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WELCOME TO DAILYEDGE.IE’s inaugral Academy Awards liveblog.

Sinéad O’Carroll and Emer McLysaght will be bringing you all the glamour of Hollywood with the eloquence of Miley from Glenroe. We prepared for this overnighter with a few daytime naps and a lot of staring at Ben Affleck’s impeccable beard. That won’t be the last you hear of that tonight.

We hope you can stay awake with us. We have an emergency wine supply in case Ann Hathaway announces she’s pregant during someone else’s acceptance speech, or if Ben Affleck arrives without his beard. Imagine.

Please come talk to us (really, please?) – in the comments section, by email at either sinead@thejournal.ie or emer@dailyedge.ie or on Twitter, @dailyedge_ie, @sineadocarroll and @emerthescreamer.

Now. To the frocks…

As we wait for E! to start its red-carpet coverage, we’ve been having a look on Twitter to see who is using the #Oscars hashtag. And, surprisingly enough, the best tweet came from The Academy itself – its account is quite funny, despite the stuffy reputation.

We’re looking forward to seeing wee Ryan Seacrest somewhat-awkwardly asking celeb after celeb about who they’re wearing. He seems to be in good spirits, instagramming away from the Dolby.

During our pre-Oscars meeting (yes, we meet about this things, they don’t just happen you know), there was fairly lengthy discussion about The Academy’s invite list. If Brad & Angelina are going to be there, does that mean Jennifer Aniston has to stay at home? We’re hearing that Jen is coming tonight, so Brangelina are probably at home watching the nannies watching the kids. We hope there was a mix-up and they all arrive at the same time.

My brother (who is also in the live-blog hub right now) just frowned at me and said, “I shaved my beard yesterday and you didn’t notice.”

Emer screamed, “Liveblog that, liveblog that.” While pointing frantically. So there you go.

Some input from an interested friend via text message:

Jennifer Lawrence…can’t wait can’t wait!!!!! It will be Dior…I wonder red…Hopefully it stays in one piece.

It will probably be Dior, as will Marion Cotillard’s. Luminous creatures, both.

For those wondering where they can watch the Oscars, the red-carpet coverage is on E! (501 on UPC and 151 on Sky). The ceremony is on Sky Oscars. If you can’t tune in, we’ll be bringing you as many images as possible.

Kristin Chenoweth has the honour of being photographed first on the red carpet. She’s hosting for ABC and looks delightful.

So, the first person Ryan gets to interview is…Wolfgang, the chef. They talked about food.

Catt Sadler and Giuliana Rancic just did jazz hands at each other because they were wearing the same designer. It’s like being soul mates.

Ryan just said the stars have started to arrive. YAY!

Did you see Ryan’s hair there? It’s Jedwardian.

Theory One: Seacrest’s hair has secrets.

Theory Two: Seacrest wants his hair to make him look taller.

Sura Sharma from Life of Pi is the poor unfortunate to arrive first. Although, he is just adorable and 19 years old. The film was also his first acting gig. Awwwww…I hope Jennifer Lawrence is nice to him at the after party.

From Aisling Byrne in the comments section:

Excellent. Please keep all reports of J-laws luminosity as free and flowing as her impossibly radiant Hair.

Aisling, we’re pretty sure we won’t disappoint you on that front. If you’re a fan of beards, you should come join us. We have wine. And Doritos.

Some gossip from E! The youngest ever nominee Quvenzhané Wallis has just been cast in Annie. Oh my, how cute.

Emer has just informed me that SOMEBODY HAS JUST ARRIVED.

If you’re not familiar with Quvenzhané: she is nine years old, an amazing actress and wears matching puppy-dog-handbags on the red carpet and at all public appearances.

Besides Quvenzhané’s dog clutch, this is the most important bag at the Dolby tonight. Piers Morgan just tweeted that all the winners names are locked inside here. Fingers crossed J-Law is on one of them.

Eddie Redmayne from Les Mis is towering over Ryan now for the first big-name interview of the night. He and the rest of the Les Mis cast will be performing later. Very exciting. And his posh English accent is delightful.

Jessica Chastain just arrived, according to Kelly Osbourne . Please be wearing something lovely, Jessica. Your face deserves something lovely and you don’t always provide.

Seth McFarlane’s Dad has the most amazing hair and moustache. Emer is going to screengrab the hell out of it very shortly. I just couldn’t wait to tell y’all.

Just getting glimpses of arrivals now. Jessica Chastain’s face is beautiful and her hair is Old Hollywood. The dress is some sort of metallic but couldn’t get a good look. Come on E!

