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February 2024
'Don't start this nonsense': Pearse Doherty and Tánaiste clash heads over TV licence in Dáil
Last year
Simon Harris says Israel is now 'blinded by rage' and engaging in a 'war on children' in Gaza
'Blah, blah, blah, Sinn Féin': Doherty and Martin face off over housing
All time
Finance Minister calls on Noel Grealish to clarify why he singled out Nigeria during leaders questions
Dublin City Council built just 74 new social houses last year
Leaders' Questions: Taoiseach grilled on 'pay apartheid' between new and older teachers
Mary Lou says Taoiseach held secret meeting with Shatter... but government says he didn't
Taoiseach knew about medical card case he says he wasn't told about
Gilmore: What was the immediate and serious threat that justified their removal?
Kenny: I've a busy schedule but I'll talk about Seanad reform as soon as I can
'The Government is attempting to deny symphysiotomy victims access to the courts' - Clare Daly
Taoiseach denies putting homes at risk of being repossessed
Government expects "detailed proposals" from banks on salary reduction