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OK's ultimate Father Ted quiz

Test your knowledge.
Jun 3rd 2017, 8:30 PM 38,850 23

THEY WERE THE nation’s favourite priests.

But how much do you know about the TV show Father Ted?

In the third of these quizzes, we test your knowledge.

Who made this man's list?
Where did this man have an "incident"?
These folks have just spotted a celebrity. Which one?
Eoin McLove
The man who plays Victor Meldrew
Bob Geldof
Gay Byrne
Which footballer wrote this book?
Niall Quinn
David Platt
John Aldridge
Gary Lineker
Father Dick Byrne made Ted kick Bishop Brennan up the arse. What had Ted made him do?
Call Albert Reynolds a bastard
Tell his parishioners to shite off
Say bollocks in front of Mary Robinson
Tell Dick Spring his name was humorous
Why is there no demand for UHT milk?
Because it's shite
Because they can't get it from the mainland
Because it's unholy
Because the full fat lads have the market stitched up
Which bit of language isn't in this woman's books, according to Mrs Doyle?
Get your bollox out of my face
Eff your effin wife
Ride me sideways
Shut your effin arse
The bad F word
Ya big hairy arse
I'll stick this effin pitchforks up your hole
Ya bastard
Wall-to-wall bastards
Ya big fecker
A teeny-tiny bit of what drink sets Henry Sellers off?
Which of these wasn't vying to be a song for Ireland?
The Miracle Is Mine by Dick Byrne and Cyril McDuff
If I Could Wear My Hat Like My Heart by The Grand Girls
You Dirty English Bastards by The Hairy Bowsies
Jackie Charlton's Shed by The Lads
The Drums Of Africa Are Calling Me Home by Sean O'Brien
Sha La La La La La La La La La La La by Death Pigs
In at number 15 for the 16th week in a row we have Fr Jack Hackett with...
Feck Off
I'm A Sleepy Priest
I've Got The Power
Snoozie Snooze
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