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# extract - Tuesday 20 December, 2016

From The42 'The majority of the female population doesn’t engage in sport... Why is that?' AIM

'The majority of the female population doesn’t engage in sport... Why is that?'

In an extract from ‘Eat Sweat Play,’ Anna Kessel looks at how sport can change our lives.

From The42 The man trapped in a POW camp 2 decades after winning Olympic gold Joy To Despair

The man trapped in a POW camp 2 decades after winning Olympic gold

Scottish athlete Eric Liddell led an extraordinary life, as this extract illustrates.

# extract - Thursday 10 November, 2016

The Invisible Art: Why have Irish composers been ignored for so long?

Music critic Michael Dervan writes about his journey to discovering more Irish composers in his book The Invisible Art, which is nominated for a Bord Gáis Energy Irish Book Award.

# extract - Wednesday 9 November, 2016

A story before bedtime: 'The Cure for Too Much Feeling'

Written by Bernie McGill, this short story is taken from The Glass Shore, which is nominated in the Bord Gáis Energy Irish Book Awards.

# extract - Monday 7 November, 2016

Boomtown Rats, condoms and unemployment: Memories of Dublin in the 70s and 80s

Tim Carey writes about the 1970s and early 80s in this extract from his book, which is nominated in the Bord Gáis Energy Irish Book Awards.

# extract - Sunday 9 October, 2016

Mary O'Rourke's letter to Sheryl Sandberg: I have never believed in the glass ceiling for women

It’s not enough for women to be bright or determined – they need to have skills to make it, writes Mary O’Rourke.

# extract - Sunday 11 September, 2016

'I knew it had to happen, but the reality was that stepping away from the panel terrified me'

Cavan footballer Alan O’Mara has written a memoir about his struggles with depression. An extract from his book, The Best is Yet to Come, tells about his choice to take a break from the game.

# extract - Monday 15 August, 2016

From The42 'There was nothing to smile about here. He was in trouble and it startled me' Win Or Learn

'There was nothing to smile about here. He was in trouble and it startled me'

In an extract from his autobiography, John Kavanagh recalls Conor McGregor’s defeat to Nate Diaz.

# extract - Wednesday 11 May, 2016

'We were walking through the flats and it came up in conversation. My Dad asked if I was gay'

I got really really angry with my family when they said they wouldn’t be voting in the marriage referendum, writes Patrick Dempsey.

# extract - Sunday 27 March, 2016

This Irish rebel smuggled bomb detonators under her coat and often dressed as a boy

Margaret Skinnider played a play a key role in the struggle for independence in 1916.

# extract - Thursday 17 March, 2016

Ever wondered why Montserrat have a day off for St Patrick's Day too?

Today, Montserrat’s connection to an ‘Irish’ identity is strong but this has not always been the case.

# extract - Sunday 14 February, 2016

The Bishop and the Nightie - how Gaybo scandalised the nation

“Mr and Mrs Fox were vulgar, even coarse and suggestive … You have not been fairly treated.”

# extract - Saturday 26 December, 2015

From The42 How Germany were literally made to sweat for the 2014 World Cup EXTRACT

How Germany were literally made to sweat for the 2014 World Cup

In his latest book, Raphael Honigstein looks back on the triumph.

# extract - Wednesday 23 December, 2015

From The42 'The King Henry tag has never sat easy with me' EXTRACT

'The King Henry tag has never sat easy with me'

The Kilkenny hurling legend describes his sports-obsessed upbringing.

# extract - Sunday 25 October, 2015

Irish women have an aversion to compliments. They rebuff them with: ‘Thanks, Penneys’ best’

Irish women find flattery abhorrent, writes Emma Comerford, who says this is why they are advised against dating French men.

# extract - Wednesday 21 October, 2015

'I was an Irish-born soldier in the British Army during the Troubles. People just couldn't understand it'

Alan Barry was a second-generation Irish man who joined the British Army and found himself stationed in Northern Ireland in the 1980s.

# extract - Friday 25 September, 2015

From The42 'I was stuck in a cycle of self-harm. I didn’t want to get out of it but I couldn’t get out of it either' EXTRACT

'I was stuck in a cycle of self-harm. I didn’t want to get out of it but I couldn’t get out of it either'

Ireland star Hannah Tyrrell opens up on her mental health battle and how rugby helped her to find a way through.

# extract - Friday 12 December, 2014

The KAL case kickstarted a decade of debate on marriage equality

Katherine Zappone and Ann Louise Gilligan made global headlines when they tried to have their Canadian marriage recognised by the Irish State.

# extract - Sunday 19 October, 2014

Extract: The role of the media in the Irish economic crisis

Some commentators have noted that Irish news organisations failed to give proper warnings of the impending crash. But why?

