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# mindfulness - Friday 18 October, 2019

Bishop of Waterford warns against yoga and mindfulness in schools

Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan said that yoga was “not suitable for a parish school setting”.

# mindfulness - Saturday 9 February, 2019

From the Garden: Cleaning the house and garden are not chores - but the route to enlightenment

Since reading the book, I’ve started sweeping the floor every morning in a mindful way – it’s delightfully old school and calming at the same time, writes Michael Kelly.

# mindfulness - Wednesday 23 January, 2019

Opinion: Multi-tasking makes you less productive - and can contribute to stress and burnout

Give yourself a break. Research shows that multi-tasking reduces productivity because your brain can only focus on one thing at a time, writes Siobhan Murray.

# mindfulness - Monday 28 May, 2018

Column: 'We need to learn from how we treated each other during the referendum'

Whatever way we voted, we are all human beings and deserve respect, writes Philip Kirwan.

# mindfulness - Tuesday 15 May, 2018

From The42 Looking to Jordan Spieth for mental preparation and finding solace in All-Ireland club success Mindfulness

Looking to Jordan Spieth for mental preparation and finding solace in All-Ireland club success

Cork goalkeeper Anthony Nash is gearing up for another championship season after bowing out in last year’s All-Ireland semi-final.

# mindfulness - Friday 2 February, 2018

From The42 Zen and the art of National Leagues maintenance Mindfulness

Zen and the art of National Leagues maintenance

How the opening weekend of the national leagues taught Tommy Martin how to live in the moment.

# mindfulness - Tuesday 12 September, 2017

Mindfulness in schools and less focus on points: What politicians want for Irish schoolchildren

The Oireachtas Education Committee has made a number recommendations to improve the mental health of school children.

# mindfulness - Thursday 24 August, 2017

11 minutes of mindfulness enough to make heavy drinkers cut back on alcohol, study says

New research suggests that mindfulness is more effective than relaxation techniques at curbing drinkers’ urges.

# mindfulness - Friday 4 August, 2017

Nearly half of us wouldn't feel comfortable discussing a mental health issue at work

That is according to the results of a new survey commissioned by One4All.

# mindfulness - Monday 20 March, 2017

Ireland is the 15th happiest country in the world

The best examples of happiness maintenance after large external shocks were Ireland and Iceland, according to the report.

# mindfulness - Saturday 18 February, 2017

GIY Guru: 'I’ve become interested in mindfulness, sitting quietly for ten minutes, in the morning'

From grown-up colouring books to Paul Martin’s award-winning garden at last year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show, mindfulness is still very much having a moment, writes Michael Kelly.

# mindfulness - Sunday 5 February, 2017

'I was tested to the limit': How hypnobirthing is helping women during labour

“Some people think it’s new age, hippy dippy. It’s anything other than that. It’s very practical, down to earth.”

# mindfulness - Sunday 1 January, 2017

'It's not just about chilling out': an experienced Dublin teacher explains how to meditate

Advice from Jnanadhara, who has been meditating for 20 years and teaching meditation full-time in Dublin for 12 years.

# mindfulness - Sunday 18 December, 2016

Minding yourself this Christmas: How to protect your mental health at this time of year

It can be stressful at the best of times, here we take a look at how this Christmas can be a relaxing time.

# mindfulness - Sunday 10 April, 2016

Suffer from chronic pain? Mindfulness might help

About 35% of people in Ireland are affected by pain which has lasted for three months or more.

# mindfulness - Tuesday 22 March, 2016

Feeling a bit stressed? Here's how to have a mindful Monday

Our top tips for getting to a good place this Easter Monday.

# mindfulness - Wednesday 9 March, 2016

Your handy guide to minding yourself this St Patrick's Day

Put down that green face paint and read this.

# mindfulness - Wednesday 13 January, 2016

Bringing mindfulness into the workforce makes good business sense

Overwhelmed employees are the most significant challenge to business success in Ireland, writes Joanne O’Malley.

# mindfulness - Tuesday 5 January, 2016

This email tool wants to make your messages sound more confident

Just Not Sorry aims to get rid of words that make a sender sound less confident like “I think”, “just”, and “sorry”.

