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Four unions launch joint No campaign to Croke Park 2

The Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (INMO), the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO), the Civil Public and Services Union (CPSU) and Unite are joinign in a campaign against the new proposals.

Irish Nurses Organisation (INO) General Secretary Liam Doran
Irish Nurses Organisation (INO) General Secretary Liam Doran
Image: Julien Behal/PA Archive/Press Association Images

FOUR TRADE UNIONS have launched a joint national campaign for a No vote against the Croke Park extension talks proposals.

The Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (INMO), the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO), the Civil Public and Services Union (CPSU) and Unite today announced the launch of a national campaign, which will include a number of meeting across the country in the coming weeks.

The four unions are highlighting their opposition to a number of the proposals under the new agreement.

Meanwhile the Medical Laboratory Scientists Association (MLSA) today voted to recommend acceptance of the Labour Relations Commission (LRC) proposals for a revised agreement for pay and reform in the public service.

“Having considered the LRC proposals in detail and after a careful assessment of the possible alternatives, the Executive Committee of the MLSA has decided to recommend their acceptance to its members,” said Executive Committee, MLSA General Secretary, Terry Casey.

“This decision has been made all the more difficult in view of the significant savings and efficiencies, of the order of €16 million, already achieved since 2011 in the public hospital laboratory services under the terms of the original Croke Park Agreement,” Casey added,

Read: Croke Park 2 – four unions to launch joint No campaign

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  • I am a private sector worker but I am 100% behind the front line workers…What they do is too important for them to get shafted!!

    Together we stand!!


  • Jurassic Park 2 was shit, the previews of Croke Park 2 look even worse. Vote NO!!


    • Deal with them just like Reagan did with PATCO – fire them all and start over. Lots of unemployed teachers around the country that would likely be happy to have those positions.

    • @reg blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

    • Nothing you have suggested would improve Ireland’s education system. It is precisely when you apply this Michael O’Leary style approach to education that you see the system go to the dogs. Reagan did nothing to improve publuc education in the USA. Indeed, the ethos and modus operandi of the public system in the USA is a long way from where any sane educationalist would want to be.

    • Yes, we should all seek to emulate Reagan, his policies were great for America, both of economically and socially

  • Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

    All frontline staff need to stand up and look these crooks in the face and tell them NO MORE!!!!!!! Time for serious action…….


  • Local, National and International support is growing by the minute…

    Vote No!

    You’re not alone!


  • To all Physicians, Gardai, Ambulance, and Nurses…..Enough is enough!!!

    The “gathering” is growing stronger by the day with national and international support!

    You’re not alone…. Vote No!


    • Well said..!! Vote no!!!

    • Not everyone rejects a 20% salary increase like the one back near the time of the millennium.

      What hasn’t been discussed in this otherwise excellent article of public sector unions is the incremental effects of their efforts; and the impact that will have going forward on the public’s perception of them. But through the incremental effects of union activity over many years, the outsized benefits have remained but the wages have risen dramatically. And the cost of the public sector pensions deficit is but one factor in the snowballing cost of the civil service: another major one is the dramatically higher number of administrators and aides that now inhabit the system from very low numbers just a few years ago; and they’re also unionized and also earning high wages relative to the private sector.

      The problem is unions that set out to address what they perceive as unfairness for their members, achieve their objectives but don’t know where or when to stop: it’s really not in their nature to stop.

      So, it will be left to the public to rebel, and they will do it by voting out candidates who take money from unions and otherwise defend union interests. Enda Kenny should take heed, if he has continued interests in the populace.

    • @Reg, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

    • Reg, I would have to agree with at least some of the points you’re making if you had bothered to get your stats right. Why would you quote statistics on pay from 2000-2008? Pay and conditions have disimproved greatly in the last 5 years and yes you’re right, some staff have lost more pay than others…which is exactly why this deal has to be rejected- because it doesn’t address the wastage in the public finances you so emphatically point out and instead it butchers salaries of frontline workers while other sectors seem to be favoured. Also your general, sweeping insult of teachers-although it seems to be a national sport these days- doesn’t fly. Seeing that you are so fond of stats, did you ever look at the OECD figures for teaching hours? Go on, look them up! You and your likeminded selfrighteous friends who think they’re still in the playground where it’s me against them when it comes to public and private sector are hopefully becoming the minority these days. This is bigger than just a few conditions for a few public servants, this is about the Irish people finally standing up to the bullies that are the government or the troika and telling them that we will not be walked over any longer! Time to reclaim some of the power.

  • RT regarding the CSO pay figures, for Civil Servants, These figures are got by adding the Highest paid civil servants with the Lowest paid Civil Servants and getting the average figure for civil servants pay they do not reflect the real
    Take home pay of lower paid civil servants


  • Im private sector and it sickens me to see front line workers getting screwed.


