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#Kim Jong-un

# kim-jong-un - Wednesday 25 January, 2017

One of the most high-profile defectors from North Korea has held his first press conference

“I’m sure and I can say that Kim Jong-Un’s days are numbered,” said Thae Yong-Ho.

# kim-jong-un - Sunday 1 January, 2017

North Korea is planning to test a new long-range missile in 2017

In his New Year’s speech, Kim Jong-Un added that the country had significantly bolstered its nuclear deterrent in 2016.

# kim-jong-un - Tuesday 20 December, 2016

Diplomat labelled 'human scum' by North Korea vows to expose 'gruesome' regime

Since he defected, state media has accused him of embezzlement, rape and spying.

# kim-jong-un - Wednesday 11 May, 2016

An 'executed' North Korean general has just got a promotion

An 'executed' North Korean general has just got a promotion

Ri Yong-Gil, believed executed in February, has been named to a senior position within the ruling communist party.

# kim-jong-un - Friday 6 May, 2016

North Korea has staged a rare party congress where the agenda is unknown

State television provided no live coverage of the congress itself while foreign journalists were not allowed inside.

# kim-jong-un - Saturday 9 April, 2016

North Korea says it has made a major breakthrough in hitting the US with a missile

The rogue nation claims to have tested a new engine for an inter-continental ballistic missile (ICBM).

# kim-jong-un - Saturday 26 March, 2016

Watch: North Korean propaganda video shows submarine nuclear strike on the US

The isolated state has been stepping up both its anti-US rhetoric and its efforts to secure submarine nuclear capability in recent months.

# kim-jong-un - Friday 4 March, 2016

North Korea warns its nuclear weapons are ready for attack 'at any moment'

Kim Jong-un has reportedly instructed his military to ready itself for a “pre-emptive attack” following UN sanctions.

# kim-jong-un - Wednesday 10 February, 2016

It looks like North Korea may have executed ANOTHER military leader

Reports suggest that the North Korean army’s chief of staff Ri Yong-Gil was executed earlier this month.

# kim-jong-un - Tuesday 12 January, 2016

Donald Trump 'gives credit' to Kim Jong-un for way he dealt with executed uncle

Trump is hoping to become the President of the United States next year.

# kim-jong-un - Wednesday 6 January, 2016

UN to prepare measures against North Korea over detonation of 'hydrogen bomb'

Meanwhile, the US says evidence is ‘not consistent’ with the bomb claim.

What is a hydrogen bomb?

It generates temperatures similar to those found at the sun’s core.

# kim-jong-un - Wednesday 30 December, 2015

Mystery surrounds death of top North Korean aide in car crash

The state’s media is remaining tight-lipped on the death.

# kim-jong-un - Thursday 10 December, 2015

Kim Jong-Un says he has a hydrogen bomb, but nobody really believes him

A thermonuclear bomb in the hands of North Korea would be a dangerous thing, but there’s a lot of scepticism over it.

# kim-jong-un - Monday 16 November, 2015

North Korea could be getting an unexpected visitor

Ban Ki-moon will reportedly meet with Kim Jong-un later this week.

# kim-jong-un - Saturday 10 October, 2015

Loads of people are waving flags and flowers for Kim Jong-Un today

The North Korean leader struck a belligerent tone at celebrations marking the 70th anniversary of the country’s ruling Workers’ Party.

# kim-jong-un - Tuesday 15 September, 2015

North Korea could soon be able to nuke the US (but only once)

He’s also sending a satellite into space.

# kim-jong-un - Saturday 29 August, 2015

Here's the damage North Korea could do if it went to war

Tensions between North and South Korea have escalated recently.

# kim-jong-un - Wednesday 12 August, 2015

It looks like North Korea has executed another senior member of government

Vice-premier Choe Yong-gon has been executed by firing squad according to reports.

# kim-jong-un - Friday 7 August, 2015

North Korea has decided to change its time zone

The change will break away from the “wicked” standard set down by Japanese imperialists more than a century ago.

