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Jarlath Regan
Jarlath Regan
Image: @Jarlath via Twitter

"Of course I'm going to save my brother's life" - Irish comedian on donating his kidney

“My brother rang me and said ‘Jar would you come over and test to see if you’re a match?’”
Aug 24th 2016, 5:06 PM 32,547 23

IRISH COMEDIAN JARLATH Regan has spoken about donating a kidney to his brother.

The comedian, who is currently performing his show Arseways at the Edinburgh Festival, spoke to Eoghan McDermott on 2FM about the decision to donate the organ.

“My brother rang me and said ‘Jar would you come over and test to see if you’re a match?’

“I went over and it’s happening in the new year.”

The comedian, who hosts the An Irishman Abroad podcast, said that there is debate over the donation, but the decision was a straightforward one.

“I have two sisters…I have a kid and a wife. I have to support them.

Families fall out over organ donation all the time. But the mad thing is there are people walking around with two kidneys when you only need one.

“There are people lying in hospital beds just wishing someone would give them a kidney.”

Regan says the operation will take place in the US after Christmas and that he didn’t hesitate when asked.

Of course I’m going to save my brother’s life. Let’s be honest, too – it’s the ultimate good guy thing to do. From this point on, nobody can call me selfish. I have medical evidence that I am a decent human being.

“I’ll be honest, that was a factor because, like a lot of Irish fellas, I spend a lot of my time trying to convince people I’m a good guy!”

Regan said that his brother would probably have died within five years without the operation, but with it has “another 25 or 30 added to that”.

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