# mindfulness - Monday 4 January, 2016

From The Daily Edge 12 easy ways to be really good to yourself this January Mind Yourself

12 easy ways to be really good to yourself this January

Self-care is important.

# mindfulness - Monday 21 December, 2015

Mindfulness: what is it, and how do you do it?

Welcome to the first article in our series promoting mental well-being.

# mindfulness - Sunday 6 September, 2015

Here's why you need mindfulness and how to bring it into your everyday

The mind that is lost in past or future is not living, since the present is the only time we get to actually be alive, writes Helen Byrne.

# mindfulness - Tuesday 14 July, 2015

Giving birth at home helped me to feel safe and in control

I want to raise awareness of the benefits of having a home birth in healthy pregnancies, with the hope that it will encourage more women to explore this option.

# mindfulness - Tuesday 12 May, 2015

Our attention is pulled in so many directions these days – we need to find a sense of calm

It is estimated that over 60,000 thoughts flow through our mind every day (and most of them are repeats).

# mindfulness - Wednesday 22 April, 2015

I’m a cynic by nature but I was surprised by how mindfulness helped me

Mindfulness is not about feeling better, it’s about being better at feeling. Without a doubt it has helped me to take charge of my emotions.

# mindfulness - Tuesday 21 April, 2015

Mindfulness therapy can be as good as medication for preventing depressive relapses

The alternative treatment helps patients learn how to respond more constructively to their thoughts and feelings.

# mindfulness - Tuesday 6 January, 2015

From The Daily Edge 15 simple ways to be really nice to yourself this January Treat Yo Self

Irish people want to be more mindful, if book sales are anything to go by

‘The pressures of the recession have created a real need for peace and reflection.’

# mindfulness - Thursday 1 January, 2015

Why you need a 'mindfulness minute' in your life

All over the festive season, is bringing you tried and tested ways to help you keep your mental health in fine fettle.

Feeling the New Year blues? These simple tips might help

This can be a painful time for many people but it might be a great opportunity for you to face your problems.

# mindfulness - Wednesday 31 December, 2014

Like to start the year feeling more relaxed? These apps can help

Because we could all do with some peace of mind.

# mindfulness - Thursday 18 December, 2014

“I should be looking forward to Christmas but it seems like a mountain I have to climb”

Christmas can be turned into more of an ordeal than a celebration due to loneliness, financial worries or relationship breakdowns.

# mindfulness - Monday 8 December, 2014

Opinion: Have yourself a mindful Christmas

Some tips to help you enjoy a peaceful and magical celebration.

# mindfulness - Saturday 29 November, 2014

Proof that depression and anxiety can be reduced without individual therapy

This could be great news for the HSE.

# mindfulness - Friday 21 November, 2014

Opinion: Develop your ‘mental fitness’ in work to find a sense of well-being

All employees need to develop skills to manage some of the emotional barriers that prevent them from thriving at the workplace.

# mindfulness - Thursday 25 September, 2014

Opinion: Practising mindfulness is a valuable tool for easing stress and anxious thoughts

Mindfulness meditation is about accepting our current experience, whatever that may be, in a relaxed, alert, and open way.

# mindfulness - Sunday 25 May, 2014

Opinion: What is 'compassion' and can it actually be taught?

Compassion can improve physical and mental health, well-being, happiness, success and interpersonal relationships… so how can you cultivate it?

# mindfulness - Saturday 25 January, 2014

Column: ‘Mindfulness’ sounds like a lovely concept… so how the hell do you do it?

Haven’t you heard? 2014 will be “the year of mindful living”. But, asks Molly Garboden, how does one achieve this peaceful outlook, swanning through sunlit rooms furnished in white wicker and mauve?

# mindfulness - Sunday 5 January, 2014

How to make getting up tomorrow a little easier

It’s mostly about the prep.

# mindfulness - Friday 17 May, 2013

Column: How practising mindfulness can help your work life

Some of the world’s most successful companies are investing in mindfulness training for their employees to help them deal better with stress and workplace challenges, writes Joanne O’Malley

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