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Gerry Adams

Party: Sinn Féin
Constituency: Louth
Date of Birth: 06/10/1948

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams is hoping to win election as a representative for the Louth constituency. Until recently, Adams was a member of both the British Parliament and the Northern Ireland Assembly but resigned both seats to concentrate his efforts on winning a seat in Dáil Eireann. Adams was first elected to Westminster in 1983 and was appointed as the party's president that same year.

  • A real costed alternative for economic recovery
  • Reverse cuts to public services and social welfare introduced in Budget 2011
  • Stand up to the IMF and EU
  • Change politics and put an end to cronyism


Did you know?

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Adams declared that he expects to see a united Ireland in his lifetime - “depending, of course, on how long I live." Vote
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Comments (6 Comments)

  • Fergal Sheehy 319 days ago #
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    I think Gerry is the only politician who speaks the truth and does’nt have his head stuck up his own arse and i also believe that Sinn Féin are the only party with the people of Irelands interests at heart, Has’nt the rest of them had enough time over the years to prove they are worthy and they all failed the people, Well lets give Sinn Féin a shot at it and see how we get on,After all what have we to lose, Cowen and his side kicks done enough damage to last us a lifetime

  • Ross Perot Junior 317 days ago #
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    Where are the disappeared? A more important question this man will not be asked.

  • Adrian Martyn 316 days ago #
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    Adams’s membership of the IRA is irrelevant. He was their mouthpeice, excused all their actions and defended both mass murderers and serial killers. Witness his welcome for the Balcome Street bombers. I cannot vote for a party that only began denouncing republican terrorism in 1998, and only then because they had signed the Good Friday agreement. Neither can I understand why a convicted gun-runner and traitor to his country such as Martin Ferriss has been allowed stand for the Dail. Anyone convicted of such a serious criminal offense should not be allowed to stand as a TD. We have enough criminals as it is. We hardly need an apoligist for such criminals in the Dail.

    • Sean Cullen 311 days ago #
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      the dail is full of criminals my good man , its amazing how many irish people will slam adams sinn fein and the ira , but never a mention of british brutality torture and murder of our citizens !! but of course all the detractors live in the safety and comfort of the so called FREE STATE never having to daily face the brutality of an occuping foreign army . the sooner sinn fein takes power the better and get rid of the rot that has ruined our founding fathers dreams …

  • Phyllis Murphy 316 days ago #
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    What next? Will we have a DUP candidate…

  • Tomas McCabe 311 days ago #
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    Fair play to you Gerry. I honestly hope you can make a difference, for all our sakes.
    That said, I would be two faced if I failed to point out that we are rejecting the current establishment for refusing to tell the truth to the people. I hope you find the opportunity to come clean about your past so that we can all move forward giving you our full support.
    In relation to a united Ireland, I sincerely hope so. But let’s take it one step at a time. We can’t afford 26 counties at the moment, never mind 32!