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These 11 beautiful New York buildings no longer exist

New York had a poor record of protecting old buildings until 1966.
Sep 20th 2014, 5:30 PM 42,612 26

NEW YORK CITY is constantly being rebuilt.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, dozens of beautiful old buildings were demolished to make way for new development. It wasn’t until 1966, with the passage of the National Historic Preservation Act, that historic buildings could be protected by federal law.

Scroll down to see some of these vanished buildings, which include iconic hotels, businesses, and private homes.

The Gillender Building was completed in the Financial District in 1897, but stood for only 13 years. It was destroyed in 1910 and replaced by a bigger building that combined its neighbouring lot.

the-gillender-building-was-completed-in-the-financial-district-in-1897-but-stood-for-only-13-years-it-was-destroyed-in-1910-and-replaced-by-a-bigger-building-that-combined-its-neighboring-lot Source: Businessinsider

The St. Paul Building opened in 1899 on lower Broadway and was named after the chapel across the street. It was knocked down in 1958.

the-st-paul-building-opened-in-1899-on-lower-broadway-and-was-named-after-the-chapel-across-the-street-it-was-knocked-down-in-1958 Source: Businessinsider

The Savoy-Plaza Hotel was constructed in 1927 on 5th Avenue between 58th and 59th Streets. In 1964 it was torn down.

the-savoy-plaza-hotel-was-constructed-in-1927-on-5th-avenue-between-58th-and-59th-streets-in-1964-it-was-torn-down Source: Businessinsider

Lewisohn Stadium was an open air amphitheatre on the campus of the City College of New York that opened in 1915. It was destroyed in 1973 to make way for a new academic center.

lewisohn-stadium-was-an-open-air-amphitheater-on-the-campus-of-the-city-college-of-new-york-that-opened-in-1915-it-was-destroyed-in-1973-to-make-way-for-a-new-academic-center Source: Businessinsider

William Kissam Vanderbilt’s “Petit Chateau,” built in 1882, was at 52nd Street and Fifth Avenue. It was demolished to make way for a commercial building in 1926.

william-kissam-vanderbilts-petit-chateau-built-in-1882-was-nearby-at-52nd-street-and-fifth-avenue-it-was-demolished-to-make-way-for-a-commercial-building-in-1926 Source: Businessinsider

The New York World, New-York Tribune, and New York Times were all located on “Newspaper Row” near City Hall. The World and Tribune buildings were demolished in 1955 and 1966, respectively; the Times building still stands (though it’s no longer home to the newspaper).


The original Penn Station was built in 1910. It was sold and demolished in 1962 to make room for a larger rail station and Madison Square Garden.

the-original-penn-station-was-built-in-1910-it-was-sold-and-demolished-in-1962-to-make-room-for-a-larger-rail-station-and-madison-square-garden Source: Businessinsider

The City Hall Post Office first opened in 1878. The design was not well received, and it was demolished in 1938, one year ahead of the 1939 World’s Fair.

the-city-hall-post-office-first-opened-in-1878-the-design-was-not-well-received-and-it-was-demolished-in-1938-one-year-ahead-of-the-1939-worlds-fair Source: Businessinsider

Temple Beth-El was constructed in 1891 at the corner of 76th Street and Fifth Avenue. The building was sold in 1945 and was demolished shortly after to make way for an apartment house.

temple-beth-el-was-constructed-in-1891-at-the-corner-of-76th-street-and-fifth-avenue-the-building-was-sold-in-1945-and-was-demolished-shortly-after-to-make-way-for-an-apartment-house Source: Businessinsider

The original Waldorf-Astoria Hotel opened in 1897, combining the Astor and Waldorf Hotels. It was destroyed in 1929 to make way for the Empire State Building and the hotel moved to 301 Park Ave.

the-original-waldorf-astoria-hotel-opened-in-1897-combining-the-astor-and-waldorf-hotels-it-was-destroyed-in-1929-to-make-way-for-the-empire-state-building-and-the-hotel-moved-to-301-park-ave Source: Businessinsider

A “Victory Arch” was erected near Madison Square Park in 1919 after World War I ended. It was a temporary structure built of wood, and was eventually torn down.

a-victory-arch-was-erected-near-madison-square-park-in-1919-after-world-war-i-ended-it-was-a-temporary-structure-built-of-wood-and-was-eventually-torn-down Source: Businessinsider

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