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# mining - Friday 12 January, 2018

This young scientist had to explain Bitcoin to Michael D Higgins

Turns out the President was up to speed on cryptocurrency.

# mining - Tuesday 19 July, 2016

NASA wants to mine the moon - with a little help from Taipei

The Resource Prospector project aims to be the first mining expedition on another world.

# mining - Monday 28 December, 2015

'When granny left the mountain about 24 years ago, the mountain died too'

Explore the latest work of photographer Donal Moloney.

# mining - Friday 19 September, 2014

Eureka! There's gold in them Co Monaghan hills

Ireland’s first commercial gold mine being planned along 50km “gold trend” from Cavan to Armagh.

# mining - Thursday 18 September, 2014

'We're not like them': Apple boss takes jab at companies that monetise personal data

Tim Cook said in a letter on privacy that Apple doesn’t let government services access the company’s information.

# mining - Friday 22 August, 2014

Mining company gets green light to go prospecting in Kilkenny

There’s zinc in them there hills.

# mining - Sunday 18 May, 2014

Three charged with manslaughter over disaster that killed 301 miners

The detained include mining executives, and the action comes after 301 miners died in the incident.

# mining - Thursday 15 May, 2014

"Accidents happen" - Turkish PM says government is not to blame for mine collapse

Yusuf Yerkel, advisor to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, sparked outrage when he kicked a protester who was being held by police.

# mining - Wednesday 14 May, 2014

Turkey's fury turns on PM as mine collapse death toll reaches 274

Thousands of protesters clashed with police in Ankara and Istanbul.

# mining - Monday 31 March, 2014

Irishman dies in Australia after suspected fall at a tourist mine

ABC News reports that it is believed that 27-year-old Kevin Browne slipped and fell from rigging at the Hard Times mine in Queensland.

# mining - Monday 17 February, 2014

'No public safety issue' as 15 metre sinkhole appears in Kilkenny field

The hole appeared near a disused mine over the weekend.

# mining - Thursday 21 November, 2013

10 more years! New Tara Mines lease means 650 jobs are retained

The Navan zinc and lead mine, which is the largest Zinc mine in Europe, has been in operation since 1977.

# mining - Monday 9 September, 2013

A brief history of the gold hidden around Ireland

Could you be sitting on top of your own personal goldmine?

# mining - Monday 12 August, 2013

Union says leader shot dead at South Africa's Marikana mine

The death comes just days before the anniversary of last year’s violence at the mine, in which 34 strikers were shot dead by police.

# mining - Saturday 11 May, 2013

22 killed in accidental explosion at Chinese coal mine

108 miners were underground when the explosion hit the Taozigou mine in the Sichuan province.

# mining - Saturday 6 April, 2013

Work to recover body from Tipperary mine making 'good progress'

The body of Mario Francis is trapped under a rockfall.

# mining - Tuesday 5 February, 2013

Photo-essay: Bosnian women miners still going strong Coal Miners This post contains images

Photo-essay: Bosnian women miners still going strong

In 2016, when mandatory retirement kicks in, they will be the last of their kind.

# mining - Saturday 1 December, 2012

Pics: African diamond mining town that's filling with sand Eerie This post contains images

Pics: African diamond mining town that's filling with sand

Abandoned since 1954.

# mining - Saturday 24 November, 2012

18 Chinese miners die in coal-gas explosion

China has the world’s deadliest coal mine industry – almost 2,000 miners were killed in accidents last year.

# mining - Sunday 2 September, 2012

South Africa drops charges against miners over police shootings

Prosecutors have said, however, that the Marikana miners could be recharged after more investigations are carried out.

# mining - Thursday 30 August, 2012

SA miners charged with colleagues' murders after police shootings

Prosecutors have charged 270 mine workers over violent confrontation with police sparked by mining strike.

World's richest woman to 'jealous' haters: 'Spend less time drinking'

“Spend less time drinking or smoking and socialising, and more time working.”

# mining - Monday 20 August, 2012

South Africa's Lonmin mine reopens after strike deaths

Mining company threatened to fire anyone who doesn’t show up for work tomorrow morning after wildcat strike led to 44 deaths.

# mining - Friday 17 August, 2012

South African police claim self-defence after 34 shot dead during mining protest

Police chief says live rounds were used after negotiations and crowd control measures failed.

# mining - Tuesday 17 July, 2012

28 miners rescued after underground ordeal

The gold miners had been trapped in underground chambers after a fire in the New Zealand mine.

# mining - Sunday 3 June, 2012

In pics: Tour the town that's been burning for 50 years Centralia This post contains images

In pics: Tour the town that's been burning for 50 years

Centralia in Pennsylvania was once a bustling mining town but a fire which spread through its coal mines is still raging half a century on…

# mining - Tuesday 24 April, 2012

High-tech project aims to mine asteroids in space

The plan’s investors and advisers include Google’s Larry Page and Eric Schmidt and explorer and filmmaker James Cameron.