    • The truth is , they will be coming for your arse soon … Once the have finished with the public sector .. That’s the agenda…

  • Vote no, we are sick of this government bully tactic,while minister O Reilly has employed more kangos,with good wages


  • I would like to think that most of private sector are supporting you all. If not, more fool them! Good luck to you all!


    • Many Public sector unions became powerful for two fundamental reasons. Some get people elected who will do their bidding and work to destroy any politician who opposes them. The benchmarking changes around the time of the millennium was the fast track to union dominance in enough to allow many public sector workers to organize and collective bargain. Further allowing unions to strike in some changes put them on an even faster track to high taxes, allowances retirement and work rule practices. The country is replete with examples as we are seeing in reforms to public sector pay. Like the elected officials many will never want to give up their benefits.

    • @reg blah blah blah etc etc

    • Regio… Do you not ever get sick and tired of writing the same drivel over and over day in day out? Cause when I see your name come up I just feeling like logging off, I’m really tired of your repetition,all of which you could say in a few words i.e ‘I’m anti public servants’! Take a break please and stop ruining the pleasure I get from reading the Journal. Thanks

    • Regio… Do you not ever get sick and tired of writing the same drivel over and over day in day out? Cause when I see your name come up I just feeling like logging off, I’m really tired of your repetition,all of which you could say in a few words i.e ‘I’m anti public servants’! Take a break please and stop ruining the pleasure I get from reading the Journal. Thanks

    • I actually never read his posts anymore, copy and paste keyboard warrior our reg is!!!!!! Drivel, of the highest order!!

  • The whole country needs to unite, we must take care of each other. This song pretty much reflects what every working man and woman feels right now.


    “Mans greed has stole my childhood land, lives torn by the traitors hands”…The writer doesnt specify who the traitors are but I think we all know!

    An anthem for the times, seems to be spreading like wildfire all over the net…lets hope politicians hear it!!!


    • I’d say that song would be very emotional to some who has left or has seen a loved one leave. All our best and brightest are being forced out of this country because of the greed of a lot of people in power. If I wasnt finacially bogged down at the moment I’d be gone yesterday…….

    • Jft96 I agree, one of my only two ‘kids’ are gone, not from choice…I’d be gone too except I’m too long in the tooth and have elderly parent here!

  • About time the unions come together to stop the tyranny of this government.


    • I am for a fair wage but if you look the pay is not the same as other Euro-Zone countries and we have some of the best packages around.

    • Change the record Reg.

    • Shut up reggie you know nothing and are obviously looking to stir the shit here.

    • …. The cost of living is higher here, it’s that simple, fuel, food,rent, insurance, and that’s not even counting USC, pay cuts, property tax, water tax, frontline staff are finishing their working week with the bare minimum left over in disposable income. People are awake at night worrying about bills. Plus when cuts come in for the public service they tend to stay in for twenty plus years condemning lower paid public servants to penury …… No more cuts….

    • The cost of living isnt the same as Euro-Zone countries either and neither is the stealth taxes bein forced on people

    • Just ignore the troll

  • def a no vote. i am not a front line worker but they are being treated unfairly. don’t let the government walk all over them. why didn’t low reform the travel and sub. it’s their cash cow. feck off to corruption


  • some unions are scaring people into voting yes! Disgusted by them……no other option……worse deal if its legislation……If we strike the union will go bust and we will have no one……(some of the words used)


    • Bullying and scare tactics – because it cannot be promoted in any positive way!

    • Agreed, from referenda to manufactured midnight emergencies to threatening ordinary workers, fine gael govern by fear, just like their fascist friends did in the past.

    • Unbelievable! Don’t be fooled. Voting no is the only solution for this country!

    • I agree with Liz… We have one chance to change this …we must be steadfast in our stance and “Vote No” !!! Legislation is illegal when the contract is still binding!! Scare tactics my a___! Work to rule for 3 years if we have too! This is not over by a long shot!!!! Our children family and society needs us more now to stand up and say enough is enough! Let’s be the first to show leadership and stand together with pride!!! I’ll go down with the ship but if there is a yes vote they will go back to the well over and over again! 14,000x 3 years paid for my contact how about you!! We took it for the team….and as a team we shall fight these barbaric cuts! Vote No.. you will sleep better at night!

  • As a former trade union member i applaud the unions for there stand, but the experience i have of this agreement once sipto endorses it, it will give the hawks in this disgraceful gathering a free hand


  • everybody get behind the unions. they deserve our help. fianna fail ruined the country, fine gael/ democratic left are screwing everybody else except the politians. they are getting too much money and expences. if the government took the big pensions and payoffs from the dumped reject fianna fail t.d.s the security from biffo, bertie and all the passports that they are using, money could be used to pay frontline workers


  • @reg… when your partner works 120 hours a week and 36 hr shifts, gives up family time to care for sick and dying people and spends his free time petitioning for better health service then come back to me and argue your points. And I know he and I are not alone in the way we live.
    Vote no. Enough is enough


  • Reg public sector workers are taxed also so cut out the “we pay your wages crap” we pay our own wages too and spend whatever income back into the economy and into the private and public sector so that point you make is stupid and over used


  • Of course the corpulent cronies of government, ‘Impact’ et al will be siding with a Yes vote to protect their personal wealth and privilege.


