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An adult cobra snake
An adult cobra snake
Image: Soli via Creative Commons/Flickr

Missing Egyptian cobra found "alive and well"

The snake went missing a week ago – but somehow found time to set up a Twitter account…
Apr 1st 2011, 11:11 AM 1,105 1

AFTER THE BRONX Zoo’s Egyptian cobra slithered away from its home, many wondered if the wily reptile would ever be seen again.

But thankfully he has been found alive and well, the zoo reported on Twitter last night:

FOUND! Bronx Zoo cobra found alive & well in Reptile House in non-public area. The key was patience.

Patience indeed – they knew that when the snake wanted to reveal himself he would, and even tweeted on Wednesday, “Right now, it’s the snake’s game”.

The missing snake attracted worldwide attention, and even got his own Twitter account, where he informed readers today:

For those of you concerned, yes I’m back at the Zoo, but don’t worry about me. My Tweets will go on….

During the week, he said he was a fan of ordering items from Amazon, drinking beer and eating at vegan restaurants. He even divulged:

I left the zoo because I was tired of being treated like a snake. I never got any respect.

In the end, the Bronx Zoo said that after a seven-day search, they found him alive and well in a non-public area of the zoo’s reptile house and that he will be placed under observation and evaluated.

His disappearance had sparked a thorough search, with Wildlife Conservation Society staff conducting sweeping searches around the clock on a daily basis, even implementing a system for tracking any movement by him.

Not content with his usual haunt, he relocated himself in a holding area, surrounded by pumps, motors and other mechanical systems.

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