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#Nicolas Sarkozy

# nicolas-sarkozy - Friday 11 February, 2011

Sarkozy under pressure as French judges protest

The French president’s comments about a controversial murder case sparked an outcry from the country’s judiciary.

# nicolas-sarkozy - Saturday 5 February, 2011

Ireland's corporate tax rate comes under pressure at EU summit Eurozone This post contains videos

Ireland's corporate tax rate comes under pressure at EU summit

Germany and France present proposals for strengthening European economies at Eurozone summit, and put pressure on Ireland over harmonising corporate tax base.

# nicolas-sarkozy - Monday 17 January, 2011

Nobody defending corporate tax rate from Sarkozy - Gilmore

The Labour leader says Fianna Fáil’s squabbling is leaving the country vulnerable to attack from others.

# nicolas-sarkozy - Thursday 13 January, 2011

Sarkozy takes aim at Irish corporate tax rate

As the notion of a lower bailout rate re-emerges, Nicolas Sarkozy says we shouldn’t get cash without raising our taxes.

# nicolas-sarkozy - Saturday 11 December, 2010

France and Germany dismiss prospect of common 'E-bonds'

Merkel and Sarkozy commit to defending the Euro – but say they’re not considering plans to issue common Eurozone bonds.

# nicolas-sarkozy - Sunday 21 November, 2010

Budget planning and bailout talks continue

Today the cabinet will meet to finalise plans for the four-year budget, as rescue talks with the IMF, EU and ECB continue.

# nicolas-sarkozy - Saturday 20 November, 2010

EU leaders relieve pressure on Ireland over corporation tax

Germany’s chancellor has said that the tax rate is a matter for the Irish government to decide upon.

# nicolas-sarkozy - Monday 1 November, 2010

Greek parcel bomb addressed to Sarkozy

French president and three foreign embassies were targeted by devices.

# nicolas-sarkozy - Wednesday 27 October, 2010

Pension reform bill is passed in France

Despite fierce protests French politicians have approved Nicolas Sarkozy’s pension reform bill.

# nicolas-sarkozy - Monday 25 October, 2010

French strikes costing economy €400 million a day

Measures to try and secure the economy are so unpopular that the strikes across France are hurting it even more.

# nicolas-sarkozy - Friday 22 October, 2010

Police break blockade at oil depot near Paris France This post contains videos

Police break blockade at oil depot near Paris

President Sarkozy refuses to change pension reform plans as the French senate prepares to vote.

# nicolas-sarkozy - Wednesday 20 October, 2010

In pictures: Strikes continue across France France This post contains images

In pictures: Strikes continue across France

Impassioned protests against pension reforms enter the seventh day.

# nicolas-sarkozy - Tuesday 19 October, 2010

France sets for sixth day of nationwide strike action

Even high school students have joined in the nationwide strikes protesting at raising the retirement age to 62.

# nicolas-sarkozy - Friday 27 August, 2010

THE UNITED NATIONS has urged France to discontinue deporting Roma Gypsies, adding that it was concerned about “discriminatory” political speeches in France.

The UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination said that the French authorities should acknowledge individual circumstances when considering deportation – and stressed that collective deportation was not the solution.

However, the French authoties have defended their actions regarding the action, saying that they have been “scrupulously respecting European law”.

France began repatriating groups of Roma, most of whom had arrived in France from Romania, earlier this month. Authorities broke up illegal camps where the Roman had been camping and arranged for thousands of men, women, and children to board planes out of the country.

Families and individuals who agreed to leave were given money: each adult received €300 and each child €100.

France has stressed that although the Roma are entitled to live and work in France as EU citizens, if a person has not secured a work permit within three months of arriving they cannot stay. Those who support the action have said that the camps in which the Roma were living were illegal.

However, Roma complain that they find it extremely difficult to find employment and that the are forced to live in camps.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has announced that 300 illegal camps are to be removed.

The UN has urged France to focus its attention on integrating Roma into their society and providing them with access to education, health care, and housing rather than deporting them. Roma are the largest ethnic minority in Europe.

The UN also says that, despite reports that said the Roma had volunteered to leave France, many did not fully understand their rights.

Opposition parties say that by taking such an extreme approach, Sarkozy is attempting to hold on to support for the 2012 elections. His government’s popularity has taken a sharp dive recently.

The UN committee also targeted what it viewed as discriminatory rhetoric used by French politicians, saying that the country should:

…intensify its efforts using all means, notably by firmly condemning all racist or xenophobic discourse by politicians and taking appropriate measures to combat the proliferation of racist acts or manifestations on the Internet.

# nicolas-sarkozy - Thursday 29 July, 2010

FRENCH POLICE INVESTIGATING possible tax evasion and political corruption by the L’Oreal heiress Liliane Bettencourt have questioned the country’s labour minister.

