday 24 July, 2016

FactCheck: Is it cheaper for the State to build houses directly than to use the private sector?

FactCheck examines a big claim on one of the major issues of the day.

# economics - Thursday 17 September, 2015

# economics - Thursday 30 October, 2014

# economics - Monday 13 October, 2014

Check out the CV of the guy who just won the Nobel Prize for Economics

It’s fair to say he’s “accomplished.”

# economics - Thursday 18 September, 2014

Noonan: Economy will grow even more than we thought this year - but austerity isn't over

There’s more positive economic news out today.

# economics - Friday 15 August, 2014

Child sex abuse survivors far more likely to be disabled, poor and live alone in later life

Even when you take into account mental illness.

# economics - Thursday 24 July, 2014

From The42 The Tour de France v the Epsom Derby: how the increase in speed compares Man V Horse

The Tour de France v the Epsom Derby: how the increase in speed compares

Economist Robbie Butler has the graph paper out again.

# economics - Saturday 21 June, 2014

Electric Piketty: The economist 650 people came to see

He wrote one of the most influential books so far this century – but can he keep a room full of Dubliners awake?

The world's most famous economist thinks the property tax is unfair*

*But only if you’re in negative equity.

# economics - Friday 20 June, 2014

Ireland is split between people who have good jobs – and people who don’t

Ireland is ‘divided between people with good jobs – and those without them’, an economic expert says.

# economics - Sunday 15 June, 2014

Fine Gael say Sinn Féin's economics were 'disastrous' in France. Were they? Here are the facts...

‘Wealth tax’, ‘higher income tax rate’, Hollande tried that didn’t he? Well sort of…

# economics - Tuesday 13 May, 2014

Where does Ireland sit on the international Club Sandwich Index?

Yes, it’s a real thing.

# economics - Monday 12 May, 2014

"The crisis has exacted a huge toll on the Irish people" - President Higgins is critical of economic teaching

Higgins told the University of Chicago that economic teaching has become separated from philosophical thought.

# economics - Tuesday 15 April, 2014

Now is not the time to ease off on austerity, says new report

Investment is up, but Goodbody stockbrokers say that now is not the time to ease off on austerity.

# economics - Tuesday 4 March, 2014

This gas pipeline map shows why Ukraine crisis affects all of Europe

Apart from the obvious fear of international violence.

# economics - Sunday 23 February, 2014

Column: The discipline of economics has lost its way because of a basic misunderstanding

The relationship between ethics and economics is long-standing – we’ve just been ignoring it, writes Robert Grant.

# economics - Thursday 6 February, 2014

Anglo board usually met 8-10 times a year - but they met 33 times in 2008

The court at the Anglo trial heard how the share price of the bank dropped dramatically from more than €17 euro to less than 20 cent.

# economics - Friday 24 January, 2014

Here's what economists think is going to happen to Europe

The news is… well, mixed.

# economics - Thursday 23 January, 2014

Column: Don't be fooled, values are inescapable – in life and in economics

With the World Economic Forum under way, let’s remember that economists have powerful mathematical tools at their disposal which, like all tools, are means to ends. What those ends are depends on our values, writes Robert Grant.

# economics - Monday 20 January, 2014

European stocks mixed as Chinese economy growth slows down

Dublin, Madrid, Frankfurt and Paris all slid today, as China’s growth forecast dropped by 0.1 per cent.

# economics - Sunday 15 December, 2013

Poll: Does today's bailout exit make you feel any better? Your Say This post contains a poll

Damien Kiberd: We recover part of our sovereignty - but banks still losing their senses

The target borrower for banks is often a high net worth individual living overseas: ordinary owner-occupiers can go and whistle.

# economics - Saturday 14 December, 2013

The NTMA will play it safe and look to raise €6-10 billion on bond markets in 2014

The NTMA say that they will not “run out the door” to make a long-term bond sale.

# economics - Wednesday 11 December, 2013

Women are fighting the vicious cycle of poverty in India with one simple idea

“We used to depend entirely on our husbands for money… now we make our own decisions.”

# economics - Saturday 23 November, 2013

The most overused business words of 2013

Moving forward, we want to concept a seamless social media strategy in the cloud. YOU WHA’?

# economics - Wednesday 13 November, 2013

Column: The real problem to our economic crisis? The eurozone itself is deeply flawed.

Our shared currency system is not just preventing our ability to recover but is at the root of inevitable further looming crises, writes Mike Hall.

# economics - Saturday 9 November, 2013

China exchange hatches plan for egg futures

Chinese commodities stock exchange is literally trading in eggs since yesterday.

Gilmore: 'We were determined that Ireland would be Europe’s success story'

Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore spoke at the SDLP Conference today where he also addressed issues of peace and reconciliation in the north.

# economics - Sunday 3 November, 2013

Column: Behavioural economics holds a mirror to the human mind

Conventional economics assumes people can easily and dispassionately calculate the pros and cons of their decisions, but most of us fall somewhere between Mr Spock and Homer Simpson when it comes to logical thinking.

Poll: Should Ireland accept a post-bailout credit line, just in case? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: Should Ireland accept a post-bailout credit line, just in case?

The IMF have suggested that this kind of safety net is needed, although the Irish government is hesitant.

# economics - Tuesday 29 October, 2013

Column: Why study economics?

At the heart of economics is human behaviour; an understanding of economics therefore provides an insight into the factors that shape society and influence the success of your business or career.

# economics - Sunday 20 October, 2013

Money getting you down? A psychologist is giving free advice on how to handle stress

Psychologist Shane Martin is holding a free talk entitled “How to Cope with the Stress of Debt” this week.

# economics - Tuesday 15 October, 2013

Column: Does minimum alcohol pricing make (economic) sense?

Basic microeconomics teaches us that price controls are a bad policy decision and alcohol is no exception to the rule, writes Luke McGrath.

# economics - Monday 14 October, 2013

Nobel Prize winner reponsible for two of most important economic charts in recent decades

Robert Shiller compiles two charts and makes them free for the public – and these charts predicted the dotcom bubble and the property bubble.

# economics - Sunday 13 October, 2013

Outside Dublin: How Budget 2014 will affect us all paid a visit Cork to see what the city’s hopes and fears are ahead of this week’s budget.

# economics - Saturday 12 October, 2013

How 9 countries saw inflation evolve into hyperinflation

These crises mostly occurred after World War II, and in Latin American during the 1980s. Here’s why.

# economics - Wednesday 9 October, 2013

Column: Having a home is a basic need that's slipping beyond people's reach

A fresh and compassionate approach is needed for Budget 2014 to help thousands of families who are in danger of losing their homes, writes SR Stanislaus Kennedy.

# economics - Tuesday 8 October, 2013

Damien Kiberd: Austerity economics have us locked in Permaslump

“Families want to exit their own micro-bailouts too,” writes new columnist Damien Kiberd.

# economics - Monday 30 September, 2013

There's an incredible lack of inflation in eurozone... and the world right now

Despite the perception that central banks are pumping money frantically, inflation rate debunks this.