# mining - Thursday 2 February, 2012

Gold digger: Irish company to mine for gold in the south-east

Connemara Mining has joined forces with a Canadian exploration company to mine for gold in areas around the Wicklow-Wexford border.

# mining - Monday 5 December, 2011

State of Emergency declared in Peru after mining protests

A 60-day state of emergency has been declared in four provinces of Cajamarca state, following violent protests against a gold-and-copper mining project which is part-owned by a US company.

# mining - Tuesday 27 September, 2011

Miner killed after roof fall at colliery in North Yorkshire

It’s the second fatal mining accident to hit the UK’s mining industry this month.

# mining - Wednesday 10 August, 2011

Apple (briefly) becomes the world's most valuable company

Apple is now worth 39 times as much as it was ten years ago – and yesterday overtook ExxonMobil as the biggest cheese.

# mining - Friday 15 July, 2011

Western Australia 'can take one-third of unemployed from Ireland'

The state’s jobs minister says the region needs 150,000 workers – or one in three of those on the Live Register.

# mining - Monday 11 July, 2011

Western Australia Jobs Minister on the hunt for Irish workers

Skilled workers are being invited to a seminar on Thursday in Dublin, with the WA Jobs Minister saying that they’ll take people back on the plane with them if possible.

# mining - Thursday 7 July, 2011

Column: 'You don't survive there long' - inside the mobile phone mines

Children in war-ravaged Congo are mining the materials used to make our mobiles. Film-maker Frank Poulsen describes the horror inside the tunnels.

# mining - Monday 4 July, 2011

Japan unearths gigantic haul of rare earth minerals

The 100-billion-ton stash found by Japan could be used for electronics – but an ownership battle may be brewing.

# mining - Thursday 3 February, 2011

One man dies and another in hospital after Tipperary mine accident

Father of three named as victim of explosion in mining shaft.

# mining - Friday 21 January, 2011

Chilean mine collapse report blames owners

The mining accident which trapped 33 men below ground for 72 days has been blamed on poor regulation and inadequate safety measures.

# mining - Friday 19 November, 2010

27 missing after New Zealand mining explosion

Authorities begin testing the air quality after an overnight blast at a coal mine leaves over two dozen stranded.

# mining - Friday 27 August, 2010

CHILEAN AUTHORITIES HAVE released video footage of the 33 miners trapped in a mine for three weeks.

The miners sang the national anthem, joked with one another, and recorded messages for their families above them.

The video helped to relieve the fears of those waiting above ground when it was shown to them last night.

The miners recorded the following video for their friends and families waiting for their rescue:

Some of the miners give a tour of the makeshift refuge the 33 are crammed into:

We’ve organized everything really well down here,” one of the miners said, pointing to a corner reserved for medical supplies.

This is where we entertain ourselves, where we have a meeting every day, where we make plans. This is where we pray.

Authorities have warned the miners that it could take up to four months to rescue them, as they must drill a tunnel 688m deep, and wide enough for the men to pass through.

Families have been asked to stay positive in their communications to the miners, and Chilean authorities have asked NASA for advice on how best to keep the men in good mental health through their time in the mine.

Former astronaut Jerry Linenger, who was trapped on board the Mir space station for three months, said the most important thing was to be completely honest with the miners about the time involved in the rescue.

The family of one of the trapped men said it will sue the company which owns the mine, alleging the company was negligent in re-opening the mine after it was closed in 2007 following an accident. Chile’s mining service is also named on the lawsuit.

This ITN video contains English translations of some of the messages:

# mining - Tuesday 24 August, 2010

THE FAMILIES OF TRAPPED chilean miners have been asked to keep their letters to the trapped men optimistic, and not to dwell on the length of time a rescue may take.

On Sunday, the 33 men passed a message from their refuge to the surface saying they were safe and well, despite being trapped below ground for 17 days after a tunnel collapse at the main entrance on 5 August.

Competitive games have been ruled out as a means of keeping the men occupied while the rescue attempt rolls on, as psychologists say it’s important for the group to function as one unit.

Chile’s health minister Jaime Manalich said yesterday that it was important to keep the men informed of the rescue process and the weeks it may take, but experts have asked the families of the miners to stay upbeat in their communications.

Microphones allowing doctors and psychologists to speak to the men and keep them in stable conditions will be passed into the mine.

The men said they have been surviving on mouthfuls of tuna and milk since their confinement.

Rescuers began passing packages containing food, water, and medical supplies down to the trapped men yesterday, and plan to start including letters from relatives in the survival packages.

Lilianett Ramirez, wife of one of the miners, said yesterday:

Can you imagine? After 30 years of marriage we will start sending each other love letters again.

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