An investigation was launched earlier this year after tapes secretly recorded by Bettencourt’s butler appeared to suggest Bettencourt was considering ways to avoiding paying tax in France.

Minister Eric Woerth has been accused of accepting illegal donactions on behalf of the UMP party. His wife, Florence Woerth, worked as Bettencourt’s financial adviser, but stepped down from her post last month.

Woerth has said he never helped his wife to be hired by the man handing Bettencourt’s estate. He said, “My wife had a normal career, she was hired in normal conditions,” and blamed the press for the “confusion” surrounding the case.

Bettencourt is believed to hold a fortune worth over €17 billion, making her France’s richest woman. One former employee, Claire Thibout, told authorities the heiress had made illegal donations to Woerth and Sarkozy’s successful election campaign in 2007.  Both deny the allegations.

Bettencourt’s estranged daughter’s house was searched by investigators yesterday, and diaries and computers were seized.

SHE’S CERTAINLY HOT, but she’s not quite so hot when it comes to acting.

Carla Bruni was filming Woody Allen’s latest flick – Midnight in Paris yesterday and although the French chanteuse didn’t have any lines, she managed to fluff up her scene, not once but 35 times.

Bruni’s role in the movie was confined to her entering a grocery store and leaving with a baguette – simple? Apparently not.

A bystander told The Daily Mail: “She seemed to be struggling to avoid looking directly into the camera, which didn’t impress Woody,’ said an onlooker in Paris. ‘The baguette scene could not have been simpler, but she wanted to make it a big one. That’s why she had to keep shooting it over and over again.

‘Woody was prompting Carla constantly, although he was very careful to show a lot of respect, especially as she was surrounded by security guards.’

Carla’s husband French President Nicolas Sarkozy looked on, as did co-star Owen Wilson.

Miss Bruni, who plays a museum curator in the Allen movie, had a small role in the 1994 film Pret-a-Porter and the 1998 film Paparazzi, each time playing herself.

# nicolas-sarkozy - Monday 26 July, 2010

FRENCH PRESIDENT Nicolas Sarkozy has condemned the murder of a 78-year-old French aid worker by Islamic militants in northern Africa. Engineer Michel Germaneau was allegedly killed on Satuday by al Qaeda in the Islamic Mahgreb (AQIM).

The group released a statement today claiming to have killed the Frenchman in response to a recent joint French-Mauritian raid on the AQIM.

President Sarkozy condemned the murder of Germaneau, and said that his death would not go unpunished:

Far from weakening our determination, this death has reinforced it.

Germaneau was kidnapped in northern Niger on 20 April. He had been working to build healthy systems and schools for aid agency Enimal.

French troops acting in conjunction with Mauritian soldiers, tried to free him last week. However, the hostage was not found and six AQIM members were killed in the raid.

The statement, read by AQIM’s leader Abdelhamid Abu Zayd, said: “Sarkozy was unable to free his compatriot through this failed operation but he definitely opened one of the gates of hell on himself, his people, and his nation,” according to Aljazeera.

AQIM is believed to be holding two Spaniards after kidnapping them over seven months ago, and has been blamed for murdering British man Edwin Dyer, 60, last summer. Italian Sergio Cicala and his wife were held by the group for four months before their release in April.

# nicolas-sarkozy - Wednesday 14 July, 2010

FRANCE IS CELEBRATING the symbolic birth of the Republic today amid protests.

The annual Bastille Day celebrations went ahead with a parade through the streets of Paris.

In a move that has been usual in recent years, French President Nicolas Sarkozy invited other nations to take part in the celebrations; this year several African nations were invited to include troops in the parade.

Ivory Coast was also invited but, as the former colony has had strained relations with France in recent years, the Ivoirian defence minister attended in place of troops.

The armies were celebrating 50 years of independence for France.

Human rights groups have been angered by the official presence of some nations, claiming that some present should be facing war crimes allegations instead of celebrating on Parisian streets.

The International Federation of Human Rights League (FIDH) wrote to Sarkozy expressing its “serious concern” at the presence of some who they said were responsible of “grave human rights violations.”

Sarkozy said that the “blood bond” between the nation and the African troops who had fought and died for France during two World Wars was being celebrated, and denied that he is experiencing “colonial nostalgia.”

The presence of troops has also been blasted by critics who say it gives the impression that France granted independence for African countries who fought hard for freedom.

Yet more criticism was directed at the government for spending lavishly on the celebrations as the average Frenchman is suffering bitter economic problems – but despite this, celebrations continued as planned.

French nationals and Francophiles also have a  chance to celebrate tonight the Bastille Day Ball in Dublin.

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