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Image: still via Luke Sturgeon/Vimeo

Here's what electromagnetic force field from a laptop looks like

Beautiful, but you might think twice about sitting with your computer directly on your lap.
Jul 7th 2013, 11:30 AM 14,842 29

YOU’VE PROBABLY HEARD people say not to sit with a laptop on your stomach or sleep with your phone under your pillow.

We’ve always known our computers and mobile devices give off invisible charges, although it’s unclear what (if any) harm the radiation may cause us. We don’t think about the consequences much because the charges our devices give off are invisible. Out of sight, out of mind

Now Luke Sturgeon and Shamik Ray have made the invisible visible. The designers at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design were tasked with capturing invisible electromagnetic fields surrounding everyday electronics on film. They holed themselves away in a dark, sound-proof room for three days and shot beautiful images of the eerie force fields steaming from devices.

Here’s what the force fields around phones, computers and radios look like:

via Luke Sturgeon/Youtube

- Alyson Shontell

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