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#Elaine O'Hara

# elaine-ohara - Monday 24 February, 2020

Supreme Court to refer Graham Dwyer data retention appeal to the EU's Court of Justice

Chief Justice Frank Clarke said the three central questions in the case “each involve difficult issues”.

# elaine-ohara - Tuesday 20 February, 2018

Graham Dwyer objects to the way phone records were used in his murder trial

Dwyer, 45, was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Elaine O’Hara.

# elaine-ohara - Monday 19 February, 2018

Graham Dwyer's case against the State argues his phone data should not have been collected

Dwyer was convicted of the 2012 murder of Elaine O’Hara.

# elaine-ohara - Thursday 20 April, 2017

US TV recreates Graham Dwyer murder case Tv Reconstruction This post contains videos

US TV recreates Graham Dwyer murder case

Dwyer was sentenced to life for the murder of Elaine O’Hara.

# elaine-ohara - Wednesday 23 December, 2015

Graham Dwyer book banned from Arbour Hill prison

The Paul Williams title is not on the shelfs of the prison’s library due to “taste”.

# elaine-ohara - Wednesday 24 June, 2015

"I would trust him with my life" - Graham Dwyer's 'girlfriend' speaks of her love for the murderer

Victoria Andreenkova says she ‘doesn’t see him as a convicted killer’.

# elaine-ohara - Tuesday 21 April, 2015

Friends of Elaine O'Hara say "It was Elaine’s life that was put on trial, not Dwyer’s"

They described Dwyer as “a cold calculating man”.

# elaine-ohara - Monday 20 April, 2015

Graham Dwyer sentenced to life in prison

Eleven of the 12 jurors who convicted Dwyer of murder were in court to hear the sentencing.

Profile of a killer: Graham Dwyer

Graham Dwyer will appear in court today to hear his sentence.

Graham Dwyer to be sentenced to life in prison in court today

Last month, Dwyer closed his eyes and shook his head when the guilty verdict was delivered.

# elaine-ohara - Friday 3 April, 2015

Graham Dwyer highlights the danger of thinking a 'type' of person commits sexual crimes

Until we accept that we have inaccurate perceptions about what kind of person perpetrates sexual violence, it will continue.

# elaine-ohara - Sunday 29 March, 2015

'Sexual depravity and necrophilia were stuff of fiction - until Graham Dwyer'

A criminal psychologist analyses why people were so fascinated by the Elaine O’Hara murder trial.

Woman who attached 'unhealthy relationship' to Graham Dwyer trial was banned from court

It is believed that Graham Dwyer has received many letters from women in his 18 months at Cloverhill Prison.

# elaine-ohara - Saturday 28 March, 2015

Keep me a seat: People tell us why they sat through 45 days of Graham Dwyer trial

Every day crowds of people queued outside the court in order to get a seat, but why? We asked people who attended “from day one”.

How many school flags will mark 2016? It's the week in numbers

Plus: How long did Clarkson’s attack on his producer last?

"A case like no other": 197 witnesses, 320 exhibits, 45 days

Nothing was left unsaid – or unshown – at the Graham Dwyer trial for the murder of Elaine O’Hara

The Graham Dwyer trial shows why some cases should be held in seclusion

The life and death of Elaine O’Hara and the details of Graham Dwyer’s predilections flowed out of this trial, but details could have withheld until a verdict.

Graham Dwyer was looking forward to a steak dinner upon his release

The moment a man so certain of freedom on Thursday has had the door slammed on his previous middle-class life.

Jury offered professional support after distressing and disturbing Graham Dwyer trial

The seven men and five women heard 45 days of disturbing and gruesome evidence.

# elaine-ohara - Friday 27 March, 2015

Graham Dwyer: Secrets shrouded in the busy life of a father, husband and architect

We got glimpses into the man’s character and interests – both known and hidden.

The grimmest of timelines: From texts and threats to the trapping of a brutal killer

The trial of Graham Dwyer took place over two months – but his web of horror began back in 2008.

Third time lucky: Garda who found Elaine O'Hara's keys shows persistence pays off Police Work This post contains videos

Third time lucky: Garda who found Elaine O'Hara's keys shows persistence pays off

Garda James O’Donoghue says any officer would have acted the same way.

Before finding Dwyer guilty, the jury asked judge to list 'ingredients for murder'

It was the last question the jury asked of the judge before giving its verdict.

The five key locations of a deadly affair

From an anonymous suburban apartment block to a lonely, windswept reservoir – each played an important role in catching Elaine’s killer.

Elaine O'Hara's family: 'Justice has been served but we still suffer greatly'

They also hope the case will highlight the need to be careful while socialising online.

'Fantasies from a particularly sick mind': The judge's opinion of Graham Dwyer

“Obnoxious”. “Lies”. “Disturbing”. “Grotesque”. Mr Justice Tony Hunt pulled no punches on his view on Dwyer’s behaviour.

The Dwyer jury had to have 'reasonable doubt': what was that?

The judge in Graham Dwyer’s trial had plenty to say on the subject.

How long will Graham Dwyer be in prison for?

In murder trials in Ireland, there is an automatic life sentence applied on a guilty finding.

Graham Dwyer found GUILTY of the murder of Elaine O'Hara

The trial took more than two months but the jury has reached a verdict.

# elaine-ohara - Thursday 26 March, 2015

Graham Dwyer jury finish second day of deliberations

The jury asked to see a number of exhibits today as they resumed deliberations.

# elaine-ohara - Wednesday 25 March, 2015

Graham Dwyer judge has 'nasty surprise' for jury and stops clock on deliberations

The jury were called back in today as the judge said he wanted to clarify some issues.

Jury in Graham Dwyer trial asks for large maps and details of mobile phone contact

The jury will continue its deliberations today.

# elaine-ohara - Tuesday 24 March, 2015

Jury in Graham Dwyer trial begin deliberating verdict

The judge said earlier that if there is a reasonable possibility of suicide then they must acquit.

# elaine-ohara - Monday 23 March, 2015

Graham Dwyer judge: 'If you've reasonable doubt about the attribution of the phones, I think it ends there'

The jury of five women and seven men will soon have to deliberate on a verdict.

# elaine-ohara - Saturday 21 March, 2015

Graham Dwyer 'a middle-class professional with dark secrets,' court told

The judge will charge the jury on Monday.

# elaine-ohara - Friday 20 March, 2015

Graham Dwyer was a "sadistic, brutal pervert with nothing on his mind other than murder", jury told

The jury are expected to retire and make their deliberations next week.

'You will be doing the unpopular thing if you acquit Graham Dwyer', jury told

The defence admitted that the case would be perfect for an episode of CSI.

# elaine-ohara - Thursday 19 March, 2015

Graham Dwyer was 'wickedness hiding behind a mask of pity', jury told

Sean Guerin Senior Counsel for the prosecution spoke for just under three hours this afternoon.

# elaine-ohara - Wednesday 18 March, 2015

Graham Dwyer defence wraps up in just under 30 minutes

The defence called three witnesses this morning.

# elaine-ohara - Friday 13 March, 2015

Graham Dwyer trial: "I've never come across a case like this during my whole service"

The prosecution has closed its case in the murder trial.

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