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Richard Boyd-Barrett

Constituency: Dún Laoghaire

Richard Boyd Barrett will represent People Before Profit in the Dun Laoghaire constituency. Barrett was elected in 2009 as Councillor. He previously ran for election to the Dail unsuccessfully in 2002 and 2007.


Did you know?

Actress Sinead Cusack is Boyd Barrett's birth mother. Boyd Barrett was adopted as a baby, but has since been reunited with his birth mother. Vote
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Comments (11 Comments)

  • Michael McGrath 334 days ago #
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    The irish people would be easting grass by June if Boyd barrett was elected as he would reject the CBail Out .
    Where would we get money then to pay Health, Hospitals, Schools, Welfare, Garda , Army etc etc etc ?
    He would cause a mass exit of top professionals and experts with his plan to tax anybody earning over 100,000 by 70% .
    For God’s sake what sort of half-baked Loonie policies are those?

  • chrisboyd 333 days ago #
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    It’s pretty straightforward where we get the money. I suppose you want PAYE workers to pay for the gambling debts of international and Irish speculators and them leave the country for lack of jobs. I want to know where the head of the HSE is going to flee where he will earn more than Obama!!!
    It’s pretty simple. The people that caused this crisis should pay for it. They can go wherever they want but their cash and assets stay here. Thats assuming they aren’t also prosecuted for crimes.
    Also I get sick of idiots calling people the “loony left”. It was the majority of the left that said that this crisis would happen eventually if you kept allowing the banks to wrecklessly loan and speculate on property creating a bubble. We are also the people that said that bailing out these same people would continue to destroy the economy and working peoples lives. All the snotty economists and so called experts GOT IT WRONG and continue to do so. Yet they are still held up as if they are sages when they continue to get it wrong and harangue those of use who are calling for sanity in dealing with our economic issues.

    • Michael McGrath 330 days ago #
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      Sanity ? You’re rejecting the bail out Billions with no Plan B , and you call that Sanity? The country will run out of money for to pay the Dole , we will have hospital closures on a nationwide scale, we’ll end up with rioting in the streets far worse than was in Egypt and Tunisia, and you call that Sanity?

      Biyd Barrett is a fanatical Trotskyist , he wants this Anarchy to cut loose on Ireland’s streets , people will die in bloodbaths – he loves the idea, he smacks his lips at the thought of it all – he is insane , and he even talks and looks insane too , he could be the most dangerous man in Ireland yet !
      And he loves the idea of that, he gets off on it !

  • Michael McGrath 325 days ago #
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    Concerning Richard Boyd Barrett and his SWP :

    ” They are the real Nazis! ”

    - quoting Alderman Sean Dublin Bay Loftus , former Lord Mayor of Dublin and Independent TD fighting for Dublin Bay ( including Dunlaoghaire ! ), after Boyd Barrett and his SWP Stormtroopers had run riot in Kilkenny City weekend after weekend in opposition to a local candidate they had decclared as a ‘Fascist’ ( he was in fact an Independent Fianna Fail! ) for two months !
    Amid all the devastation caused the Kilkenny People newspaper invited Sean Loftus to comment , and he did under that heading in the newspaper on 16th June 1994 on a visit to the Marble City .
    During the fray , the former Labour TD and Ceann Comhairle Seamus Pattison, acted to have the SWP banned from the local Pattison=Boran Union Hall at Patrick Street , Kilkenny , as the SWP weekend mass leafletting and campaigning visits from Dublin degenerated to battling with old ladies and their umbrellas in the streets , the SWP felt those brollies!
    This would be a foretaste of Boyd Barrett if elected as a TD , and this is why I recall it here, it is significant of the bullying brattish side of this fella who has no respect for local democracy , or local people!!!
    The entire campaign ended in abject failure thus for Boyd Barrett and his SWP – who were not running a candidate for Kilkenny Corporation themselves! – so had no excuse for their thuggery that I witnessed.

    From that day to this they have not recuited one single member in Kilkenny and are scorned even more here than they are in the rest of Ireland, outside of Dunlaoghaire that seems to have an unexplained strange , weird, even odd attraction for this Boyd Barrett fella .

  • Michael McGrath 325 days ago #
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    GROUP OF DEATH , Dun Laoire, latest polls have , Elected:
    1. Sean Barrett FG
    2. Eamon Gilmore, Labour
    3. Mary Hanafin FF
    4. Ivana Bacik, Labour or MM O’Connor FG .

  • Michael McGrath 322 days ago #
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    A mob orator, a class warrior, a demagogue like Hitler or Stalin.

    To vote for the likes of Boyd Barrett would be jumping from the frying pan into the fire, he is a poison in Irish politics, a canker to be cut out.

    His Socialist Workers Party are the real Nazis of our age: The Nazis had the same Party title, the National Socialist Workers Party!!!

    Boyd Barrett takes over where they left off , there is no overt racism ( though there is thinly-disguised anti-semitism as Alan Shatter TD and Cllr. Richard Humphreys have charged, Sean Dublin Bay Loftus actually calling them ‘ the Real Nazis) but all the rest of the nihilistic destructive policies are there.

    They have the most negative economic and financial policies in the Western hemisphere , they stand against everyting and for nothing as they now attempt to use the crisis to get themselves elected and carve a Soviet State out of Ireland.
    Avoid Boyd Barrett and his Socialistiche Arbeiter Partei Apparatus like the plague!


  • People Before Profit 320 days ago #
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    Please ignore michael mcgrath. He is a member of a Nazi party- he sent abusive racist, homophobic material to senator David Norris and this a matter of public record. Please see Seanad debate on 30 nov 1988 on prohibition of incitement to racial, religious or national hatred bill

  • Michael McGrath 320 days ago #
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    Pay absolutely no attention to the above anonymous poster , that’s the way Boyd Barrett works!
    Here is even more damning evodence against Richard boyd barrett this timme backed up by the likes of the respected Councillor for Stillorgan, Richard Humphreys :

  • Michael McGrath 182 days ago #
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    and I hate to see Uncle Paddy with his new Digi Cam, lovely fellow though he is and all, ruin so many Irish weddings.

    Though 64 I am as fit and healthy as any man half my age – my family lives to be a hundred and more!

    300, that’s all.

    Best regards,

    Michael McGrath
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  • Michael McGrath 101 days ago #
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    Boyd Barrett is a complete flop above in the Dail. What more would you expect from a fool who believes in Nazis in ireland in 2011?
    Better look under the bed and check that there aren’t any of Boyd Barrett’s Nazis there!

    What Lunacy of the Left!