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Councils are quick to deny wasting funds (Sorry)
Councils are quick to deny wasting funds (Sorry)
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How does your local council spend its money?

A new website gives a breakdown of how much each local authority in Ireland gets and where the money goes.
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LAST WEEK SAW more than 900 councillors elected to 31 city and county councils across Ireland. One of their main tasks will be to plan how taxpayers’ money is spent.

A recently-launched Public Policy website looks at how much local authorities plan to spend this year – and what on.

Budgets vary nationwide, in line with population figures.

For example, based on the 2011 Census, Dublin City has a population of almost 530,000. Its council has an annual budget of €805.7 million or €1,527 for every person living there.

Leitrim is the least populated county in Ireland, with just under 32,000 inhabitants. Its local council has a budget of €34.1 million or €1,071 per person.

The money spent by local authorities falls into seven main categories.

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Housing and litter

Dublin City Council spends most of its budget – €204.3m (25.36 per cent) – on local authority and Traveller housing. This works out at €387.21 per person, compared with the national average of €160.93 per person.

dublin city housing 1 Part of Dublin City Council's housing budget Source: Local Authority Finances

The next biggest chunk of funding is allocated for environmental services, with some €179.73m (22.3 per cent) being spent on waste and litter management, water quality and fire services.

In contrast, Leitrim County Council spends €3.92m (11.5 per cent of its budget) on housing and €3.75m (11.02 per cent) on environmental services. Its largest spend is on roads - €13.14m (38.59 per cent).

The remainder of Dublin City Council’s budget is spent as follows: €132.2m on water; €80.62m on planning, tourism and heritage; €78.57m on roads, public lights and parking; and €33.9m on tourism, heritage and property management.

Cork, Galway and Kerry

Per inhabitant, Cork City Council spends €359.88 on housing; €256.35 on environmental services and €213.17 on roads.

cork city housing 1 Part of Cork City Council's housing budget Source: Local Authority Finances

Galway City Council spends €226.93 per person on housing; €212.42 on roads and €128.18 on environmental services.

galway roads Part of Galway City Council's road budget Source: Local Authority Finances

Kerry County Council spends €193.55 per inhabitant on roads; €108.91 on housing and €93.53 on environmental services.

kerry environ Part of Kerry County Council's environmental services budget Source: Local Authority Finances

Want to know how your local council compares? Click here to find out.

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