Jessica Chastain’s dress. Yes! It’s nothing too fancy but her skin is so flawless, her red hair so divine and makeup so perfect that she is just stunning.

Kelly Osbourne approves of Jessica Chastain. She also thanks her for arriving on time so we could talk about her without having to rush off to check out Jon Hamm or something. (I added the Hamm reference. It’s been almost an hour and I hadn’t mentioned the Hamm and it didn’t feel right).

Ryan has Jessica. Brilliant.

She says that the dress is Armani Prive and admits that she had more options this year than last when she was a first timer. “I’ve had a happy year.” She is simply wonderful.

On the dress, she says herself, it reminds her of a “Happy Birthday Mr President” moment.

She also mentions her dress is a tribute to movies and Old Hollywood Glamour. DRINK!

To that last post about Old Hollywood Glamour (OHG), Jenn Gannon had this to say on Twitter.

Jenn said it, not us.

Samantha Barks (the unknown in Les Mis) did not get the memo about the stuffiness of the Oscars. Her dress is LOW CUT. Kelly says she looks hot but there is judgement in her voice.

Ryan admits that he has to get onto his tippy-toes a lot to spot people he’s meant to be spotting. Aww.

Ryan got Amy Adams, whose dress is a greyish/blue colour with a big poofy skirt.

Oh forgot the image of Amy – here it is. We’re just using screen grabbing for now but will update once our photo services have the red carpet shots ready.

We’re not being prudes, but Sam this really isn’t Oscars appropriate. Hot, yes. Would Meryl approve? Probably not.

Quv is wearing something “fluffy and sparkly”. She also has a special puppy purse and gets a special video message from Demi Lovato.

Reese Witherspoon is wearing Louis Vuitton and looks outrageously beautiful.

She says that her daughter helped her pick the outfit. Have you seen her daughter Ava? Spits.

This isn’t a great shot but even through the poor-streaming, you can tell how stunning Reese is.

Channing Tatum tweeted earlier that he was at rehearsals so we think we’ll be seeing People’s Sexiest Man Alive on stage tonight. That’s something for all Magic Mike fans who were disappointed in its lack of nominations.

He looked chuffed to pieces on the red carpet with wife Jenna Dewan (of Step Up fame), who is a few months pregnant. The child will be born in London, they say.


She’s wearing white or blush pink – can’t tell quite yet. Her hair is pinned up. We’re pretty sure she’s luminous.

Kerry Washington of Django Unchained tells Ryan that she started the day with a workout with her two personal trainers.

Ugh, we spent the day eating eggs.


Emer McLysaght: “It’s OK to fancy him now, right?”

E!’s cameramen keep returning to Reese Witherspoon and we are very grateful. She is one of the modern wonders of the world.

“Melissa McCarthy’s hair is f***ing enormous” – that was Emer from the other side of the room.

In case anyone is wondering – we’re wearing the closest thing to pyjamas we could find and are surrounded by a television, three laptops, a iPad and two iPhones.

Jennifer’s face is beautiful but her dress *may* be a terrible, terrible wedding dress. We hope we’re wrong.

A text from d’mother:

That’s the nicest dress so far – Zoe Saldana.

She’s not wrong. Very unusual but worth the risk.

Ryan has Jennifer.

She tells us she’s starving because she had such a stresssful day and didn’t have time eat.

“I felt like Steve Martin in Father of the Bride.” We love you, Jennifer.

“Your ass is mine Stone,” Jennifer shouts into the mani-cam.

She was dared by BFF Emma Stone to do it. Imagine joining them for martinis some day. That is the dream.

Oh my god, we’re getting to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt meet Dustin Hoffman for the first time. And that’s after he gave Sally Field a big bear hug.

Sally Field looks wonderful in red. She also informs us she didn’t like to ring Daniel Day-Lewis when he was in Ireland. Nothing against Ireland, just she doesn’t like talking on the phone.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who I would kind of like to be my boyfriend) tells us that he and Harry Potter are involved in the opening number. We’re excited.

Here’s J-Law. Poll after the picture.

What do you think? Yay or nay.

Poll Results:

Nay (473)
Yay (266)

Jennifer Hudson is towering over Ryan. There’s a woman with red hair photobombing (camera bombing?) the hell out of them in the most hilarious way.

Her dress is sparkly and kind of leopard print-y. Typical Roberto Cavalli. The Bet Lynch of the fashion world, says Emer.

Jennifer looks great though. Great face.

Ryan sounds pained every time he has to mention the mani-cam.

Michael Douglas says to Ryan, “Great do.”