# kim-jong-un - Wednesday 1 July, 2015

Take a look inside North Korea's shiny new (and empty) airport

It’s unlikely to become a bustling hub of activity.

# kim-jong-un - Wednesday 13 May, 2015

North Korean defence minister 'executed for dozing off during a rally'

South Korea’s spy agency says Hyon Yong-chol was killed last month in front of an audience of hundreds.

# kim-jong-un - Friday 10 April, 2015

Kim Jong Un learned to drive at three*

*According to a schoolbook about Kim Jong Un.

# kim-jong-un - Sunday 4 January, 2015

North Korea is really unhappy with the US over those new sanctions

North Korea said the US is focused on ‘inveterate repugnancy and hostility’. Ouch.

# kim-jong-un - Wednesday 31 December, 2014

Sony is expanding the number of places where The Interview can be seen

There’s no such thing as bad publicity.

# kim-jong-un - Saturday 20 December, 2014

Opinion: Sony has capitulated to terrorist demands – it will have a chilling effect on freedom of speech

Pretty much any nefarious tin-pot dictator can pay hackers to go do a job for them. Will the people of the free world just throw their hands up in surrender?

# kim-jong-un - Thursday 18 December, 2014

From The Daily Edge Here's why axed North Korea film The Interview is such a big deal The Interview

Here's why axed North Korea film The Interview is such a big deal

Sony scrapped the film last night after US cinemas refused to screen it. Here’s why.

# kim-jong-un - Wednesday 17 December, 2014

Hackers have scared Hollywood into not releasing Seth Rogen's new North Korea film

It comes after cinema chains all over the US dropped plans for ‘The Interview’ from their screens.

# kim-jong-un - Sunday 7 December, 2014

'We didn't do it': North Korea denies hacking Sony, but praises it as a 'righteous deed'

'We didn't do it': North Korea denies hacking Sony, but praises it as a 'righteous deed'

The hack on Sony Pictures Entertainment is one of the most debilitating ever targeted at US corporate servers.

# kim-jong-un - Thursday 4 December, 2014

# kim-jong-un - Wednesday 19 November, 2014

North Korea could face charges of crimes against humanity

The United Nations has condemned the country’s human rights records.

# kim-jong-un - Wednesday 5 November, 2014

Kim Jong-Un mystery latest: Now he's been seen walking without a stick

He briefly disappeared from public view in September.

# kim-jong-un - Tuesday 28 October, 2014

# kim-jong-un - Friday 10 October, 2014

Where has Kim Jong-Un gone? MIA

Where has Kim Jong-Un gone?

The North Korean leader has not been seen in public since 3 September.

# kim-jong-un - Saturday 27 September, 2014

From The Daily Edge The Guardian has the best headline about Kim Jong-Un you'll see today Cheesefest

# kim-jong-un - Friday 26 September, 2014

Gout, sporting injury or just resting - some of the theories behind Kim Jong-un's recent low profile

North Korea’s leader hasn’t been seen in public since 3 September.

# kim-jong-un - Tuesday 1 July, 2014

From The Daily Edge No, Mrs Brown's Boys isn't a surprise hit in North Korea Mrs Brown

# kim-jong-un - Wednesday 25 June, 2014

From The Daily Edge North Korea calls James Franco and Seth Rogen's new film an "act of war" Kim Jong-un

North Korea calls James Franco and Seth Rogen's new film an "act of war"

The film concerns an assassination bid on Kim Jong-Un. Yeah.

# kim-jong-un - Thursday 12 June, 2014

North Korea's Kim censures weather service for 'incorrect' forecasts

He said that accurate forecasts are needed to protect the “lives and properties” of people from disasters.

# kim-jong-un - Monday 19 May, 2014

Kim Jong-Un was 'up all night' worrying about apartment block collapse

A 23-storey apartment block collapsed in North Korea last week. One official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the death toll was likely to be “considerable”.