  • First they came for the communists and I did not speak out because I was not a communist.
    Then they came for the socialist s and I did not speak out because I was not a socialist.
    Then yhey came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.
    Then they came for me but there was no one left to speak for me
    Stand together vote no


  • *they reform


  • I think in the not too distant future some more unions will be added to this list. This Government has prodded a sleeping animal. It is about to be bitten.


    • Why has the animal been asleep throughout the entire ‘crisis’? And has it only woken up now because someone has finally started taking the duvet?
      Worst. Guard. Dog. Ever.

  • And that’s just the start


  • €1.6 billion a month to fund 280,000 public sector workers and 30,000 bankers. Though sh!t on the 1.7 million private sector workers. No Croke Park or bailout for them!!!


  • Yawn. Wake me up when someone mentions Fat Cats, the “elite”, bankers bonuses or Bertie.


  • Just when I thought things could not get any worse, I fins that Reggie is back off his holidays.


  • Still not one suggestion as to where the currently borrowed ?1.4billion a month will come from to fund the public service.


    • Paddy very simple . If we didnt pay the bank debt we dont owe the money could be used to stimulate the economy instead of taxing everyone hence removing spending power of people. It is that simple.

    • …..that’s a fair point, we are borrowing more than we put in, but to impose even more cuts on those who can barely afford to live is not the way forward. If anything it will make the problems with our poor tax take worse. As things stand people are drastically reducing their spending, having a whole generation of people defaulting on mortgages, playing fuel light bingo, and shopping in the discount aisle is hardly going to aid our recovery, cuts have been made, they were necessary, but piling on ever more cuts is NOT going to fix the problem. Enough.

    • Dear oh dear. Paddy Murray repeated claims theres ‘not one suggestion’, only to get one, and then posts the same claim on the next relevant thread.

    • Well said Stephen the only way out is to spend and put money back into our economy not keep cutting wages and taxing people to the hilt. It’s basic economic’s lesson.

    • Stephen,

      Did you see what we pay our public service compared to other Euro-Zone countries?

    • @reg blah blah blah…ah what’s the point, your a fool!

    • Regonold
      Do you not get tired of trotting out the same argument can you not add something new to the debate?

    • I am so sick of him!

    • Reg, did you compare the cost of living between Ireland and the rest of the E.U? It’s like comparing apples and oranges. Or do you honestly believe that frontline public servants earning 45k a year are filling bathtubs with champagne ( on top of filling government and local authority coffers)? Frontline low to middle income public servants are saying no, not because we are greedy or pampered, but because we are scared. These proposed cuts are for many, a cut too far.

    • Trotting out the same copy and paste argument reg is actual stupidity. Sad really

    • actually just as ive not seen his copy paste job. Ireland now has one of the lowest paid police forest in western Europe. earns less then the Met the PSNI the french and German police. that’s just from my own two minute search on Google but i would think its same that irish police earn less then dutch and the rest.

      just google police salary france/germany or what ever see for ones self :)

    • I feel sorry for Reg! Reposting same BS on every site, looking for thumbs down to boost a very lonely ego! The fight is within yourself you pathetic fool!

    • If we didn’t pay the bank debt nobody would lend us the billions we’re currently borrowing to run the country and there would be no public service and no public service workers.

    • Paddy, the Bank guarantee is I suppose a different ( if related topic) to The Goverment’s slash and burn policies, seeing as how we’re on the subject tho, one question, do you think the bank guarantee scheme was a good deal or even the right deal for the Irish tax payer?

    • Bank guarantee scheme was and is a disaster. Gutless Fianna Fail were bullied into it. German Finance Minister said this week that the reason we had to bail out their banks is because everyone knew there was light or no regulation of the financial services industry here. Everyone knew? Of course they did! That’s why he German banks foolishly put their money into the mythical Celtic Tiger. Trouble is, FF signed us up and we’re stuck with it. We can’t afford not to have new taxes and not to have cuts but….

      ….Ministers’ salaries should be cut by half, mileage and allowances for TDs should be cut if not scrapped, the number of TDs should be cut by half, there should be a new rate of tax of around 75 per cent for salaries over €150,000… none of that would solve the problem. But it would make things a great deal more fair.

    • Well Paddy in that at least, I agree with you.

  • RT – Is minic a gheibhean beal oscailt diog dunta! Anois éist do bhéal a stuampa amadán


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