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Dublin: 5 °C Tuesday 10 December, 2019


# meteorology - Friday 3 January, 2014

2013 was Australia's hottest year on record

Heatwave and bushfires dominated the landscape down under last year.

# meteorology - Monday 2 December, 2013

From The Daily Edge RTÉ weatherwoman goes off on long-range weather predictions Stormy Conditions Ahead

RTÉ weatherwoman goes off on long-range weather predictions

If you were watching the Nine News last night, you got SCHOOLED.

# meteorology - Thursday 21 November, 2013

From The Daily Edge French female weather presenter goes naked on air after losing World Cup bet Heavy Weather

French female weather presenter goes naked on air after losing World Cup bet

Doria Tillier had promised to present the weather in the nip if France qualified. They did.

# meteorology - Friday 24 May, 2013

Bad weather in Western Europe likely to continue into June

The winter-like weather that has gripped much of Western Europe is going nowhere fast, according to the French meteorological centre.

# meteorology - Friday 22 March, 2013

From The Daily Edge VIDEO: This woman's description of a hailstorm is the best ever Meteorology This post contains videos

# meteorology - Friday 3 August, 2012

Here's the latest rainfall radar pic for Ireland

Pretty mixed conditions…

# meteorology - Saturday 30 June, 2012

Explainer: When and why are blight warnings issued?

And what should potato-growers do in response? takes a look…

# meteorology - Thursday 14 June, 2012

In pics: The graphs that showed the rain march across Ireland today Oh Fliuich This post contains images

In pics: The graphs that showed the rain march across Ireland today

Ominous series of radar images show rainclouds drawing a veil over the country…

# meteorology - Monday 9 April, 2012

Explainer: How does weather forecasting work?

Ever wonder why some forecasts seem spot-on while, in some cases, the very opposite of the predicted weather happens? Karl Mehlhorn of Irish Weather Network meteorology forum explains…

# meteorology - Thursday 5 April, 2012

Why did it go from summer to winter in just a few days?

Meteorologist Karl Mehlhorn of the Irish Weather Network has the scientific explanation for why we went from t-shirts to thermals in the past week.

# meteorology - Wednesday 28 March, 2012

Explainer: Where did this glorious weather come from?

Why are we getting a mini-heatwave in March? Does it mean we’ll have a scorching summer? Here’s all you need to know…

# meteorology - Wednesday 14 September, 2011

From The Daily Edge Jean Byrne wins European meteorological award Weathergirl This post contains videos

Jean Byrne wins European meteorological award

The popular weather forecaster has been honoured by her colleagues at the European Meteorological Society.

# meteorology - Saturday 10 September, 2011

Sting in the tail: Katia to bring 160km/h winds to Ireland

Hurricane Katia is set to hit Ireland on Sunday night, with the north-west set to face winds of up to 100 miles an hour.

# meteorology - Monday 15 August, 2011

We had the coldest July for years, figures show

One weather station recorded its lowest average temperature since 1965 – and there were also fewer hours of sunshine.

# meteorology - Tuesday 3 May, 2011

Most of Ireland basks in warmest April on record

Nearly all rainfall in April fell at the start of the month – and most of the country has been enjoying long hours of sunshine since.

# meteorology - Tuesday 17 August, 2010

A BBC NEWS WEATHERMAN is likely to cause a disciplinary storm after he was caught giving a newsreader the middle finger live on air this morning – and it’s not even the first time he’s caused hassle.

Meet Tomasz Schafernaker, a Polish-born broadcaster who does the morning weather bulletins on the BBC News channel and occasionally on radio. He’s been in the weather business for a decade now, and has been a TV weatherman for five years or more.

But as any broadcaster will tell you, being on air so regularly means regular mess-ups: and here’s our top five Schafernacker gaffes.

1. The time he gave the middle finger, live on air
Here’s Schafernacker taking obvious exception to the news anchor’s back-handed compliment, only for the director to switch to his camera just at the same moment.

Extra points are deserved, we think, for the very graceful cover-up.

2. The time he threw a strop because he didn’t know if he was on air or not
Oh, TV news. It’s also so hectic, what with the constant switching between in-studio cameras, video feeds, having guests come in and out of the studio… the production gallery is a pretty hectic place to be.

Understandable, then, if once in a while the gallery is so busy that the presenter is not given confirmation through their earpieces that they are, in fact, on air. Except apparently, in Tomasz’s eyes anyway, it’s not quite so understandable.

3. The time he couldn’t stop laughing at a ‘frozen ball’ gag
Britain gets cold. Regularly. And, in keeping with the various seasons, the BBC weather reports have a customised intro card showing a blaring sun, or a patch of brown leaves – or, when the weather deems it appropriate, an image of planet Earth as a block of ice.

So, on cue, the soon-to-be-given-the-middle-finger anchor makes a gag about how Tomasz, in his studio backdrop, has a ‘frozen ball’. For a man named Schafernaker, he really should be able to stifle his giggles.

4. The time he said the Met Office needed a supply of wine
The BBC doesn’t own its own weather stations – as with pretty much every broadcaster in the known universe, it gets its info from the local meteorological authority.

So it’s probably a given that you shouldn’t imply that the Met Office is full of alcoholics on air. Right, Tomasz? Oh.

5. The time he told people at Glastonbury to expect a ‘muddy shite’
The juvenile jokes are the best. Doing a radio piece about the fact that the Glastonbury Festival was likely to coincide with heavy rain that would turn the Worthy Farm into a muddy cesspit, Schafernaker told music lovers to expect a ‘muddy site’.

Except, he didn’t.

Mind you, we’d never expect the likes of Evelyn Cusack or Gerard Fleming (where’s he gotten to?) to appear on the cover of a gay magazine either, so maybe we in Ireland just have a rather sheltered weather forecasting heritage.

It’s also worth checking out the Mirror’s list of top ten newsroom gaffes.