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Aindrias Moynihan



Aindrias Moynihan


Fianna Fáil


Cork North-West


Full-time councillor


First co-opted onto Cork County Council in 2003, he has retained his seat in every subsequent local election. He has degrees in engineering, marketing and management from CIT and UCC and is a member of a number of local committees in Cork.

Question Time


Why should someone vote for you (in 140 characters or fewer)?

Electing me sends a clear message demanding fresh, new politics, using Ireland’s tremendous resources, while learning from the past.


What is your number one priority for your constituency?

I demand equal access quality essential services ranging from health to broadband, education to housing, and support for small business.


What one thing would you like to do in your first 100 days of the new Dáil if you are elected?

I have a plan which will keep Irish Water in permanent, public ownership without a referendum, saving the country the cost of a referendum.

Connect with the Candidate

Election 2016
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