# extract - Monday 6 October, 2014

From The42 Keane reveals head-butting Peter Schmeichel during pre-season tour EXTRACT

Keane reveals head-butting Peter Schmeichel during pre-season tour

The then Manchester United stars woke up Bobby Charlton before Alex Ferguson stepped in to stop the fight back in 1998.

# extract - Sunday 21 September, 2014

Extract: 16 Dead Men – The Easter Rising Executions

The men who were killed for their involvement in the Easter Rising were diverse in age and occupation, but brought together by a common vision.

# extract - Tuesday 1 July, 2014

Short Story: The Oyster Catchers

The winner of the RTÉ Radio Francis MacManus Short Story Competition 2014.

# extract - Sunday 11 May, 2014

Extract: How 'throwing at cocks' took root in Ireland

Professor James Kelly explains how tying a rooster to a post and throwing sticks at it until it died was considered sport in the 17th century.

# extract - Monday 16 December, 2013

Extract: ‘Soldiers have an affinity with the detainees in Guantanamo. It would be bad to shoot them – it’ll be lethal injection’

The new book, Whistleblower, Soldier, Spy, charts Tom Clonan’s progression from soldier to academic and journalist and offers an honest and vivid account of life on and off duty.

# extract - Wednesday 20 November, 2013

From The42 My journey to complete an old Premier League sticker album Shinies

My journey to complete an old Premier League sticker album

Adam Carroll-Smith found the 1996 book in his attic… with half a dozen stickers missing. Then the adventure started.

# extract - Monday 30 September, 2013

Extract: This crisis shows the old ways have failed – and we’re on the cusp of new discoveries

I am an economics student, so you might be surprised to hear that I’m somewhat optimistic about our future. Why? Because we are passing through a unique window of opportunity to change our world, writes Robert Nielsen.

# extract - Saturday 28 September, 2013

Extract: I watched my father walk free from court after confessing to raping me

A sentence delivered by a judge frustrated by the inconsistent application of sentencing guidelines in Ireland saw Fiona Doyle’s abuser initially walk free from court – even after he admitted to sexually abusing her throughout her childhood.

# extract - Friday 27 September, 2013

Extract: How is Generation Y reconciling high expectations with the economic reality?

Labelled as entitled, unrealistic and overly-ambitious, how is Ireland’s Generation Y dealing with the economic crash and subsequent lack of career options? Much better than you might think, according to Padraig Mannion.

# extract - Sunday 1 September, 2013

Extract: Ireland planned to ask the UK for help if Germany invaded in WW2

This ‘secret’ document from 1940 states that the Irish people would support the British troops if they came to help when Hitler invaded, but that British troops were not to step foot in Ireland until the invasion was underway.

# extract - Wednesday 22 May, 2013

Extract: If we want to get more done, we need to start a war with our televisions

Watching television eats up your valuable time when you could be doing so much more with your life. It’s time to wrestle control back from that box in the corner of the living room, writes Ruth Field.

# extract - Sunday 5 May, 2013

Extract: How I got back in the driving seat with the banks

Revealing personal and confidential details in his new book, George Mordaunt talks about his own debt recovery programme and his struggle with the banks. He says debt resolution exists and questions why more don’t know about it.

# extract - Monday 1 April, 2013

Extract: From the roof of the College of Surgeons, the Volunteers watched the city burn

During the Easter Rising 1916, a small force of men and women fought against British soldiers from their posts in St Stephen’s Green and City Hall. In his new book, Paul O’Brien recounts their tragic and noble struggle to protect the newly proclaimed Irish Republic.

# extract - Sunday 3 March, 2013

Extract: 'The Financial Regulator investigating what went wrong at Irish Nationwide is a unique piece of Irish irony'

Michael Fingleton’s autonomous powers in Irish Nationwide should have been picked up on by the Financial Regulator – why weren’t they? asks Tom Lyons and Richard Curran.

# extract - Sunday 17 February, 2013

Extract: 'We must anticipate war' - 1945 Irish diplomats on the threat of World War III

Letters between senior Irish diplomats in the 1940s depict an unstable international stage, where terrified leaders were just beginning to realise the horrifying potential of atomic weapons.

# extract - Sunday 6 January, 2013

Extract: How it feels to wait for a heart transplant

John Healy, maitre d of RTÉ’s The Restaurant, recalls the stress of waiting for his life-saving heart transplant operation.

# extract - Friday 30 November, 2012

Extract: Black humour, Scud-Burgers, bitter coffee - life in the Lebanon

In his new book, Tom Clonan details the ups and downs of his tour of peacekeeping duty in Lebanon in the 1990s and how ‘Mary Robinson wears no knickers’ becomes a common greeting…

# extract - Tuesday 6 November, 2012

Extract: ‘Mr de Valera’s conviction that Hitler would win the war was stupid’

David Gray, the US Amabassador to Ireland in 1940, reveals just what he thought of Dev, the 1916 leaders and why he thought Ireland was in collusion with the Nazis.