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4 of a kind: Homes with saunas to bring up the heat

From a modern five-bed in Co Kildare to a history-filled home in Co Waterford.
Nov 26th 2020, 5:33 PM 5,949 0

MANY PEOPLE ENJOY sitting in a sauna when they visit a hotel or spa, but imagine being able to have the experience every day in the comfort on your own home?

This week we’re looking at four properties around the country with saunas – from a modern five-bed in Co Kildare to a history-filled home in Co Waterford.

Athgarvan, Co Kildare – €575,000

Located on 0.3 acres, Birch View House is a spacious property of 2,755 sq ft. The five-bed home was built in 2002 and comes complete with many impressive features, including an integrated music system to all rooms, a security camera system and a built-in sauna. 

The open-plan kitchen, living and dining area is the heart of the home, with a sunroom also extending from here. There’s a separate sitting room to the front of the house, with solid oak flooring, a bay window and a feature granite chimney breast with a stove. Newbridge town is a five-minute drive away.

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Barnaribbon, Co Sligo – €500,000

With Benbulben as its backdrop, this five-bed property is a truly unique home. Alongside uninterrupted views of the iconic rock formation, the accommodation is also perfectly positioned on 4.3 acres to enjoy panoramic views of Sligo Bay. 

The interior of the property is filled with personality, with brights coloured carpets, tiles and printed wallpaper. There’s a sitting room with beautiful views on the first floor, while a walkway from the landing leads to the rear garden. In the attic, there’s a sauna. 

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Athboy, Co Meath – €400,000 

Built in 2009, this four-bed dormer bungalow is filled with natural light. It features a spacious kitchen and diner/living area with vaulted ceilings and a double height feature window, plus a separate sitting room and a family room. There are wooden floors throughout. 

The property benefits from a detached garage which has been divided into two parts. At the back of the garage, there’s a seating area and shower room with a sauna. A stairway leads to a music room/den. The front of the garage is used for storage, and houses the oil fired burner and the pump for the water treatment system.   

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Mahon Bridge, Co Waterford – €290,000

A four-bed Edwardian property, Parochial House is steeped in history. The land it is built on was once owned by James Fairholme, who was part of the Franklin Exhibition in 1845, while the residence was originally constructed on Arctic explorer John Palliser’s land.

Today, the accommodation boasts many of its original features, including bay windows, the old porch, high ceilings and picture rails. A modern addition, however, is a sauna on the ground floor. The property is surrounded by neat lawns and mature trees, while there’s a double garage to the side. 

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