Michael is looking well. Catherine wanted to do the mani-cam but Ryan burned her.

Helen Hunt just said she is wearing H&M.

H&M. She is serious.

They’re all arriving together. We’ve got glimpses of Anne Hathaway and her mammy haircut and Charlize Theron. They’re both in blush or white. Does nobody like colour anymore? Blue, green, orange, yellow, purple, red…I could go on forever people.

Here’s that photobombing (camera-bombing) woman. We love her. She might be our favourite person of Oscars 2013.

Anne Hathway is talking about getting married and finding her soulmate and zzzzzzzz……


Liev Schreiber is with Naomi Watts and Ryan Seacrest on the carpet. What a good-looking couple.

She’s wearing metallic Armani Prive, which seems to be the most popular choice among actresses tonight.

Here’s Amy Adams. Thoughts? She does like a good princess dress. [Insert Enchanted joke]

Every woman should cut their hair as tight as hers, Emer’s good friend Charlize tells Ryan. (She has a new pixie do).

Every woman does not have your face, Charlize.

I just criticised Charlize for wearing white and Emer replied, “Leave my good friend Charlize alone.”

“I call her my good friend Charlize because I know someone who went to college with her ex-boyfriend’s brother.”

Jennifer Aniston is on the red carpet. Come on, Brad & Angelina. Pretty please?

Helena Bonham Carter looks demure and classic. A tribute to OHG.


More on that later. I have to tell you about Jennifer Aniston first. She looks amazing in a beautiful red, full-skirted gown. So different for her and a nice two-fingers to magazines that call her “poor, childless Jen”.

Anne Hathaway said she decided what to wear three hours ago. And sorry Anne but it shows.

I didn’t want to mention the side-boob but Sam in the comments section did it for me. Thanks, Mr Rhodes:

Anne Hathaway’s bust seams are sooo unfortunate. She looks like she’s wearing comedy breasts, yikes.

Reese’s dress doesn’t photograph as well as it looks on TV. I’m so disappointed. But her face is a thing of wonder.

Cinematographer Claudio Miranda’s daughter Sofia is giving Quv a run for her money on the cute-kid front.

Adele is wearing Jenny Packham, every bride’s dream. It’s black and sparkly. Her hair is half-up, half-down.

E! says motherhood suits her.


The beard is still there. Phew. Jennifer Garner also looks hot. She’s playing a blinder this awards season.

This is the haircut that Charlize wants us all to get. Don’t do it ladies. We’d all look more Anne Hathaway and her mammy hair than this.

Ben Affleck’s beard has two Twitter accounts. Emer and I had absolutely nothing to do with either of them.

K-Stew and her misery face has arrived. She is presenting tonight.

Why aren’t E! talking to Ben Affleck yet?

Octavia Spencer looks great in tulle. It’s not a colour but it seems I am fighting a losing battle on that one.

Have we seen Halle Berry yet? She usually brings a bit of cray-cray to the red carpet. Looking forward to her. Still to come also: George Clooney.

Beard watch. George Clooney and his grey.

What do you think?

Poll Results:

Nay! (473)
Yay! (266)

Ryan’s in the studio? It looks like they’ve finished on the red carpet for a while. We’re switching over the Sky Living. Harry Potter is on again.

I really hope we didn’t miss Ben.

Jen Garner is with Kristin Chenoweth. She says she’s really excited and nervous for her husband. They have a very girly-girly chat. Jen is wearing maroon Gucci number. It’s beautiful. Hopefully we’ll have a picture soon.

Jennifer Aniston says she feels like a princess in her gown. The folk at E! didn’t like it but I do, so there.

George Clooney tells ABC that he will be drinking later. Meanwhile, girlfriend Stacey Keibler looks deadly.

Ruth just tweeted:

Just after Adele and Kristen talked about dressing for their body types. Adele is 5’9″!!!

“Stacey Kiebler must be due to receive her P45 soon. This is her second Oscars with George.” – from Chris.


“Why didn’t they put her on a box?” – Emer on Kristen Chenoweth.

She’s talking to Anne Hathaway now. Myself and Emer both had halternecks like that while going to Kildare nightclubs in the early 2000s/mid-t0-late 1990s.

“Business in front, party at the back,” says Anne.

And Dan got the last word on the red carpet. All the VIPs have been ushered inside and Seth McFarlane has started his opening number. Emer has started blogging the ceremony over here. Go join her. It’ll be worth it, I promise.

Thanks for all your input into this blog. I’m off now to put together a GIANT frock slideshow for your enjoyment. I might go blind from all the white.